Good day Yogis,

It is Monday already.  What a weekend.  First the Friday nite free class was fun and informative, then Saturday at the studio was a wonderful and worthwhile time together, Ditto the Gita on Sunday morning and then my beautiful daughter came to visit for the first time in months.    She is in charge of waste management at a big tourist and food venue, so staying Covid Free is a huge issue.  If she got Covid it has the potential to close down the entire place.  Not a good look, so she is super careful.


MONDAY:  1pm Studio Class/6.30 THE BREATH on Zoom.  This week looking at the role of movement.
TUESDAY: 7.30pm RUMI.  An ongoing zoom study.  Not just about poetry, also philosophy…history. Everything Rumi.
WEDNESDAY: 5.30pm Studio Yoga class (we have one permanent vacancy here – It is a restorative class)
FRIDAY: 6.45 FREE Pendulum class
SATURDAY: 10am ZOOM Darning/Knitting/Crochet class 2 hours $30 Booking required /2pm ZOOM TAROT/ART CLASS

I feel so blessed.  This month I sold a commission of three paintings, and this weekend have sold three (T-BAG) ANGEL PAINTINGS.  They sold so quickly that I didn’t have time even to take a photo (thank you to the client for sending me a photo of this one)…, but I am working on more, and won’t neglect this part of the process again.  I just thought I would “do it later”, but later didn’t happen.  It’s the way of things.  “Do it now” is what I say to everyone, and now I have to remember to do it myself… it is fundamental in this digital age.

The three I am working on now are a “Medieval” Angel, a White Feather (because whenever I ask the Universe about the “right direction” a white feather from an Angel will appear to show me the path, and an Angel in the Sky.  I will photo them BEFORE I put the glass in front of them so you can see them, and before I put them on the web, so you can have one for yourself (Email me if you want to see the next images ahead of the pack… you can have first choice).  They are meditation angels, and often get taken to hospitals, or placed in meditation rooms.  They have an energy.


I am sure like me, that prior to Covid restrictions you had a way of thinking and acting.  Life may have been something you just fitted into as it came along – it felt comfortable (even if it wasn’t ideal),  and you were used to it.  Then Covid came along and took the lid off all of that.  We had to discover new ways to do things.  Through this experience God showed us that we don’t need what we thought we needed, and maybe we weren’t the people we thought we were.

Have you noticed, God leads by limitations.  We learn a whole lot more when we have to change than at other times – and we don’t change willingly.  He teaches as much by a door that closes as by the door that opens.  Life is full of little things that lead to other little things, that will eventually lead to a “big thing” that we didn’t expect.  We learn by studying The Gita that we are all on the Battlefield, and if (as in the Bible) we don’t beat Goliath, then we won’t be ready to be King.

If David had refused to take lunch to his brothers on the battlefield (remember he was just a shepherd), and if he hadn’t had a close relationship to His God, and if he had been daunted by the size of Goliath rather than trusting his own skills and the voice of the God within – then the outcome would probably be the same as it had been leading up to the encounter.  It looked like “game, set and match” to Goliath, but in spite of how it looked, it didn’t work out that way.  David was the victor, and eventually became one of the strongest and best kings in the Bible.

David only looked little.  He had a secret weapon.. his faith in God which allowed him to believe in a positive outcome no matter how uneven the battle seemed in the giant’s favour.  He didn’t care what the bystanders saw, he didn’t care about the “bad press”.  He didn’t care what his relatives said about him – He was calm and relaxed in the face of a giant enemy.  He knew who he was.

If things feel good we think it is God.  If things don’t look in our favour we think it is not God.  Pay attention next time.  Go into battle with your “secret weapons” – yoga, meditation, discernment, knowledge (and for me – God).  Don’t pay any attention to the naysayers, or the negatives in your mind.

I WILL SEE YOU ON THE MAT (or at our zoom classes)

Namaste – Jahne