Dear Yogis,

I have just been reading the PREPPERS Survival courses and guides.  America has been gearing up for some time – we are only now getting into step.  It doesn’t mean anyone is anticipating global war, but we all are anticipating global warming which could threaten food, and essential services, or bushfires and floods which we have experienced to date.  I know from experience that change happens suddenly, unexpectedly, and challenges how well we are prepared.  Around my suburb we have suffered protracted power outages (days not hours), and I have experienced bushfires.  So I am reasonably well placed to say “listen up!”

It also occurs to me that teens (especially teen males) are suffering from anxiety from media attention on the terrible things that are happening, and taking one of these peppers courses could give their fears a useful focus.  Nothing is worse than feeling threatened and helpless – even if you can’t really identify where the fear is coming from.

During covid I ran a BLOG -“Wild and Weedy”, where I spoke about collecting wild greens, dealing with no toilet paper, eating differently, even making a small stove from flower pots.  Survival notwithstanding, more people tuned in when I occasionally had a rant about Coles than they did on more constructive blogs – and the attendance spiked when I showed how to make port and gin, than when i spoke about foraging!

For more information Google or go to “Noah’s Eden Bushcraft 2 day course”.  It is held in the Grampians, and 2 days is do’able don’t you think.  Something teens could commit to.


We have seduced ourselves by the misunderstanding that breakthroughs happen fully formed, however it’s a myth.  What actually happens is that we practise our way into it.

Doing these small canvasses is a perfect example of that.  No matter their small size (8inches x 8 inches) they are taking a lot of work and thought to complete, and I am having to use all of my skills, even those learned working in the Icon restoration department at MOMA many years ago.  Importantly what to show, and what not to show.

I plan to complete eight.  I am trying to get four mostly unframed into my next OPEN STUDIO on the 3rd and 4th of May (if they don’t sell before then).


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