Dear Yogis,

What is it that runs the world?  Have you ever though about this? What causes it to be like it is?  The answer I believe is BAD THOUGHTS.  Not just thoughts but bad thoughts, and the actions they cause.  First one thing followed by the other. It has been some time since you watched this video. It’s time to be changed.


At the beginning of it is the thought.  Thinking is where it all starts.  How many thoughts do you have?  Not just simple snapchat thoughts, but questions, decisions, statements, beliefs – larger thoughts.  The thoughts that can move you enough so that you take action in a moment of weakness, anger or passion.  My teacher told me that we have sixty-five of these thoughts in the time it took him to snap his fingers.  Sixty-five.  Do you understand that every single one of those thoughts leaves an imprint clear and lasting on the screen which is your mind!!  That is a BIG THOUGHT is it not?

These imprints CREATE YOUR WORLD.  These imprints cause you to do every action you do, see every person you do and the details of your life  down to the minutest item imaginable, every minute, every second of every thing you will ever experience in your lives.  THESE THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR WORLD, and every other world you may inhabit in every lifetime and every parallel lifetime.!

Every thought plants a seed, and when seeds grow they make plants.  Good seeds make good plants, bad seeds make bad plants.  From this we can say with a fair amount of certainty (and from a Buddhist point of view – although I think Jesus spoke of it, but more obscurely), that if we have a harmful thought no good can come from that, and it could never create something pleasant in your life.  Conversely good thoughts produce fine results. (“As a man thinkest, so is he” – The Bible)

You have to take into consideration that a watermelon seed for instance once planted produces a plant which produces millions of seeds.  Mental seeds are the same as physical seeds.  If that watermelon seed was not a good seed would it produce even hundreds of good seeds?  No. If we think of this in terms of our mind and our life, the tiniest imprint creates results maybe millions of times bigger than the original, and is responsible for major events in our world and in our lives which we had not anticipated and may not welcome.

Another thing.  From a mental point of view,  once a seed is planted the result is inevitable.  Good seeds get good results, bad seeds get bad results and seeds always grow into something bigger than themselves.  Once planted and nourished they grow.  Painful things in your life come from something painful you have  thought, spoken or done to another being.  Not some painful thing, every painful thing.

Sometimes these seeds ripen within the mind and cause us to experience things in this lifetime, but sometimes we carry these seeds with us through death and beyond.  So this life you are now experiencing can be the result of seeds you planted in many previous lifetimes.  We call this cause and effect KARMA.

This is a huge subject… to be consumed in small bites, and to be continued…..