Hi there Yogis,

This morning I took my TEA-LEAF CARDS in to the printer (and followed that with my first aid training led by a fantastic teacher).What a great feeling to get my cards this far.  Now we have decisions about colours, papers, styles, seals, and so on.  It is not just “fling it at the printer and let’s go”.  I will let you know how we go.



I have had a lot of responses about seeds and imprints, but many still don’t totally understand.  They ask how can we know what kinds of deeds caused imprints which are making pleasant things happen, and what deeds created the  imprints which make unpleasant things happen in our world.

Listen close.  Only an Enlightened Being can make these distinctions.  I have been told by a very few yogis who believe on the basis of a magical “kundalini experience” that they are enlightened,  and I have ALWAYS DOUBTED THIS.  Especially  because they felt the need to tell me, and more especially because they came to me for help (I thought they were Enlightened?).

So, is every detail of our world, of our being,  and of those beings around us,  determined by imprints (seeds) of what has happened, dictated by our thoughts and deeds now and in the future.  Yes, every one of them, even those we are and are not aware of.

Yes, everything.  The smallest thought that arises because of what we see hear, feel or experience in any way.  The thoughts when we look in the mirror, feel a warm breeze, experience snow or a child’s laughter. What we think, feel and do when we are angry, annoyed, perturbed….  when we love, when we hit, when we kill anything.  Everything, everything, everything causes imprints/seeds.  You are thinking even when you can’t isolate each thought, and even these count as they drift through your mind.

Remember that seeds of any kind, in the mind or in the garden, take time to grow.  The thought you have today may take a long time to bear fruit, and it will bear the fruit of the seed you have planted. Keep in mind  we plant all different seeds, the good and the bad. Plum seeds will not grow into pumpkins.   Sometimes it seems that people who continuously do bad things get good results.  That is only because our window of observation is so small.

Take the four films that encapsulated the life of Michael Corleone in The Godfather.  He started out as a good boy who wanted to change the Mafia family.  His father supported him in this as did his wife, but gradually, he was drawn into a life of crime,   a life with no moral boundaries, none.  As the films progress you see him deteriorate.  He has his brother shot, his wife leaves him taking his children, his son hates him, his daughter is drawing away from him, he destroys his daughter’s life and she dies in his arms, and on it goes, one catastrophe after the other.

In the very last scene we see him sitting alone on a rickety stool in the Sicilian sand and sun with no-one except his guards who will only care as long as they are paid to do so, and an old dog.  He is obviously very sick,   has a stroke and dies on the ground. No-one comes, no-one rushes to his aid.

And this is just the beginning.  We can’t know what other reparations he has to make in lives to come  for his actions in this lifetime.  The payment in this life is dreadful enough.  We recognise his inhuman actions,  and in spite of his lack of normal emotion, at the end we feel sorry for him.  Mainly because we have to believe he doesn’t understand, and we are pleased our life doesn’t look like that – or does it?

Luckily none of my current students carry a weapon, and would use it against themselves or others.  But I have had classes where this is the case.  The students in this category have been without exception, oblivious to the effect just thinking about needing to carry a weapon (cocaine or a knife in their pocket) would have on their future.  What weapons do you carry?  You may not carry a gun or a knife, but do you carry  ingratitude, fear, hatred, judgement, impatience and so on?

The remedy.  We talk about it a lot.  THE YAMAS.  It may be too daunting to try and implement every one, every day.  You could perhaps start with “just for today I will not kill”, and so on.  I am sure it will make a big change in your life, and the life of your family. If you stumble, if you fall.  Don’t give up, there is plenty of time.  Try again.


HAVE A WONDERFUL, DAY – never stop learning.