Dear Yogis,

Firstly a reminder that our yoga luncheon is on again this Saturday
– it is unbelievable that one month has passed since we lunched at “600 Above”.  This Saturday at 12 noon we will be meeting at The Victoria Hotel in Woodend.  We have been there before, and now they have a new chef for us to experience.  Their pizzas have always been fabulous, their desserts excellent… and of course their great range of wines (and and non-ac) are reasonably priced,  plus you can have a good coffee afterwards – not always available at other venues.  The picture was taken pre-covid when the blue lady stood outside in the snow.  It felt very “snowy” this morning


I have been watching a program about the release of methane gas in areas that used to be permafrost at the north pole.  As you know methane is a very dangerous gas and there are huge reservoirs of it under the ice – spectacular when it catches fire on top of ice lakes.  What will happen when the concentrations increase beyond our control…?

Methane is formed by the breaking down of plants and is a natural process that we have been taking advantage of for hundreds of years.  This has has been stabilised by the temperature of the permafrost above it, but now, as the permafrost is retreating these stores of methanols are being released into the atmosphere.

Science doesn’t really know what impact this will have because we have never had to deal with it before, and as the earths temperature increases the situation continues to change radically.  We are probably the last generation that will have the opportunity to deal with this problem – we have to slow down the retreat of the ice to give us more time.

We can all do simple things – installing solar panels, maybe investing in nuclear energy to boost our stores until alternatives take over, driving less, flying much less and so on.  But we have to change,  and we humans don’t like change, especially change that has been thrust upon us.


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THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Saturday 27th April, 12 noon in the back room at The Victoria Hotel in Woodend. You are all welcome, but please let me know if you would like to join us if you haven’t emailed me already.