This is a new field,  and because of privacy issues i can’t put up a photograph of my classes.

We are not talking about the guys in the Invictus Games, although I would love to teach them yoga, I am talking about people who are disabled in the mind as well as the body.  People who perhaps have never been out of a wheelchair, or who have been so badly injured they may never now leave its confines.

Can you imagine teaching these wonderful folk yoga?  Patanjali said that all you need to learn yoga is a responsive mind –  with my clients, what you see may not be what is actually happening.  Just a change of expression, a movement, a word that may or not make sense, all these can indicate yoga happening somewhere we may never go.

To understand this read “THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY”.  The story about a man who had a severe stroke, was trapped in his body with only the use of one eyelid, who in spite of this dictated a book.

I am writing a book as I progress in this journey – PLUS I am putting together a course as I progress with the book and with my various interviews.  When i started I knew nothing.  I have since got my NDIS ID and am working through my Cert IV.  and my Provider Number is Pending.  I am serious.

To register your interest or speak with me on zoom, please email me on yogafirst2@bigpond.com     You can also subscribe to our newsletter/blog to keep in the loop.



WINDARRING CLASSES (not open to the public – unless you are a client of Windarring) Tues, Thursdays and Fridays.

STUDIO CLASSES: Open to the public – 37 Morris Road Woodend.  Mondays 1pm and 2.15, Wednesdays at 1pm (Restorative), and other classes as the need arises.  Private (one-on-one always available).


NDIS:  If you are an NDIS Client, you can apply to your Plan Manager to include these classes in your plan.
They are listed under “Innovative Community Participation”



Namaste – Jahne

I will see you on the mat.