Dear Yogis,

I was tempted just to say ..YOU ARE ALL PERFECT, and leave it at that.

You forget that, and run around trying to be all things to all people, forgetting that you are perfect as you are.  There is nothing missing.  You may not believe you are perfect, you may think you need this or that, but the truth is  WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT YOU WILL SEE IT.  You don’t have to be something else to be loved.

When you reside in your own skin you can feel it.  You are holding it.  You are stronger and braver than you think. If you want to see change, you have to be that change, keeping in mind that you need to change for yourself.  There are some situations in which you believe you will never be able to be whole.  Change. You don’t need anything.  If you make a change part of you,  Part of you may be sad, but the other part will say to you – you are OK, you will survive.  It is always a process of rediscovery.  Covid is making this level of introspection possible.  Use the time wisely.

If you get unfortunate or unpleasant things in your life, from my point of view it is because you have attracted these things into your life through your negative thoughts. If anything is the LAW OF ATTRACTION, this is it! You get what you give.  If you live negatively, that is what will return boomerang like to you. If the cup is always overflowing for you no matter the circumstances, you have brought that fullness to you.  It is not magic – it is how it works.

For myself I wish I was braver, but I am what I am.  Someone asked me yesterday… “What is the source of your strength – How come you are so strong”.  I hadn’t though of that and was surprised at their perception. I am not strong – I just expect the best….

My age helps.  I like being older.   Your age is not chronological, more spiritual, more attitudinal.  Your attitude determines your life.  First know who you are.  Find your own narrative, and to do this you have to know your parents.  Go looking – you have time.  Force yourself to figure out who they were.  I was stunned when I investigated my mother (and recently my father and grandfather) and found out who she really was, then I could understand myself better.  Like your parents, my parents couldn’t give me what they didn’t have.  It wasn’t about me! Lesson to self – It is never too late to start again.

I have a daughter and a son, and they are like me – difficult. I am so proud of what they have achieved in their lives because they never “settled”.  They strove to be the best they could be.  I have always been “difficult person”, and influenced them at a distance because of the person they thought (think) I am.  I hope that they have forgiven me. I like who I am, and I have always been on a mission in my small way to change the world one yogi at a time. I learned early on that this (mostly unconscious) drive came from my mum – she used it in the direction of the material, and I am happiest striving for the spiritual (keeping in mind I still need to pay the rent).  I didn’t and don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Trying to be perfect is a toxic journey. We have to love our shadow.  Perfection is not required. 

Have a picture in your mind, and on your vision board of what you want – and spend a few seconds many times a day re-inforcing those visions… Vision Boards are a great project for you and your children during covid.  They are not a waste of time.  Try it and see.

Have a great (cutting and pasting) “Vision Boarding” day.





I have a new goal.   To be the oldest TEACHER OF YOGA in Australia!


Please hop onto this link and have a look at this wonderful yogi who only started yoga in her 90’s! What an inspiration to us all.  In this time of covid, what we can do matters, not what we can’t – nothing changes.

It’s easy when you get to my age to just rest on your past and think things don’t matter, but when you think things matter less,  is mostly when you discover they matter most.

In my present incarnation and time I am forced to retrace my steps and remember what has been internalised and forgotten.

I find I need to focus on process.  This discipline applies to anything. To art, yoga, even rugby (anything)…you must become immersed in the fundamentals in order to have any potential to reach a high level of understanding.  To get anywhere you must learn the asana and the philosophy.  In living yoga these two themes will be considered at once, but over time your intuition learns to integrate more and more principles into the sense of flow.  Eventually the foundation is so deeply internalised it is no longer consciously considered but is lived.  Then you can forget what you learned – it is part of you. You have seamlessly integrated yoga  into the person called “you”.

When you get to this point, yoga will be silently guiding you.

Although I began as a tough kid to teach –  because I thought I knew everything, not because I felt I knew nothing – a lifetime of yoga has not cooled my desire to know more. I have grown to love study, and teaching above all else. I thrive under adversity.  If I encounter “easy” I  always make things difficult and work my way through the chaos. When everyone else is climbing the walls I have great ease and confidence.  If I lived in the desert I would be a camel.

When I find I path I like I dedicate myself to it.  Unhindered by internal conflict.  When I locate or re-locate the path I don’t have doubts.

To be excellent you have to embrace a long term learning process, and give up the luxury of living a soft, static, safe mediocrity.  Like a hermit crab, at a certain point this luxurious shell safety is too small and you will be forced to leave the and go into the  difficult world. Learning to negotiate this dangerous space between one way of being and the next,  as difficult and dangerous as it is,  is where the real growth can occur.

In my experience, successful people shoot for big goals, put their skin in the game and eventually discover that the lessons learnt along the way are more important than the goal. Even the losses are embraced.

The hard bit is to keep walking towards the goal even if you are under fire, even if you are hurting, even if the world is “going to hell in a hand-basket” (as the saying goes)…this attitude of trust is at the heart of the experience called “living yoga”.







Dear Yogis,

On this beautiful, sunny and freezing cold Sunday morning (I had to break the ice for my Raven to have his breakfast).  Have you ever thought about energy as being like an infinite power station in the sky.  Have you noticed that the physical/material world is getting heavier and  slowing down and the psychic world is speeding up – as my teacher the Late  Dolores Cannon spoke of some years ago. The world is being reborn and you can decide which path to take, the new, magical spiritual age or remain stuck in the physical.  It is your decision and you are making it every day whether you understand or not.  Like the Fool in the tarot (the beginning of your journey) take the blindfold off and step forward with confidence and with God into the unknown.

We (especially dedicated yogis) are filled to the brim with psychic abilities that we don’t unpack and know – they  belong to everyone, not just monks and gurus, no matter what people tell you.

Opening up to the energy around you is  as ordinary as using a tool to manifest the life you are looking for.  This new energy is active, and we can access it, pull it down and use it to help ourselves and to help others in the world.  Could be that the tarot, astrology and other disciplines  might help you.

These new skills are optional, but I assure you, to move forward in a positive way you will need them, they are a big assist.  The world is undergoing expansive and sweeping changes.  You can see the changes.  All around us we can see political, social and economic developments, earth changes, environmental, and technological advances.  We will need to harness these new energies to weather and understand (at least in part) these changes.

The securities that our parents had are no longer available to us. The retirement-path job, and the house in the suburbs are no longer an option.  That age has passed.  This is “today” we have “portfolio lives”..  We want to experience our freedom, happiness and a destiny we determine,  to recognise who we really are – rediscovering why we are here.  It is not hard to do. Basically you do more of what makes you happy and less of what causes confusion and a feeling of loss.

Some people are more aware of this energy – dreams, coincidences, hearing or seeing things that can’t readily be explained in material ways. Coincidences happen constantly, and they will keep on happening until you finally get the message.  The most important thing to remember  is that they will keep happening because they are supposed to get your attention – so pay attention!

The first step is to start a PSYCHIC JOURNAL or  a DREAM JOURNAL.  Keep it by your bed, keep a small notebook with you at all times and note down those little nudges that the spirit world gives you.  The more you pay attention, the clearer you will be able to hear, and the more important the messages will be.  One of my clients (a person who loves maths)  gets her messages in number code! She really has to pay attention and does.

You, yes you, have all these psychic senses and can receive messages tailored for your receiver.  Don’t go crazy with this information.  It’s natural, it’s not new and it was here yesterday, you just weren’t tuned in.

You need a relaxed but determined ATTITUDE. You set the pace related to how comfortable you are with what is coming through.  You need a routine, and you must work on it to develop it.  You may need to be trained…    You certainly will be helped by a mentor.    My advice: don’t speak to any about it whilst you are developing this skill.  It won’t take much to knock you off course in the beginning.   

Your INTENTION as always is the key.  Negativity like revenge is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.  Don’t go there!!! This energy is all about growth and being more available to help and serve your community and yourself.  Work on it.  Be open to the energy receptive state, and like in yoga meditation, develop those psychic muscles.  Meditate on the light, work with the light….. and see wondrous things unfold in your life.