The time to be “NORMAL” has gone.  This is a time to be extraordinary



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You think you breathe, right?  I think most of you almost breathe.  You breathe in a very limited way.  You have lots of preconceptions about the breath, what you think is right, may not be right.  This is time for a second look at the breath.

The older I get,  the more things bring tears to my eyes, and seeing people struggle for the breath, that makes me cry because I know that their world could be better.  I believe we need to help each other other.  I am helping you to help others with the basics AND WHAT COULD BE MORE BASIC THAN THE BREATH.

We will learn what yogis studied 5,000 years ago, the Taoists, the Tibetans, the Christians.. and modern science.  We will learn about how our bodies have changed over millennia, and how that changed how we breathe.  You will learn what you could be doing right now to change, to become more healthy, sharper, happier.  This will be a class of possibilities.  Put aside what you think is right, and learn what is TRUE.  As I say often.  TRUTH IS UNCOMFORTABLE.  “If you seek comfort you will not find truth – if you see truth you will find comfort”.




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You just need to light a candle to chase darkness out of the room and drive the bitterness and loneliness out of your soul.  The Gita helps us understand REALITY.

The Gita helps you to take off your Superman Suit.  You have to strong to be human, you have to know HOW to fight life’s battles.  You need to know who you are, where you are, and where you are going.

The whole of the Gita, all two volumes, deals with what you need when you are on THE BATTLEFIELD, which is for us  THE BATTLEFIELD OF LIFE.  Nothing is left undone in this consideration.  You will be taken to places you can’t imagine…  Krishna shows us the worlds being born, the universe being created.

To book Go to the home page and click  “PAY VIA PAYPAL”




In spite of having been treated with suspicion by the Church (as usual), and keeping in mind the current crisis…We have an ongoing Tarot/pendulum Reading Classes EVERY FRIDAY EVENING AT 6.45..  also on our youtube channel.  “Jahne Hope-Williams youtube” 

Please email me if you are a newbie to our classes and would like to join our Friday nite ZOOM.