This is a masterclass for those people who are keen to incorporate this into their yoga classes “massage-yoga” is all the rage in the States at the moment.  You could also take it into your clinic as a stand alone therapy.  Quite different to anything you are used to, this is an energy/relaxation technique (rather than a massage as we know it).

If you want more information, log on to www.pptmassage.moonfruit.com


In February  I will be showing you what I have been up to over christmas – making pendants and jewellery from my miniatures.  Taking my miniatures on step further miniatures and mounting them in pendants, adding old masters, using stamps… everything I can to re-work images and have them suitable for pendants and brooches.  Keep in mind that there is always a special price at the opening of the studio exhibitions, and each item will have a certificate of authenticity.


DATE: Sunday 24th February, 2pm to 4pm

WHERE:  The Studio, 37 Morris Road.  Woodend. (Please park on the white gravel).

 Go to www.jahnehopewilliams.net  to see more

After the exhibition (at a date to be determined)  I will be holding classes in how to make these pendants.  Please let me know if you are interested.


WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES in the methods of The Old masters.  If you admire the luminous work of The Old masters, you can come to our classes and learn the how-to.  It is not “fast art”.  These techniques require a certain amount of dedication.  I can show you how to do a modern version of most of the ancient recipes, but if you are looking for this, why wouldn’t you just go to the art shop and get something in a tube?  These classes show you how to do the “real thing”.