Herbal Therapist Course starting soon in the studio and on zoom.  

So many wonderful herbal therapists have joined us, people who never thought they would ever be “good enough” – they are, you are.  Come and join us I am thinking of a midweek one hour studio class and a one hour zoom class plus written modules to match each zoom class, and an exam at the end.

Edward Bach who designed and discovered these

You could do this.  Please email and I will send you the details.




PREVIEW Friday 17th May at 5.30 to 7.30, champagne or mulled wine, and nibbles provided to help you feel “at home”.
and OPEN STUDIO Saturday 2.30 to 6pm

Apart from new art work (encaustic and prints), I am bringing to the Studio pieces I would normally sell through Antique stores and on-line.
I have a fabulous “hypnotherapy” print from the 1800’s, original bird etchings, wildlife drawings, old, old prints, and jewellery.

Where.  37 Morris Road, Woodend.
Please park on the white gravel driveway, MY nature strip (not the neighbour’s) or around the corner on the Mt.Macedon Road.
The neighbours are not happy about us parking in their driveways, or on their nature strips.  Parking on the verge in any direction in Morris road is not safe as cars and truck zoom up this road at speed.