Hey Yogis,

It is Friday and here is your last newsletter for the week.  As usual, the zoom notifications first, and my musings come after.  Today, TO AGE OR NOT TO AGE.  I know what I am choosing to do.

Friday: 6.45 THE FREE PENDULUM CLASS – last week – the vibrations of all things.
Saturday: 2pm THE ART CLASS – Tarot/Botanical/Bring your own unfinished work… if you are coming, please email me: yogafirst@netcon.net.au
Sunday: 10am THE GITA STUDY GROUP – We are on our second voyage through this inspirational text.  Do join us.


To celebrate my journey thus far I have purchased a NUTRI BULLET and not a thermomix.  Why? 1. Thermomix mainly is for people who COOK.  I don’t have a stove.  2. If you use your pendulum you may discover as I have,  that cooking destroys the life in food (milk has no life, no vibrations to start with!).  If I juice things, not everything, then I am getting maximum energy released from the food I am juicing. 3.  I have been using a George Foreman alternative to NutriBullet for years, but it died.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting, reading, watching you tube and Ted Talks, and what I notice is that people are only PART SMART.  They may have lost some weight, increased insulin resistance and etc. all good things, but they could have done even better if INSTEAD of concentrating on JUST THE FOOD AND THE PHYSICAL, they worked with the BREATH, and MEDITATION as well.

The TV and the WEB are awash with food and meal management plans and offers, however the results are all about the clothing size and the mirror, but no-one has spoken about snoring, dreaming, insomnia, restlessness, depression, anxiety and so on.  If the regime had been a combination of BREATHE, EAT MOVE AND LIVE, how much better and long lasting the results would have been, (and in my case will be).

Speaking about MOVING.  Congratulations to those people who took my words about not wasting valuable computer time when they could be exercising with a mini-bike under their desks.  I said that you could buy these mini-bikes in Kmart in Woodend but since I gave that advice,  you can’t buy them in Woodend today – until they fill the shelves again – KMART IN WOODEND HAS SOLD OUT OF THEM!!!  There was a sudden run on demand.  So good-on you my Woodend Yogis!  If you still want one, go in and order, or buy on-line if you have missed out.  (I am sure you can purchase them on-line or elsewhere – they were $29. Kogan sells them for $69 and up!)

RECIPES.   If you want some sugarless recipes.. and I am fussy, I don’t mean “horrible” tasting nonsense, go to the blog on  www.thebreath.online   I have a fabulous sugarless berry jam, and a coconut milk POPSICLE with raspberries and chia… recipe.. The jam and the popsicle are both fabulous, nutritious, super easy, super quick and super tasty.

This BREATH WEB SITE is just starting up, but I would like to do some interesting things…  An eating/weight management (or inch management) plan for one thing, a training plan for yoga teachers who want to add it to their teaching menu.   Especially since I am the main guinea pig here, and weight is still falling off me.  I feel sparkly, and “Up” if you know what I mean, PLUS, I am not getting hungry between my (frequent) meals.  It hasn’t cost me much $10 for the bike at the op-shop, and $69 for the NutiBullett in Coles – I think that is it.  I buy veggies anyway in my weekly shop – no change there.  I only have a certain amount of time in my day, and certainly I am not interested in diets, or going to a gym – anything has to fit around my already crowded schedule.

Re. The Popsicles.  I do have moulds I purchased years ago.  I have ditched the fancy handles in favour of wooden sticks as you can see in the ordinary shaped one in the front (even ice block moulds would do), but with the star shaped popsicles (which are harder to eat gracefully – they make a mess), I have stuck with the sticks that came with them.  Not for children I think, unless you like your kids to make a mess.  The shape makes it difficult to eat.

Please go to the new web site www.thebreath.online.  Let me know what you think, and join in with me.  ‘BREATHE, EAT, MOVE AND LIVE”.  Don’t be part smart.


Dear Yogis,

Just a short note today..


REMINDER:  THE BREATH.  I have a new web site www.thebreath.online.

“BREATHE, EAT, MOVE AND LIVE”.  I am sure that you all teach about the breath, that in the yoga teacher training course you have learned about the gas exchange.. you teach and know about the breath – but do you?  I thought I did, but until I started learning about it properly I didn’t feel as ALIVE as I do today.  Plus I have lost 5kg and then some .  I didn’t notice it really until a ring I hadn’t worn for a while seemed way too big and fell off.  Then I checked, then I weighed myself.   What’s not to like?

Another nifty little change I have made is a mini bike underneath my desk.  Whilst I am waiting for students on zoom I pedal, while I am thinking I pedal – I can’t do it all the time, but it is amazing how much I can do without seeming to do exercise at all.  I am not one to pound the pavement, and this is a beautiful alternative, plus you can buy a little mini-bike like mine at Kmart for $29.  Mine was an impulse buy at the opshop and cost $10.  I bought it to keep my leg muscles long and strong (jogging shortens them) and it has certainly done that!  Now I have added CONSCIOUS BREATHING to the pedalling I am sure that this is what has made the BIG difference.  You can do it whilst seated anywhere.  The little bike is very light and portable – mine has a tracker on it but I never look at it.  I am pleased just to pedal..  You can even put it on a table and use it to exercise the arms.  I am fine with my arms and lift small weights in Restorative Yoga, as do my students..

Keep in mind, this is just another THING that won’t make any difference  to your weight (and will probably end up in the garage) unless you add the BREATH.  My classes start this Monday at 5.30pm.  If you do them, and you follow my simple (inexpensive) path, I AM SURE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT TOO – without huge cost and without huge effort. QUIETLY, and you will feel lighter, sharper, and in charge of YOU.  It is not a miracle, it is science at work with yoga.

Email me to book, or just go to the home page of www.yogabeautiful.com.au and PAY VIA PAY PAL.  It is $88 for 4 ZOOM classes – the same as yoga.  I will send you the ID.




Dear Yogis,

ZOOM RUMI TONITE – don’t miss it. 7.30pm. A “must be there!” time.

LOSING WEIGHT feeling great with “the breath”. Mondays 6.30pm:   Sounds too easy?  I have lost (at least) 5kg in a month.  I didn’t realise because I don’t weigh myself regularly, but I put on a ring I hadn’t worn for ages and it just slipped on and off ANY finger! Amazing.  Then I weighed myself – 5kg off, and still dropping.  Better than a gastric band, a whole lot easier too.  I didn’t concentrate because that covid increase happened because of less exercise – I thought eventually it would go… but wow! The breath? Who knew?  My reading said it would happen, and it did.  www.thebreath.online

If you want to join me as my own weight drops, a lifetime of good practice coming up.  This isn’t short term, this is about longevity – Email your interest. yogafirst@netcon.net.au



Yes, I said I wasn’t going to clutter up your in-box.  But I just wanted you to see this.  It is a favourite of mine, and will help you moving forward…

The PRAYER OF Jabez.   1 chronicles 4 to 9.  In the middle of a set of boring  biblical chronologies, appears the wonderful prayer of Jabez, just four lines (another reason why I like it). The name defined the history of the child.  Jabez = pain.  His mother called him “PAIN”.  Imagine how that made Jabez feel.  What the other kids called him.  Yet Jabez is a comeback story.  He moves from pain to great gain.  He doesn’t let the pain have the last word. Great pain to great gain

The difference – the prayer for the middle of pain.

  1. Lord bless me indeed
  2. Enlarge my territories
  3. Stay with me
  4. Keep evil from me


1. BLESS ME INDEED: If I am not blessed I can’t bless others.  I look to you God, I need you.  It is OK to ask God to bless you.  Bless me a lot I need it.  When you ask for Gods blessing, you are asking for something that only God can give.  We are asking him to bless us so that we can be a blessing.

When we are going through pain we can’t see the blessings.  God wants to bring us amazing things in the pain.

2.EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS so I can expand your kingdom.  Expand your influence so you can inspire others.  In pain we want to batten down the hatches.  God wants us to look up and out.  Enlarge your opportunities so you can make a difference to those around you. Just ask – “God grow me in every area of my life”.  I know it may not make sense when we are on the way to being defeated by difficulties, however, it is during pain that God wants us to grow the most.

It is about being a blessing in the middle of pain.  In the middle of what is dying.  Expansion in the area of pain grows our character.

3.PRAY THAT YOUR HAND WOULD BE WITH ME: Don’t get overwhelmed.  Stepping out in faith in the middle of your pain.  Especially when you feel inadequate.  Reach out and ask – “God I need your hand of grace and favour because without your hand I cannot do this”.  Then step out in faith, and like Jabez write a new story.  Being honest with yourself and God “Help I can’t do this”.  It is when you have got the end of yourself God begins.  You don’t have the strength alone.  This is where your story begins.

It is not my strength, not my intellect it is your strength to do what I cannot do on my own.

4.KEEP ME FROM EVIL: When you are being blessed, when God is expanding you, the negative forces will try to derail you.  Keep me from evil, and GUIDE me into your path.  God can’t use you when you are too proud.  “Don’t let me take the wrong path.  Keep me from the wrong direction”.  Sometimes in order to get me to take the right path He has to slam (the wrong) door in my face.

I challenge you to pray the prayer of Jabez for thirty days.

Start looking for your blessing…  there is a “waiting chapter”. During the delay we wonder if He will come through.  “Things will come to pass, they will not be overdue by even one day” –  (Habbakuk)

Don’t give up, the blessing is just around the corner.  When you are out of the “green room” the testing chapter before triumph comes along, then you will reap a harvest of blessing.  Don’t give up just before the blessing.  The blessing is coming.  Don’t miss the harvest of blessing.  The longer the chapter of waiting the bigger the wave of blessing.  Like a sunami.  The wave draws back and then sweeps forward carrying everything with it.  Stand in faith and trust.

Is God WAITING ON YOU  to start looking for the blessing?