Dear Yogis,

Today is the day when the Greater Melbourne area are allowed out of their tough lockdown.  They still can’t visit regional areas, although I know a lot of Melbourne folk who are coming up this weekend “to check on their holiday homes”.  So, Woodend and surrounds are going to be definitely out of bounds for me – it will be COVID CENTRAL.

ZOOM:  Friday 64.5 Zoom FREE Tarot class, Sunday CCP Study Group, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.
STUDIO: Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30

The Friday Nite Tarot class is getting better and better, and last week I introduced a Tarot Chart.  It was met with great enthusiasm, and so I tidied up my notes, and made them into a book for use in the coming classes… 

I have put the book on ETSY (   These charts include matching the Revelation Tarot to the chakras, a few methods of reading to tidy up our lives, and a way of seeing into the future, as well as finding how the world sees us. It is serious and it is fun and it is only $7.50.

If you read for others already this will give more insights, and if you have always wanted to read for others, these charts will give you a good starting point.  I know you will enjoy them.  I have even left a few places where you can add your own images…to make it more personal. Go to etsy and have a look.  You could download and use the pages in a journal to make the charts uniquely your own.  I could help you make it into a journal?

If you need a reading – I am available.  We could even use the charts.  If you want a special “HOW-TO”  class in using the charts and doing readings, we can zoom one just for you.  Let me know.

REMEMBER – NOTHING HELPS EXCEPT PRACTICE.  If the Dalai Lama takes off 6 months each year for concentrated practice and retreats (which he does, over and above daily practice), imagine how much work and practice the rest of us need!  Even if you are not a meditator or a yogi, if you read the tarot, are a long distance runner, whatever –  whatever you do needs practice.  Talent won’t get you there – discipline, diligence and courage (and patience) is what you need.  Edison made 950 light globes before one worked.  He did not consider the 950 which did not work failures, just steps, without which he would never have discovered how to make the one that did work.

I will see you on the mat.







 Dear Yogis,

Things are changing Covid-wise but I must be mentally dead because it all seems a muddle to me.  Some people can do this, some can do that, some have no change – all except NSW who are doing whatever they feel like.  It is interesting that Dom Perrottet took a request to the GG for a December Federal Election.  Could be time.  I guess he would throw his hat in the ring and there would be no better time than now for Dom – he is the flavour of the month! Anything could happen.


ZOOM: Monday 6.30 teacher training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP, Friday our (Luscious) tarot Class, Sunday CCP Study.
STUDIO: *Monday 1pm yoga , Wednesday 1pm (full), *Wednesday/*Friday 5.30 Yoga (we will be opening *Monday/*Wednesday and *Friday to more students…please book now).

There is a lot of interest in a STUDIO ART/TAROT CLASS.
Please email me.  Is the 6th of November at 2pm a possible for you? Email:



CHRISTMAS is coming and I have been scrambling through my storage archives (theoretically decluttering) and came across some vintage prints that have just been sitting waiting for me to do something….  I might have a little Studio Exhibition or just put them all up on Etsy or my web site and see if i can sell them.  I bought most overseas, and apart from being vintage, old and masterful…. they are lovely.

The one to the left is the largest 460mm x 440mm.  A print after  “The Presentation of the Virgin” by Tintoretto painted in about 1556..  By the look of all the mothers and babies in the picture, it doesn’t mean now what it did then..  I can’t see a date at all, and by a little mark in the bottom right hand corner,  it seems to be an artist’s proof.    There is a little turn in the top right hand corner, and a tiny tear in the border top centre, but apart from that, little damage – extraordinary for a print that has done the miles that this ones has.. The original painting was mentioned in Vasari’s work “The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects”.

This print was pressed from a metal plate and you can see the plate mark all around.  Very fine work, black and white which has mellowed with time – but no foxing or insect damage.  I will post it in a roll but well packed – a larger flat pack would add too much to the postage costs.  The paper is substantial so should lay flat again easily for framing.  If you are interested, the cost $175 including postage and packing in Australia.


On Sunday morning in our usual CCP STUDY GROUP, among other topics we discussed Philip Pullman’s work “HIS DARK MATERIALS”.  In this trilogy he floats the idea of “a republic of heaven”.    We have to build the republic of heaven where we are, because for us there is no elsewhere … He (Lord Asriel) meant the kingdom of heaven was over, the kingdom of heaven was all finished.  We shouldn’t live as if it mattered more than life in this world, because where we are is always the most important place….”








Dear Yogis,

ZOOM: Friday 6.45 Learn the tarot/FREE CLASS.  Sunday 10am CCP.  Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.  Tuesday 7.30 CCP
STUDIO: Friday yoga 5.30. Monday 1pm (full), Wednesday – one vacancy, Friday 5.30 one vacancy

SATURDAY ART CLASS:  Now that lockdown is coming to an end (earlier than anticipated – NEXT WEEK),  I think it will be better to wait until we can set up a date to actually come to the studio for a class.  Everyone is hanging out for that.  TENTATIVE STUDIO DATE 2pm SATURDAY 30TH OCTOBER?  Let me know what you think about that.

Wild and wonderful weather is now a fact of life… it is here to stay. Alongside that we have fabulous spring sunshine.  I went out walking yesterday and along the Five Mile Creek (now a river) everything was lush and green – as I said to the a walker who asked what I was doing, “this is my green grocer”.  I picked dandelions, miner’s lettuce, plantago, but there was lots more – especially salsify (oyster plant).  Raspberry pants, Blackberry plants, eucalyptus… all with new shoots.  I am going back today.

I actually went to get pine needles to make pine needle tea, a mainstay of the American Indian medicinals.  My mum used to pick it as it is a great diuretic, plus it clears the chest and boosts the immune system as it has more vitamin C than lemons, plus antioxidants.  You would think it would have a strong taste, but no, it is quite mild.  I add my hawthorn tea leaves, lemon and honey for a refreshing tea hot, or cold.

As I am walking and picking people stop and chat.  The number one question is “Aren’t you afraid you will poison yourself?”, and words to that effect.  No I don’t worry about that because I don’t pick plants I don’t know about.  If they look promising but unfamiliar I pick a leaf and a flower put in a plastic bag (like the forensic scientists), take it home and research.  I handle everything I don’t know about with great care – however, there is so much out there I DO know about, that I don’t have time to pick and deal with things I don’t know about.  Not now anyway.   My advice – Don’t rush out and pick things unless you too know what you are doing, even pine can be of dubious benefit if you don’t know which pine.

If you would like to come walking with me, learn about the plants, bring them back and learn how to deal with them, then  let me know and we will set up a class.  I am not sure how we would manage on Zoom, but I am sure there is a way.  In this time of uncertainty – empty supermarket shelves, high vegetable prices… you might like to learn how to REALLY save money.  Everything you need is already waiting for you.  Don’t be like the first settlers – they starved to death because they didn’t have the confidence to eat the lush flowers, leaves and fruits that were growing all around them.

Call me and chat:

This course is not just about human to human, it is also about how to work with animals.  Here is a photograph of one of our students, with a parrot she rescued and “breathed to wellness”.  

I know from the photograph you will think she is with a tame bird, but this is not the case.  It was a bird that was battered in a storm, but suffered no visible damage but was not able to fly.  The bird was able to recover and go back to the wild in a number of hours because it was treated properly, in a way that assisted healing the way birds (and most animals) respond to, not how we think they should heal.

I got an email from a potential student asking about the course who said she wasn’t interested in animals, or this or that, and only wanted to learn specifically about the “Death Doula” part.  If you feel like that, this is not the course for you.  We deal with death and dying (and living) every which way.  We learn about animals, about the the Egyptian way, about American Indians… anything that will help us understand the “passages” of our lives.  That is why it is such an important course for everyone to do.