Dear Yogis,

What can I say – another beautiful day in “paradise”, and rain is forecast for the end of the week… if it rains at night before then that will be especially welcome, not because of the temperature, but because of the fire danger – we are getting to the “iffy” part of the year (“Ash Wednesday” usually High Fire Danger time – is still vivid in my memory banks).  Ash Wednesdaywhich occurs after Shrove Tuesday is always 46 days before Easter Sunday and marks the beginning of Lent.  This year it falls on March 2nd.   I always breathe a sign of relief after February has come and cone with no fires of consequence. There are always smaller fires, and we have already had a few.

YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5,30 and Friday 5.30
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 The Gita, Tuesday 7.30 Herbs and Friday 6.45 Tarot
SUNDAY: SUNDAY OPEN STUDIO from 12 noon to 4pm. – please book a time although there is lots of inside and outside space, even if it rains which is forecast.    I have potted up some Bach Herbs for sale, I have the fungi Poster on beautiful paper, paintings, and some very interesting collectibles.  You can see the Foot Cleanse – you can have one before or after the open studio (please book), see the tarot designs…  a chance to catch up after Covid.

STILL DETOXING:  When am I going to stop? Answer?  When the water in the foot cleanse becomes worth looking at.  At present it is still dark coloured, and more flecks appearing than in the beginning which I read as being the cleanse underway.  The result of seeing this mucky water is to make me consider even more carefully what I eat.  No supermarket fish three times a week – which is the only (known) source of heavy metals occurring at present… although I probably have got some stored in my cells which are cleansing – plus I have one mercury filling which may be leaking.. probably time to have it removed. The photo is at an odd angle, but it gave the best view keeping the overhead light out of view.  You can see the black flecks, which are the heavy metal deposits escaping…

Since I have been cleansing in this way I have felt more energised, more capable and (if i can say it – ) YOUNGER!, and who doesn’t need this? My memory is also much better, and I get to the end of the day feeling better and have given up the “nanna naps”. I have time, and would love clients who are able to come for a session with me.  The cleanse takes half and hour, I include a Bach remedy to help you adjust to the new you when you get home, and to help the process on its way.  You will feel different, work differently, and approach your life more positively.  And yes, it has helped me get rid of a kilo or two painlessly.  Email me for an appointment.


I was working on my to-do list and my year ahead list.  I usually give a nod to the moon charts, and thought I would pay more attention this year.  All I found was confusion caused by the Southern Hemisphere and Northern hemisphere rotations and shadows.  Even people like Biddy Tarot (an Australian) only gives northern charts, probably because most of her members are overseas.

So, I have finished the easy to read drawings of the luna map from the South Skies, ours,  and will get them printed asap.  I put the beginnings of them on my instagram account if you want to visit me there and see what I have been up to.  My “Late Night Drawing” sessions have been very productive.

TODAY:  I really do hope that you are making your way profitably through your covid experience. A cleanse would be of help if you live close enough.  I am due for a medical assessment at the end of the month and i will be very interested after the Vax, the cleansing and the “NEW” me.  

PS: I am in conversation with Thermomix with regards to working with them on THE HERBAL/BACH WAY.  No-one has tackled this, and see so many of you have a Thermomix, this may be interested.





Dear Yogis,

I know its Saturday and I usually don’t post on a Saturday, but today I want to share with you a great step forward…. I don’t know if you remember the remedial foot-spa I had a number of years ago (if you recall I gave it to a student to start them on their professional health career), However, I missed it and as I have been dealing with a number of aggravating symptoms some have put down to “age”, I bought another one.   I thought with covid, I would like to know that my system was as well, and as clear as I could make it. The foot-spa cleanses at another level, and I think it is very beneficial.

The ionic theory states that the ions travel through the body attaching themselves to toxins (out of polarisation charge) substances, thereby neutralising their toxic effects.  These toxins are expelled throughout your body’s natural excretory pathways, and in this case the pores of our skin around the feet.

Of course the medical profession disagrees with the thought that it may be of any use whatsoever,   but you only have to look at the water to know something is happening.  What exactly is happening perhaps harder to say.  It works perhaps in the same way as the Japanese foot patches…  whatever the explanation, it gets results.  I have been struggling with a feeling of fatigue especially in the morning, and a deep joint pain in my big toe on the left hand side.  Both much improved after only one session.  Plus, I can clearly see the prana in the air again, and speaking with my guides (and pendulum) are much enhanced.  I feel closer… But that is just me. 

The body has its own healing system, and as I tell my students every day in yoga, it is a self-healing mechanism – however, this spa enhances the system.  With all the toxins we face every day in the environment, detoxing is important.  This spa is recommended for symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, aching body, sluggish elimination, bags under the eyes, distended belly even if you are thin, mental confusion etc.

At the left above is a photo of the foot-spa after my first cleanse on myself – the water started clean and clear.   If you could look closely you would see white cloudy bits (lymphatic toxins), black flecks (heavy metals – lots of these), and the orange colour is toxins from the joints and cartilage.   The heavy metals? probably from fish – I eat quite a lot, so I will cut back on fish and watch for a change in the water (reduced black flecks).   You can only have a treatment a couple of times a week, so I will report and take a photograph of my next spa.  I am as interested as you may be.

Detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from illness and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. It is not just about one thing, and it is not a Harry Potter magic wand.  The spa may remove the toxins, it is up to you not to put them back…. the spa is a maintenance thing.  

If you would like to share this wonderful spa with me,  please make a booking for a session.  The spa will take half an hour, (you can photograph the result), and you will get a Bach flower remedy to take home which will help to bring your body and mind back into balance – I am sure that you will feel much different.  Altogether the session could take an hour.  This is not something that can be achieved on zoom (!) and of course the covid requirements apply if you plan to come for a session.  For deep seated issues, it may take more than one session over a series of weeks…
$85 per session which includes a Bach Flower Remedy.  

I look forward to seeing you.

*Disclaimer:  The foot spa is not a medical device and not intended for diagnosis of disease.  It is an educational/information tool.  It is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment by your personal health professional..


Dear Yogis,

Nearly finished with the week.  Yoga at 5.30 then Tarot (business – challenges/blindspots/the journey) at 6.45 tonite – please bring your cards plus pencil and paper.  Don’t miss it.  

I will then be working in the garden over the weekend, to get ready for the coming week.



I love making things as you know, and also mending, and the last couple of evenings have been devoted to just that – mending beloved items, and mending for other people.

I am not alone in this.  The picture to the left is of Prince Charles.  I have a number of pictures of him wearing super patched items (I think he does them himself), even some suits he wears at fancy occasions  a patch or two is clearly visible, even his shoes.  Katherine and his mum might wear things more than once, but no-one wears clothes until they just fall to bits like Prince Charles does.

If you want your precious items suitably mended (much better than the item here),  then send them to me – I do charge by the way.  This isn’t a freebie service, however, if you send me a picture, I will give you an approximate cost of the mend.  I do them all by hand, no machine mending, and if Prince Charles would send me that jacket I could do it beautifully.  I have written to him suggesting just that, and I will let you know what he says.  He usually is quite prompt at replies… and polite, no matter how crazy the topic.  Maybe he just likes sitting with the Duchess at night mending his coats.  I like the peace, quiet and the concentration required and I can understand he may also..

I am so looking forward to the STUDIO OPEN DAY on Sunday the 30th January 12pm to 4pm.  The garden at the moment is looking just beautiful and I plan to have a few (Bach) plants potted up and for sale, as well as some precious items from my wayward youth.  The Elvis diamanté belt from Las Vegas, the “Babe” belt from New Orleans, and the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, as well as paintings,  the oils, Turkey Tail, the the designs for tattoos.  All just for you.  This would be the perfect time to drop off your favourite item of clothing for mending (I don’t do shoes, only because I don’t have a last).  I could be persuaded to do quick tarot readings (quick!) if you were interested.  

I hope you have taken my recipe for the COVID “CURE” seriously.  It is fabulous stuff – I have a pot on as we speak.  3 grapefruit, 2 oranges and a lemon.  Cook until it goes to mush, blitz, then put in a bottle or two in the fridge.  Have about a third of a glass and top with tonic water, mint and lemon – with plain water I have it every morning.  I am told by my scientifically inclined students that it contains the naturally occurring form of Hydroxychloroquine, the much rubbished drug that Trump took when he had Covid (plus Ivermectin of course).  I really like it.  Not sweet.  Don’t take too much, it will give you a headache.

See you soon. Zoom? Studio, on the Mat (or for a tarot reading – can do zoom).