Dear Yogis,

If you haven’t talked to me in a while – email me.  You are a part of the Sangha and I miss you.  Email anything.  Just an “I am OK” would be touching base and fabulous.

STUDIO CLASSES:  Hurrah, Hurrah!  This afternoon.  1pm and 5.30 pm in the studio.  Friday 5.30 in the studio.    Masks, distancing, santitising and the Q Code of course (no exceptions unless you don’t have a phone, then check in).  If you have a cold or feel unwell in any way, then please hold off and come next week.

ZOOM: Friday 6.45 Tarot Classes (your free class). Sunday 10am CCP/The Tibetan Book of The Dead Study.



As a perceptive and creative intuitive for her entire life (and her relatives from every generation),  J. Hope-Williams gives you the insight, power, tools and map to create your future. Her insightful Readings are guaranteed to be motivating and entertaining as you journey into your inner universe through the worlds of The Tarot.

No longer fortune telling, 21st century REVELATION Tarot Reading is FORTUNE CREATION…

Consultations are an inspiring, empowering proactive process for creating your future! Using tarot as a GPS of the Soul and creative intuition, new thinking tool, Revelation sessions with author and creator of the Deck gives you a down-to-earth, doable road map for navigating your life.

Revelation Tarot is a wholistic pathway that calls upon your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental faculties for getting real results. Using a mythic approach, consultations with Jahne give you an archetypal, memorable and deep symbolic picture-story for motivated, activated living. For over 30 years, the REVELATION TAROT system has been a proven mentoring technique for Personal Growth, Business, Relationships, Health and Sustainability.

Using your natural gifts and powers, Revelation Readings give you the magical way of the archetypal Magician within you to manifest and realize your visions and dreams.

  • INSPIRATION: You are uplifted by positive and heartfelt passion for your potential and opportunities, seen and unseen.
  • SELF-KNOWING: Jahne determines your Life Cards, your Life Mission and Purpose, and turns your past life and setbacks into stepping stones for growth and self-realization.
  • EMPOWERMENT AND TRANSFORMATION: With the inspired Revelation Deck (SOUL TAROT) , you are infused in your mind’s eye with symbols and imagery from the richly symbolized Cards that give you the power and passion to live your dream.
  • BALANCE:  An adherent to wholistic values of growth, Jahne helps you structure your life so that your heart-mind-body and spirit are aligned and energised so that you have the integration and diversity within to succeed.

I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON ZOOM, or on email or (now) in the Studio ON THE MAT..


Dear Yogis,

“MARY SPEAKS”:  In working on the cards and the book I have been speaking to my guides and to Mary.
 We have been considering reality (of course) especially in light of Covid.   Have you ever considered that you channel your experiences.  What you are seeing and feeling is not real, but processed through the filters of your mind?  Yes we are going through big change, IT IS A BLESSING.  We are humans and we won’t change until we have to.  You can choose not to change in which case you will hang on to the Covid experience – or you can step through the evolutionary process quicker.  We are HALF WAY THROUGH, and we are the determining factor to the length of the experience.  If you couldn’t handle it you would not be here.  It will be over when we wake up.

We have to be isolated, we have to go inward, and what better way to go inward than a lock-down!

The information coming through you is bringing more of the higher self.  It is up to us.  When we wake up it will be over – IT WILL NOT LAST FOREVER – nothing does.  “This too will pass”.

You can be a victim “Why did this happen to ME”, however, know that at any point you can change.  If this experience is an unhappy, stressful one for you, then you have to ask yourself “What am I doing that is drawing this experience to me?    IF YOU CAN CREATE THAT, YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING.



ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Mary Magdalen, Tuesday 7.30 Mary Magdalen (if I don’t get an improved uptake I will make this into a CCP Class, or use it for a ZOOM actual tarot reading). Friday 6.45 Tarot Class.

STUDIO: No studio classes until Wednesday (if lock down ends midnite Tuesday).  Wednesday 1pm Hatha Yoga (substitute for Mondays class), Wednesday 5.30 Restorative Yoga, Friday 5.30 Hatha Yoga.


THE VACCINE – I thought you should know.

For all of you (like me) who have had the Australian AstraZeneca vaccine, you may not be allowed into England because it hasn’t been approved there.  I don’t mind because I don’t really plan to travel – but if you do, then read on….

Australians vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jab face potential problems visiting Europe, thanks to a quirk in the European Union’s vaccine approval process.    Despite the Aussie-made vaccine being identical to those made in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, it’s not technically authorised in Europe because AstraZeneca hasn’t registered CSL’s Melbourne facility with the European drugs regulator.
Facilities in the USA, Korea and even China have all been registered but the European Medicines Agency has confirmed the labs pumping out millions of doses in India and Australia haven’t been registered!

So lovelies, watch the news for the latest.  I bet the pollies are going nuts trying to deal with this latest news.   Imagine what this will do for the popularity polls.  Here we are doing everything we can do to be well, and it is getting us further away from travel, not closer.For travel around Europe therefore, you’re good to go if you’ve been vaccinated with Australia’s AstraZeneca, at least officially. One problem that might emerge is the lack of information on the COVID-19 Digital Health Certificate that Medicare gives you when you’ve had both shots of either Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

In the case of AstraZeneca, the certificate simply states you’ve had both shots. It does not say that means two shots of COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant]). You can’t expect a border official to know that’s the only vaccine dispensed in Australia, and that might complicate European travels.  (…….taken from channel9 news updates. Google if you need to know more – it is changing minute to minute)


COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS – **This afternoon I was out walking and a young woman rushed up to me and collapsed into tears in my arms.  Depressed anxious, didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t deal with the lock-down.  We sat on a ledge and she talked out what was needed and then she went back to her world, and I went back to mine.  It highlighted for me that there are thousands of people (men and women) who are feeling like this at the moment.  Join us, be a CCP person and open yourself up to the possibility of this work.  You were put here to serve your community.  You are a yogi – go the whole way. LISTEN WHEN MARY SPEAKS.


ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!  We have been doing yoga, our classes, tarot classes and my own tarot sessions on zoom.  I didn’t think I would like zoom, but I have settled into this way of doing things…., especially for tarot readings – we can have a very personal session in the safety and comfort of our own home – no travel required – and from anywhere in Australia.  I would love to hear from you –  please email me for a short,  one card session for only $15 (this price only until the end of July).  We can do a lot with just one card – you will be surprised.  I can even use a card from my new deck.

I will soon be working from my new ORACLE OF MARY – “MARY SPEAKS”... The lock down has held everything up, especially the printing of these new cards.


I will see you ON ZOOM.  In the meantime LISTEN WHEN “MARY SPEAKS”.



Dear Yogis,

ZOOM YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30.

(If the lockdown finishes next Tuesday then we will have Mondays class on Wednesday in the Studio at 1pm instead of zoom, and the usual 5.30 class in the studio).  I think everyone prefers studio to zoom at this stage.

ZOOM OTHER: Friday 6.45 Tarot Cards, Sunday 10am (CCP) The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Monday 6.30 Mary Magdalen, Tuesday 7.30 Mary Magdalen (If there are no improvements in numbers here, I will use this time to repeat Sundays CCP class.  I will make a decision when I get feedback – if no feedback then I will make an “executive” decision)


HONOURING OUR TEACHERS….    In all spiritual traditions this Saturday the 24th July is considered to be very holy. For on this day students become aware that life is not to be lived only in the external world—that there is something higher, deeper, than what they have been doing. We become aware of our internal states. But to find this something you need a guide – then it becomes easy. Your guide shares his experiences, which have been imparted by his guide. There is a long chain of sages and traditions, and they impart knowledge to their students lovingly and selflessly.   This Saturday, July 24th is GURU PURNIMA, the day we honour the teachers of our lineage.



Thank you so much for your attendance at the MARY MAGDALEN FEAST AND CCP LAUNCH yesterday.  It was fantastic.  We all brought along what we thought MM would have had for lunch, goats cheese, honey, flatbread, mushrooms and of course (as she was in France at the end-of-life) a glass of wine.  I cheated slightly and brought champers.   Katie drank Chai Tea, not exactly what MM would have had, but I can understand the good/healthy choice in the middle of the day!  If you want to know what all this attention is about, join us on our Mary Magdalen Study – Mondays at 6.30.  It is free.  Email me and I will send you a zoom ID.



The CCP Launch was everything it could have been on zoom rather than in the studio –  the discussion was lively and we are moving forward.  If you want to join us you only need $75 to register and then pay the balance off (only $300). Email me and I will send you the application form:   Once you graduate you get three certificates, and can become a Funeral Celebrant (optional) which will allow you to organise memorials for pets as well as people.  I have done both and I love conducting them – even years after a person or child (or a pet) has passed.  It provides time and peace for those left behind.  The Tibetans understand the need for both.

“Just as the strong current of a waterfall cannot be reversed.
 So the movement of human life is also irreversible.” (Buddha)

I think there is a great need for these services, not just for the dying but for the living so that we can more easily  accept our place in the order of things.  It will not just happen, we need to make it happen, and I am working on that.

I hope that I see more of you joining our course.  Our services are really needed and wanted in these difficult times.

“May we extract the meaningful essence of this life support
Without being distracted by the senseless affairs of this life,
Since this good foundation, hard to gain and easy to disintegrate,
Presents an opportunity of choice between profit and loss, comfort and misery”.
(-by the First Panchen Lama, Losang Chokyi Gyeltsen)

FIRST AID NEEDED OR WANTED?  I could have a class on-site here as soon as covid is relaxed, or zoom.  Any takers?  Don’t know the date or the cost until I get numbers, and I can’t get a time until closer to August.  We have to be flexible because of covid.  Things are not as easy to organise as they once were – however, we can do a small zoom class with St.John Ambulance.  Who knew!  I want to organise one especially for CCP graduates.  It will not be a long training.. just to help you make decisions about what could be needed or wanted as you are sitting with those at end-of-life.


I will see you on ZOOM soon.