Dear Yogis,

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, we at Teacher Training did.  I hope you can be at the next one.   It was a great class.  I did have a bad hair day – don’t often have those, might cut it off.  At present, there is no colour so I could donate it to charity.  A good use for hair.  I don’t know why colour should make a difference – but it does.

Anyway, we discussed seeds.  A good place to go because it takes in so much of what we do, what we don’t want to do, and what we hope for.  In the newsletters a week or so back we did discuss this, so dig in.

Today we are still speaking about the warrior.  We have thought about Tonglen meditation and if we all maintain the sincere motivation of wanting to take away the pains of others, in fact all living beings (including the covid virus), and providing every single living creature with their  fondest wishes and ultimate happiness, then according to the Buddhist teachers, learn to personally escape this life of suffering, ageing and death.

When we hurt another being we could not have hurt them unless they had an imprint (a seed0 in their mind that would force them to see themselves being hurt.  This would have been planted when they hurt someone in the past.

If they didn’t have this implant, this seed, then you could not have hurt them.  Nothing depended on the action – everything depended on the implant or seed.

Take for instance your acts of charity.  Any particular persons experience of poverty is the direct result of their own lack of charity, and cannot be changed unless they learn to give.  That does not mean we should do nothing.  Our own experience of giving, the intention to give, needs to be exercised for any being to experience  this expression of giving in action.  Confusing and seemingly contradictory, but not, when you think deeply enough.  Giving is the way of the warrior.  The second perfection is to live a wholly ethical life (following the yamas is the key) meaning not giving harm to any fellow creatures.

An important way is to not give in to anger when anger surfaces, at that moment when anger blazes.  There are layers of things that during the day upset us to a greater or lesser extent.  It appears to be an endless obstacle course.  As we discussed today, see them as opportunities, like the Ballet Dancer marooned in Death Valley.  Build an opera house,  live the dream. Dance your dream to reality.

I am yoga’ing a dream into reality,  We are doing our yoga, filling every class (hooray).  There are only three per class so it is easy to fill.  If you are coming look at the web site, if you decide on a class ring to discuss availability,  please bring ALL YOUR PROPS.  Disinfect them before you bring them back.

Once you have booked your space and paid, as it says on the web page, it is your space.  If you don’t come it’s your space and you have paid for it.    Like Zoom if you pay for classes and don’t take them, do you get your money back? Can you take another class free?  I don’t think so. I am like that, except I have not got 2 million people taking classes!  They could give you a freebie without feeling the pinch BUT THEY DON’T.

Please respond, please give me feedback otherwise it seems as if all these words go into the void.  That is OK of course.  I have said I will do this, and I do – my seeds are right and correctly planted.  The imprint is OK.  That is the only important thing.  But I am directing it to you – and you are not replying.  I am inviting you to the table, and you are not responding.  It is like asking a friend to morning coffee, and she doesn’t reply, she doesn’t come.  I am asking you to the blog.  Please come, please reply. It is about the seeds you are planting.

Have a lovely day.