I paint angels.  I have done this ever since I can remember.  

After 9/11,  I painted 1000 angels.  Now the word has once again slipped into the dark side.  When I heard that small children in the Israel/Palestine conflict were being asked to write their names on their bodies before going to school so that if they didn’t come home they could be located (or bits of them could be located) I was shocked.  It is a wicked thing.  Caring in not enough.  We have to act, and my 1000 ANGEL PROJECT II is my way of response.  Raising the spiritual level of our conversation, thoughts and ways of being.

I called it the 1000 ANGEL PROJECT and it took a number of years to complete.  Every morning without fail I spend time with my Angels.  It is a precious time and one that I can now indulge, and spend more time than I ever have in our treasured dialogue.

My angels help me with the everyday issues of life. For those of you who ask such questions, I am not trying to be equal with God or trying to be God – although I have prayed with that intention.  This is not the same.  My angel is a Divine being and like us has a face of God that is unique to us all.  In some way we are all angels.  You might know this intellectually, but for whatever reason have not found your Divine Partner.  You may have read of Saints and the Holy ones who lived and spoke with their angels and thought “they are special, gifted, holy – they can do this but I can’t”.

You are reading this because you are willing to try again… You are willing to explore this magical land.  When you do make contact your Angel may say “bless you, where have you been? – I have been waiting for you”.

My paintings could be your way of speaking with your angel.  They have gone to hospitals, hospices, schools… in every country around the globe.  You can donate one to a school, hospital, or person close to you.  

I paint them in many sizes, and for every three I sell I donate 1 (at least one).  I make them in any price range, even very large ones for entries and large spaces.  I can even do murals on walls!!  You choose.


Let’s think about and experience Angels instead of focussing on the terrible things that are happening in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Jahne