Dear Yogis…

Hooray we are (reliably) back.  I love writing the newsletters, and thankfully some of you like recieving them.  As I said…as we did with the old files, we will be going over the lists of subscribers and checking as far as we can who is responding, and at least reading… as much as we can tell.  The computer program helps.  When we culled the Teacher Training files after months of notifications that we would,  we got the most response months AFTERWARDS when people realised they weren’t any longer part of the team.  Don’t leave it that long this time.  Sometimes we have to start at the beginning…again.

BALANCE:  In yoga, meditation and life there must be balance.  In meditation, between relaxation and attention, between focus and analysis.  In the very old Tibetan Temples there was no electricity of course.  They were lit with butter lamps.  It was in this way hard to see that the walls were covered with paintings.  If you wanted to see the paintings you had to get close to the wall and then deal with the draughts which repeatedly blew out the flame.

It describes perfectly the state of meditation, the goal of which is to see past disturbances into the nature of reality.

Balance and stillness are not the same.  Finding balance means accepting and learning to live with change.  That’s the basis of adaptation.  Covid is teaching us this skill.

WHY WE MEDITATE. There are a number of reasons to meditate, just as there are a number of reasons to keep bees, or anything which is dependent on us.  We always need to ask good questions.  Perhaps reflecting on these questions – In doing this, am I making things better or worse? Are my efforts making things better or worse? Most importantly, am I serving others or just serving myself?   It is not always easy to get the correct answers to these questions, but asking them should be a priority.

“The lessons taught by a teacher with a positive motivation penetrate deepest into their students minds.  I know this from my own personal experience.  As a boy I was very lazy.  But when I was aware of the affection and concern of my tutors, their lessons would sink in more successfully than if one was hard or unfeeling on that day.

So far as the specifics of education are concerned, that is for the experts.  I will therefore confine myself to a few suggestions.  The first is to awaken young people’s consciousness to the importance of basic human values, it is better not to present society’s problems purely as an ethical or religious matter. 

It is important to emphasise that what is at stake is our continued survival”.  HH The fourteenth Dalai Lama 2006.

In my garden I am still dealing with the ravages of winter – not as bitter as it used to be, but very wet.  My Tibetan gongs like damp air, but I am looking forward to sunshine.  I have ordered my new bee colony which will arrive in September which is not long away now.  By that time I will have cleared away what remains of winter and everything will be ready for the bees in the spring.

Don’t forget to click our “classes”  on the home page of this site to see our zoom classes.  Teacher Training on the 2nd August will be zoomed.  So all you folk who have said how much they want to join us CAN.  We wait to see if you are ready for “spring”.



Dear Yogis,

Turns out when we send out 10,000 newsletters per month mail chimp spits the dummy.  And it did.  I hadn’t realised how many subscribers we have… it is gratifying, thank you.  If you all sent me 50cents, I would be able to spend more time on the news, and more time with you.  There is an option for donation, maybe you could join it.  Buy me a up of coffee perhaps?  Thank you – skinny latte, short.

In his time of Covid and lock down a lot of us are not able to live as we usually do.  Our material needs may have been met to some extent by government money, however, our social needs are not met, and therefore have become increasingly important.  We can’t dismiss this.  One of the key aspects removed is COMPETITION.  We normally compete even if we are not consciously aware.   It is a natural biological aspect of our selves.  In the deep past those who competed more successfully had a better chance of survival.  Now we have a conflict, there is a threat to our survival, but our instinct to fight it has been curtailed.

In this time of covid, we can’t win, we can’t achieve, even our ability to meet a mate has been taken away, and the social status we may have at the workplace is removed.  If we realised that the frustrations we are feeling are part of our biological heritage we can see that this type of competition and material gain is no longer necessary in the same way.  However, we are what we are, and we have the DESIRE within us.  The Buddha told us that the only cause of suffering was attachment/desire.

We can change, and in this time of covid it is necessary to change.  We may have more time for simple pleasures and also for the pleasure of using our mind.  We can use the time we have been given in lock down to think, to experience an inner reality as well as the outer reality of material things, and by using the extra time we have to experience these things, our life becomes better for us.

The crucial step is the development of inner security perhaps through meditation. This will involve a reduction of anxiety which for some is a “new country”, a scary place.  We all possess self-regulating mechanism within the mind (and some wonderful chemicals which can activate ANADAMIDE being just one).  These will reduce our anxiety if we provide a suitable circumstance in which they can operate.  This can be achieved naturally through deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and by meditation.  In practicing these disciplines our anxiety is reduced, our defensive reactions lose their intensity, and the distortions in our personality reduces.

When we take this path we will have a greater understanding of the self, consequently feel more secure, and less disturbed by aspects of our personality.  In fact it could be said that we have in fact taken the first steps on the road to maturity.



Dear Yogis,

For years people have thought I was nuts, and one person recently called me “crazy” based only on a photograph!  But here we are.  I am going to challenge you again.

Although I am not a physician, and I have no pharmaceutical product to sell or encourage you to buy, nevertheless I am doing what any good doctor does – they make known anything they have discovered that may prove useful.

In the Bible, what Does Proverbs 5:15 Mean? “Drink thou water of thy cistern, and the floods of thy well”. ( Drink thou water from thy own cistern, and out-flowings from thy own well.)  It has been interpreted in many ways.  Solomon may have been speaking about married life, however, there is the possibility that this  is not the correct translation. My own translation is this –  You are “the House of God” – use the God given waters of your own well…

What if this interpretation and that of Chinese therapists, the yogis, and various “out there” medical institutions (most notably in Russia where there is a hospital and research institution devoted to this therapy which has been functioning for more than 100 years, and has the American interested and investing), is more accurate and it means using the ancient therapeutic technique called URINE THERAPY.  This is what it sounds like.  Drinking your own urine daily, and using the urine for massages, compresses etc to restore health when all else has failed.

Last century, between the 1860’s to 1870’s the drinking of one’s own urine was a well known cure for jaundice (a liver condition) and some doctors even had the courage to prescribe it.  Gipsys and travellers used it as part of their medical repertoire.   The wiser of the ancient Greeks used nothing but urine for the treatment of wounds, and the Eskimos I believe still do this.

Doctors tend to believe that urine is rubbish rejected by the body, could be dangerous,  and should be discarded.  Take the example of a garden.  When the plants die, you can throw them out, but those great gardeners around us,  use that refuse to make compost,  celebrating the age, smell and degradation of the refuse, and put it back on the garden. The result is a garden more lush and fruitful than it was before the application of compost.    If they are smart they do not bin it and have it taken away.

In these covid days when we have heard of multiple therapies and approaches most of which either do not work, or leave you in a bad state when they kill the virus, this is an ancient therapy and I suggest that like me, you try it.  Athletes and yogis in many countries do it. It has as many people recommending it as it has detractors.  It is inexpensive, it is easy, and it works.  A recent adherent who drinks her dog’s urine is just doing it for the notoriety (and that worked, the video went viral), but the rest of us use our own (definitely not the dog’s) because we believe it is making us resistant to disease.  So, why wouldn’t you.

Some folk drink every drop of urine they produce, but for myself, I do it homoeopathically.  I make a little vial of it homoeopathically every morning,  titrate it (vibrate it), and drink it during the day.  I rub my feet and legs with it to improve the condition of my heart, and I am going to start on some ear therapy as the scientists in Georgia (USSR) are having good results.  They have also had good results with fibromyalgia, CFS, and cataracts – however,  they have been working with phages for more than 100 years and have become experts, even at curing things we in the West deem to be almost impossible.  Even cancers.  

I think if I keep doing what I do I am building an immunity to covid.  It is worth the experiment. It certainly can’t hurt.

Don’t forget.  If you want to discuss any of the above,  your health, your future, your “stuckedness”, then  a session with me can be had via the phone, I am willing to brave a zoom appointment (although the phone is adequate – I don’t need to see you, and you can wear your pj’s), and one-on-one.   I am listening.  I am a good health/life coach with 50 years of experience.  For any of these or a tarot reading the cost is $85 for a session or an hour.  I am alive, and fit, and bursting with energy – are you? Please email to book an appointment.

God takes me the hard way so I can talk to you in ways that make sense to you.  I am willing to be uncomfortable because I know after a time of trial I  will come out comfortable.  We all need to change and to think differently.  Maybe I am your survival guide.

“Knowledge is horiztontal.  Wisdom is vertical” (Billy Graham)