Dear Yogis,

Life goes on.  I think we are all over the various lockdowns, although they have not become second nature yet.  I guess that comes later.  The virus is not going away, and like the flu we will have to learn to deal with it.

I am coming up to my second jab next week which is OK because I have been making a point of building up my body and my systems to deal with the next influx of vaccine.  I will let you know how I go, and I will also let you know about the blood test I am going to have in a couple of weeks.  If you will recall I had one just before the first jab, and it will be interesting to see the difference.

ZOOM until everyone has caught up with at least the first covid shot.
FRIDAY tonight 6.45pm The Tarot.  We will be looking at the last houses, how we can use the tarot every day, how we can use them in our various practices.  I would also like to start another “Make your own Tarot” class.
YOGA:  Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30
STUDY: Tarot Friday 6.45, Sunday CCP (Death Doula), Monday 6.30 Teacher Training,
Tuesday 7.30 CCP (Death Doula).

INSPIRATION FOR THE DAY:  Instead of just meditating, imagine you are curled up in a TRAVELLING DREAM CLOUD (You can even sit in a chair for this).  Get really comfy, close your eyes, lie back and imagine that your TRAVELLING DREAM CLOUD supports you and pulls up over you.  Your cloud protection (not that you really need this).  Just bring your imagination to the game and your cloud will float you through space and time to wherever you would like to go, and will gently land in your happiest places.  Try it.


I will see you on the cloud.





Dear Yogis,

Another week in Covid-land, and we are still Zooming which turned out to be fantastic on Monday because I had more students on zoom than I would have been allowed in the Studio..

ZOOM YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 and Friday 5.30
ZOOM STUDIES: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP Study, Friday 6.45 Tarot. Sunday 10am CCP Study



Are you busy to visit your hypnotist, past-life consultant, mindfulness instructor, or therapist yet need a boost to make a decision, relax, drain pain or trauma, clean up your act, be proactive, achieve your goals or get along with your mate?  Then keep reading, and decide to do a zoom session with me…

Today we will talk here about food.  Covid has not been good for the waistline I think?

We have become nations (not just one nation) obsessed with food, mainly because advertising encourages us every day to go overboard with this or that food, this or that diet.. Eating – the alchemy of digestion and new cell formation is at the source of life process itself.

Many of us try many diets before just giving in and eating whatever we feel like.  This is satisfying for our desires and cravings, but not good for health or the image in the mirror.

Here’s a new thought.  A “proper diet” is all a state of mind.  The food we eat tunes our systems to a vibrational code.  When this happens we absorb pure life energy through the breath, and we create new tissues through the direct processes of thought.  The food we eat acts as a catalyst to these processes.

This reminds me of homeopathics in which a remedy in a highly diluted form can have a more powerful effect than a massive dose of the same substance.  We are primarily made of water, so taking our food homoeopathically could still sustain us – but I am sure that you are like me, you like to chew an apple and have the pleasure of the “substance of food”.

It is not your negative eating patterns which lead you to becoming unattractive and unhealthy, it is your negative thoughts and feelings which have kept you trapped, ageing, and dying quicker than you had planned.  Negative feelings encourage and hold on to fat.  Releasing excess weight in our hearts and minds releases excess weight in our bodies.

Released from self pity, blame guilt and self loathing, we will be released from the helplessness that has held us back from being the body (and the person) we would like to be.  We will (maybe for the first time) be full, free, and satisfied.

Knowing yourself is the key. In our sessions, Gifts previously hidden appear, together with this money which is often a source of dread and discomfort becomes enormous fun and is therefore more abundant, and the pain and unhappiness (suffering) which stifles the life force will disappear. 

My plan, is a plan for everyone, all of us, who are dragging around emotional and spiritual weights which have added to the weight of our mind, body and spirit.  Let us transform our mind our body and the world one yogi at a time.

Your physical body, your physical self responds to the attitude you have towards it. Your mind always rules your body.  Email to make an appointment with me:



Hi there yogis,

Throughout this vaccination furore, I have been asked this question from time to time – sometimes hysterically… DOES THE VACCINE CHANGE OUR DNA? Does the flu vaccine, polio vaccine any medicine effect the DNA…energetically at least,  of course.  Does developing covid change the DNA – on every level, certainly.  Long-covid effects every part of our organism.  Long term intubation changes the body therefore has changed the energetic DNA, and Death certainly effects the DNA.  

I spoke to you a while ago about a student like that… FEARFUL!  She was hysterical, and hysterical that I have had it and changed my DNA.  Obviously it changes you Karmically, did she mention that?  Fear Changes you on every level.. hard to know which is worse, the vaccine or a large dose of unadulterated FEAR. 

Everything we do, every thought we have,  every little thing changes our DNA at the energetic level….  The virus must change our DNA, because energy changes the coding of the 97% that is magnetic.  The bit that the scientists call “junk” (a scientific term).

It is the HOW we change which is important.  If we have the vaccine and we hate it, and we know it isn’t going to work, and we are full of fear, then all  those negative things can change the DNA and the karma, and every organ of our body and the effect of the vax in a negative way.

If however, we have the jab, and we know it is protecting us, and we know that it is for the best, and best for our community (we are serving our community), have no fear, then the vax and the karma will still change the energetic coding, however in a positive way. 

IT IS ALWAYS THE INTENT that changes everything.  Read Edgar Cayce. “The Sleeping prophet”, then hit Quantum etc…   This is your opportunity to get up close and personal to your body, mind and spirit. You are yogis (thought I would remind you of that) and here to serve, and the opportunity to serve comes in a multitude of ways.  Getting vaccinated to my mind is an important way at the moment.

There is a good movie to watch (and listen to) “THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE” on netflix, starring Kate Winslett and Kevin Spacey.  About life and death on death row – and we are all at some level on a “death row”, it is about HOW you are there that counts.

ZOOM YOGA today at 1pm.
 If you would like to join this restorative class, please ask for an ID if I haven’t sent one to you.
ZOOM STUDY: Monday Teacher Training 6.30, Tuesday CCP 7.30, Friday 6.45 Tarot, Sunday 10am CCP.

POSSIBLE STUDIO SESSIONS: “personal sessions” available.  Wednesday 5.30 Restorative.  Book for other 0ne-on-one sessions.  All covid requirements apply.


Rest in trust.