Last night after a busy day I was visited by a bat about the size of a starling (I first thought it was a bird), but no, in between circles of the room it hung onto the walls.  This is a very good sign.  Bats are revered in many cultures as good omens – so with the latest exhibition in the making, I was happy that the universe is giving me the THUMBS UP.

Please come and see the work, it is more adventurous than I have done before – and speaks to the subject of ORBS (Google it if you don’t know what orbs are).  I have seen them ever since i was a child, and have interpreted them in many ways.  I have even done a past life regression on a person who thought she had been one in another life.  It was fascinating.


We have classes at FOUR venues.  This is the very latest news….as at the 8th May,2018.


THE BENTINCK: Cnr Romsey Road and High Street, Woodend.

HATHA YOGA Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 6.30, and Saturdays at 10am. RESTORATIVE YOGA at 5.30 on Wednesday. MEDITATION 6.30 on Friday (No charge).


THE STUDIO: 37 Morris Road, Woodend.

Tuesday Restorative Class at the Studio: Please note that there are no classes on Tuesday morning at my studio due to lack of interest. If you would like a class at this time, please let me know.  I will consider running them next term for a minimum of 5 people who purchase a 10 week class pass at $135.  This will be for 10 consecutive classes in Restorative Yoga on the Tuesday morning.  (Transferable to other classes in the same week).  Taking and paying for a class at a time has not worked,  as people come for one class, miss the next two etc etc leaving me with classes from none to 5…. it doesn’t work.  For this class to go ahead, you will need to be committed.  Please register your interest with me at I would love to go ahead with these classes.  they are beautiful….

OTHER STUDIO CLASSES: Teacher Training every Wednesday at 12.30 (and Teacher Training every 1st Sunday in the month at 2pm to 4pm) PHILOSOPHY at 11.30 on Saturdays and RESTORATIVE YOGA at 12.30 on Saturdays.


NORTHCOTE: 9 Langwells Parade.

Hatha Yoga at 11.30 Mondays

BENDIGO: Crusoeden Health, Church St. Kangaroo Flat.

Teacher Training 1st Tuesday in the month, 3.30 to 5pm

We also can conduct private training for you at the Studio!

I am often asked to recommend a second step for those who have completed their Teacher Training Course.  I totally agree with the idea of keeping the study up – once you slow down it is hard to start up again, and there is so much to know, so much to do….


The REHABILITATION and RECOVERY Post Graduate classes are such a wonderful way to go.  They are not by Distance Education (they can’t be), you will need to log in with me, be mentored by me, and work closely with the in the first instance.  They are challenging.  It is even going to be a challenge for me to know how to teach them.  I have been doing yoga for so long I don’t know what I know, my mind contains a huge repository of knowledge that I instinctively draw on, and need to learn how to pass along to you.  I think I can, and I know it is going to be wonderful for us both.  A learning journey, that includes everything I have taught you in the past.  Hyper mobility, CSF Connection – everything.


If you are interested, please contact me directly.


This is the beginning of one of my artworks for the exhibition at REDS in Woodend on the 27th of the month (2pm to 4pm).

Please come along and support our Foundation by donating or purchasing a piece of my work, large or small.  This will support our pro-bono work in rehabilitation.