I have nearly completed part one of the YOGA OF HEMP Booklet.  It will be loaded in the next day or so.

I also completed a youtube video on hemp (and a video on Passive Income!)  Watch them. Google “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube and subscribe”

Since I began taking hemp, I have become passionately fond of unflavoured hemp protein powder.  It is protein and omega packed, and I am feeling great – as are students giving me feedback…
But you asked about me…  what do I eat.  
Before breakfast (because winter is here) a tonic for my immune system I make with herbs, chilli  and vitamin c.
Breakfast: A savoury dip made of 1 tablespoon or so (or more) of the best hemp oil, 1 heaped teaspoon of hemp seeds, 1 crushed clove of garlic and a slurp of good balsamic vinegar, all eaten by dipping about 1 slice of full grain bread cut into pieces.  I usually lick up anything left.  I have this with  brewed cocoa nibs (like coffee in a french press).
Lunch in two parts:  1.  A thick green aromatic dip of my garden herbs, hemp seeds, hemp oil, garlic, chilli, hemp powder all blended.  Dipping bread – home made pitta cut and backed into small biscuit size pieces.
Mid afternoon:  2.  1 heaping tablespoon of muesli with added nuts and dried fruits, hemp powder – all drowned in orange juice (or beetroot juice) and sesame milk mix.
Dinner:  Steamed vegetables, plus dessert – a home made fruit icy pole – (and a glass of wine or champagne)
Before bed:  a cube of home-made hemp gingerbread and a cup of hot milk tea (or decaf milk coffee)
I drink lots of water about a litre and a half a day, plus tea, coffee.
Thats about it.  It makes me feel good, my poop is beautiful, my skin is plumped and great, I have heaps of energy when I need it, and am deeply calm.
Hope you get some ideas.  You can see that Hemp is at the heart of how I eat.  It has made a great difference.  It is the deep calm, and a feeling of being really healthy and ‘all is well”.

You may have heard about hemp, been a bit confused about the relationship between hemp and marijuana,  and you may not have known anything about THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM which is supported by hemp oil, and all its products.  What is THC what is CBD?  What can we get legally, how can it help us? We will learn about students who have taken a course in hemp product and how it has helped them…   BOOK TO COME SHORTLY.

All these questions will be answered in the  masterclasses.  The first one in Shepparton..

When: Sunday 23rd June between 2 and 4pm.

Where:  The Carrington Hotel.

Cost: $20

Please bring your paper and pen and be prepared to take notes.  There will be Hemp give aways…

There is only one thing to remember from a yogi point of view.  HEMP INCREASES CHI – It is the worlds most advanced SuperFood.  We are only just starting to understand how “super’ it is.  MARIJUANA REDUCES/REMOVES CHI – no explanation needed of what this means.  We know what happens as use and/or addiction progresses.

That being said, if you are purchasing full “spectrum oil”, be super careful about what it is you are actually getting.   You must make sure it is full spectrum HEMP oil.  There will be no “terpenes” on the label, no THC.  CBD has been bred out of cannabis (marijuana) in order to load the plant with THC the psychoactive ingredient.   That is why I am writing the blog, and giving you the addresses of manufacturers and importers whom I believe at the moment are abiding not just by the law, but also the letter of the law.

There should be a batch number on the bottle.  If you have any concerns, call the manufacturer, quote the batch number, and ask what it contains, and how it was manufacturers and where the ingredients come from.

One of my students was given a bottle of what he thought was CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  After a couple of doses he took to the couch and drifted into a different place.  When his wife looked at the bottle she saw the problem.  It had terpenes and THC.  He was getting high.  A timely reminder that it is very important that you buy from a reputable company, and make sure what you are getting.  Buyer beware.  It is not just about getting high, it is about pesticides, herbicides, manufacture generally.  We are building the body and the mind via the ECS (endocannabinoid system), we are not trying to get high (well, my students and I are not). 

Read the labels carefully, if you are still concerned email the manufacturer.  If they don’t get back to you, probably you shouldn’t buy from them.  This is a new field, and we all have many questions.

A few that I especially like are below.   I will update my list as I get to try the different brands.

Royal hemp.com.au – oils, seeds, powders, skin balms – they are switching to Aussie seeds to manufacture their products and full spectrum oil (imported from Colorado).  This brand is available in health foods stores and alternative health destinations.  As its name suggests, classy marketing, labelling and packaging.

RedTractor.com.au – oils,  seeds, powder.  This brand is available in Coles and IGA and in Health food stores.  Please let me know where you see it so I can update my list.  A down-home style of presentation in eco-friendly packaging.

Thompsons.com.au – oils, seeds, capsules.  This brand is available and featured in Chemist Warehouse (alongside HempFoods, and their own proprietary brand on the seeds and grains aisle).  I have not tried Thompsons.  It could be more economical, although I am not convinced of the value of capsules over putting the actual oil on your foods during the day.

HempFoods.com.au – oils, seeds, powder.  This brand is available everywhere I go.  Coles, IGA, Health Food Stores. I believe that this company brings its seeds from Canada and New Zealand.  I have been told both by health food store proprietors.    It was one of the first to manufacture the products on a large scale, and it seems has single handedly championed the market from its inception.  A reliable company with great marketing.


Keep watching this blog.  Namaste.  Jahne