Application for Registration/ Re-registration

REGISTER with The Australasian Yoga Institute: We are a self-regulating Yoga Register based on yogic principles. What we have is not simply a list of professionally trained Yoga teachers. It also stands as a bulwark against the dilution of yoga by way of the standardization and regulation that threatens the rich diversity of yoga. We allow you to honour your own philosophical and practical approach to yoga, while ensuring that these practicalities are based on core yogic principles upon which Yoga, no matter which kind, IS AND MUST BE BASED.

Registration indicates that we are your lineage.  You can only have one Mother, and you can only have one lineage.  If you have done our course, we are your lineage. You must be registered to be correctly insured.

If you are a Yoga teacher who has not formally qualified, but has done years of teacher training, we can register you, if you have the required hours of teaching, and learning.  . Please email us, and we will send you the forms required, you complete them, and then mail them back to us. This could save you years, and many hundreds of dollars learning what you already know.

Please contact Jahne at email: to receive your application

She prefers to work directly with you rather than through the arms length formality of automated forms.