Dear Yogis,

Unfortunately we don’t have weekly classes anymore.  We used to, but life got busier, and the classes became smaller until we don’t have them, so this newsletter is the only way that I can reach you regularly.  No matter what I speak to you of, it is inspired by Spirit.  I can’t sit down and write without the help of spirit – I would just be sitting with an empty mind.  I know that feeling really well when I try to force things, or write what I think you should know – EMPTINESS.   How could I do it EVERY DAY? Not the same message daily, but a new message every day.

Today is a let’s do the “everyday” paying attention time.  I don’t know how these messages will match up, but I do know they will.  I am not determining the messages, so pay attention, and just keep them in the back of your mind.  Today. Covid and Extraterrestrials.  Firstly we are going to talk about what you can do to change your body in this time of covid.   The following is research gathered from what science is saying about Vit D3.  It is not the only change you should make, but it is a change you would be smart to make.


There are many people analysing what is exactly happening in this pandemic.  Things we personally can change.  By analyzing publicly available patient data from around the globe, scientists have discovered a strong correlation between vitamin D levels and cytokine storm — a hyperinflammatory condition caused by an overactive immune system — as well as a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and mortality.  It appears from current research that the majority of people who die from covid,  die from this cytokine storm, not the destruction of the lungs from the disease.  By taking appropriate supplementation, we could (according to research in this direction), cut the mortality rate in half.  It won’t protect people from catching the virus, BUT, it may reduce complications and prevent death.  It may also may explain mysteries such as why children are less likely to die – their immune system is not fully developed and they are less likely to overreact as ours do.

PLEASE NOTE: you should not take excessive doses of vitamin D, which might come with negative side effects. There is much more research to know how vitamin D could be used most effectively to protect against COVID-19 complications. Science cannot tell us the best dose, but they do know that we should have an appropriate supplementation.


If you name something, you will find it.  Before it is named you don’t know what you are looking for.  It is a bit like Poirot going into a house for a clue in a murder.  If he doesn’t have an idea that he is looking for a murder weapon will he find it?  Sometime detectives say “when I see it I will know it”.  You might find something, it could be the wrong thing which fits with a current hypothesis however, it must make the search a whole lot harder (this is a little of what is happening in Covid, right?)

An amazing step forward in extraterrestrial exploration happened this week, and you may not have noticed – Researchers,  supported in part by the NASA Astrobiology Program have proposed a new vocabulary for astrobiology research concerning the search for life beyond Earth.  By looking for “LYFE” instead of “LIFE”, they have expanded the search to include the possibility of something we haven’t seen before.

The search for life in the Universe is one of NASA’s primary goals, and a key element of this endeavor is to understand what we are looking for. Life as we know it on Earth shows a remarkable amount of diversity, from microorganisms to multicellular animals. Yet every living organism on Earth today can be traced back through history to a single common ancestor. In this way, terran life provides only one example of biology.(Not many have accepted that the Covid Virus is LYFE, and deserves to live as much as we do – we have to learn how to SHARE the planet with the virus.  We do not need to kill it, and we should protect against it killing us by strengthening our resistance). 

In painting a more general picture of what life is, the researchers developed the term “lyfe” and outlined ‘four pillars’ of the term’s definition. These four pillars (dissipation, autocatalysis, homeostasis, and learning) can be used to identify any system that could be defined as living. Based on this criteria, the authors discuss Life (e.g. life as we know it on Earth) as a single instance of the broader phenomenon dubbed Lyfe. The terran example, Life, uses a set of molecules and reactions that are specific to our planet, but are not necessarily the same ‘toolbox’ that Lyfe could employ beyond Earth.

The NASA team believes that this new classification system could be used to more clearly define the questions that shape astrobiology research, from origin of life studies to the search for habitable exoplanets. They pose the questions, 1.  are astrobiologists “developing a historical narrative to explain the origin of life (on Earth), or a universal narrative for the emergence of lyfe,” or/and 2. are they “seeking signs of life specifically, or lyfe at large across the Universe.”

This photo to the right,  is one I took of “ORBS” on an Ancient Aboriginal Site in Queensland.   I have had many such visitations, but this is the only time I was carrying a camera.

I hope these musing keep your mind busy today – goodness (Spirit)  knows what tomorrow will bring.  I am really looking forward to our first Teacher Training next week.  


“LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”  (Dr.Spock – Star Trek….)