Ever since The Australasian Yoga Institute was established we have supported those people who could not afford our course (“economical” as it is), or couldn’t afford to come to class. Jahne has personally added to the fund, in fact has made it her personal passion.  Two years ago she was persuaded by the legal eagles to make it formal, and the Foundation was born.

We  expect that this foundation will mean that the Institute will last for many years to support our teachers and students.

You can always support us by buying one of Jahne’s painting or smaller artworks.  Please subscribe to our newsletter (apply on this site) to be kept in the know about exhibitions and sales of works.

If you would like to contribute to our work, but are not in the position to take a class, or join a group,  then please log on to and assist in a concrete way by making a donation.  The GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION is the non-profit arm of The Australasian Yoga Institute.  Every donation over $75 will receive a miniature angel painting  by Jahne Hope-Williams.