Dear Yogis,

In spite of what is happening to the the world, your community, to the family or to you at the moment, actually nothing much has changed.  HAPPINESS IS STILL A CHOICE.  You may be thinking the your best life is still a long way off… but truly nothing could be further from the truth.  Your best life starts today!

You can choose to be happy today, or you can choose to be unhappy and go around all day snapping and snarling like a barracuda, it is entirely up to you. If you make the mistake of allowing your circumstances to dictate your level of happiness then please understand that you are missing out on the abundance that is your destiny.

To live life the easy way, abandon your focus on the future and live one day at a time.  TODAY.  We often are frustrated because we don’t know how things will work out tomorrow.  This uncertainty increases our stress level and creates that gut gnawing sense of insecurity.  If you continue down this path,  frustration and discouragement are guaranteed.

You can decide not to “sweat the small stuff”.  You can decide not to let the little things pile up. However, flip the coin and you really can make a decision that you are not going to make things escalate and you are not going to allow yourself to get upset.  It is not a matter of stuffing the upset down, repressing it.  It is about just not getting upset. Refusing to be perturbed. Choosing to stay happy.

When negative things happen, no matter how angry you get, no matter how much you rant and rave it is not going to change anything.  Life is flying by, don’t waste a moment of it being angry, upset or worried.  The Psalmist said “This is the day The Lord has made”.  He didn’t say “Tomorrow, after I get through this I will get happy”.  This is the day the Lord wants you to be happy.  Begin by making someone else happy.

One of my students told me they were “waiting for God to turn the situation around”.  That is cute, and I am sure they believed what they said.   It sounds faith based, but look closely…  it is not your place to wait on God to do what YOU want.   God is waiting on you.  He has given you the way, now you have to take it.   You must learn to be happy within yourself.  Be grateful for the blessings you have.  Your life may not be perfect, (whose is?) it may not have turned out as planned, and certainly covid is putting a spanner in the works however, the challenge is to be happy in spite of what is happening around you.  Learn to bless where you are planted.

Why not be happy right now? Appreciate today.  Enjoy life’s journey.  THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS.  Twenty years from now hopefully you will look back and say “That was a great time in my life”.

In this time of covid it is good to remember that our immune systems are enhanced  by happiness.  The Bible says “A cheerful mind works healing”.   One of the healthiest things you can do is smile more often. Make up your mind that no matter what happens you will smile (not just on the inside – on the outside too).Whatever the situation you are in, you are there for a reason.  I do not believe life is random, chaotic.  No matter what happens I believe there is a plan. I can’t see the big picture, and frankly I don’t want to.  I am busy enough doing what is in front of me today. I have abandoned the continuous questioning and I just get on with the day, trusting that God is in control and directing my steps (because I am not driving the bus).

Break out of your self-imposed prison, the door is unlocked.  Start looking at how you can bring happiness to others and you will automatically bring happiness to yourself.  Start with small things.  You have to start where you are, be faithful with what you have… If you give smiles, you will get smiles from others. If you are generous, and support others in their lives, in their business, God will make happen for you.

Somebody needs what you have to give. As John Bunyan said in Pilgrims Progress,  “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot pay you back”.  Learn to give yourself away, and your life will make a difference. Or as the Government says, to rescue the economy – start spending!

For me – I am happy because I am where I am supposed to be (comfortable, or uncomfortable).  When something changes, I will let you all know.  







Dear Yogis,

For years people have thought I was nuts, and one person recently called me “crazy” based only on a photograph!  But here we are.  I am going to challenge you again.

Although I am not a physician, and I have no pharmaceutical product to sell or encourage you to buy, nevertheless I am doing what any good doctor does – they make known anything they have discovered that may prove useful.

In the Bible, what Does Proverbs 5:15 Mean? “Drink thou water of thy cistern, and the floods of thy well”. ( Drink thou water from thy own cistern, and out-flowings from thy own well.)  It has been interpreted in many ways.  Solomon may have been speaking about married life, however, there is the possibility that this  is not the correct translation. My own translation is this –  You are “the House of God” – use the God given waters of your own well…

What if this interpretation and that of Chinese therapists, the yogis, and various “out there” medical institutions (most notably in Russia where there is a hospital and research institution devoted to this therapy which has been functioning for more than 100 years, and has the American interested and investing), is more accurate and it means using the ancient therapeutic technique called URINE THERAPY.  This is what it sounds like.  Drinking your own urine daily, and using the urine for massages, compresses etc to restore health when all else has failed.

Last century, between the 1860’s to 1870’s the drinking of one’s own urine was a well known cure for jaundice (a liver condition) and some doctors even had the courage to prescribe it.  Gipsys and travellers used it as part of their medical repertoire.   The wiser of the ancient Greeks used nothing but urine for the treatment of wounds, and the Eskimos I believe still do this.

Doctors tend to believe that urine is rubbish rejected by the body, could be dangerous,  and should be discarded.  Take the example of a garden.  When the plants die, you can throw them out, but those great gardeners around us,  use that refuse to make compost,  celebrating the age, smell and degradation of the refuse, and put it back on the garden. The result is a garden more lush and fruitful than it was before the application of compost.    If they are smart they do not bin it and have it taken away.

In these covid days when we have heard of multiple therapies and approaches most of which either do not work, or leave you in a bad state when they kill the virus, this is an ancient therapy and I suggest that like me, you try it.  Athletes and yogis in many countries do it. It has as many people recommending it as it has detractors.  It is inexpensive, it is easy, and it works.  A recent adherent who drinks her dog’s urine is just doing it for the notoriety (and that worked, the video went viral), but the rest of us use our own (definitely not the dog’s) because we believe it is making us resistant to disease.  So, why wouldn’t you.

Some folk drink every drop of urine they produce, but for myself, I do it homoeopathically.  I make a little vial of it homoeopathically every morning,  titrate it (vibrate it), and drink it during the day.  I rub my feet and legs with it to improve the condition of my heart, and I am going to start on some ear therapy as the scientists in Georgia (USSR) are having good results.  They have also had good results with fibromyalgia, CFS, and cataracts – however,  they have been working with phages for more than 100 years and have become experts, even at curing things we in the West deem to be almost impossible.  Even cancers.  

I think if I keep doing what I do I am building an immunity to covid.  It is worth the experiment. It certainly can’t hurt.

Don’t forget.  If you want to discuss any of the above,  your health, your future, your “stuckedness”, then  a session with me can be had via the phone, I am willing to brave a zoom appointment (although the phone is adequate – I don’t need to see you, and you can wear your pj’s), and one-on-one.   I am listening.  I am a good health/life coach with 50 years of experience.  For any of these or a tarot reading the cost is $85 for a session or an hour.  I am alive, and fit, and bursting with energy – are you? Please email to book an appointment.

God takes me the hard way so I can talk to you in ways that make sense to you.  I am willing to be uncomfortable because I know after a time of trial I  will come out comfortable.  We all need to change and to think differently.  Maybe I am your survival guide.

“Knowledge is horiztontal.  Wisdom is vertical” (Billy Graham)





Dear Yogis,

ZOOM:  I have had ONE response to zoom classes = not enough interest, but lots of interest in Teacher Training and Tarot.  So, we will begin our ZOOM experiment with Teacher Training.  I would like to start at 7pm on Monday 29th June unless something changes.  There is a charge just as if you were sitting in front of me, no difference.  I will contact each of you with regards to the charge and when that has been sorted will send you the zoom ID.

I have to report on covid today.  Some suburbs are hot spots and as a result, we are again in semi-lockdown and already the toilet paper in our local Coles is running low I am told.  It has caused the abbreviation of our Sunday Tarot Meet-Up.  I can only take 5 persons, and none from a hot-spot suburb, and all the other covid requirements re health apply. Please register if you meet requirements and would like to join me.  We need to be safe.  It is up to each of us to keep others in mind.

Covid News.

There have been LARGE outbreaks of corona virus in meat processing plants across the UK and Europe.  This is not because the virus likes a meat diet, but because of the way this particular group of workers do their jobs.  The production is loud so they have to shout thus spreading droplets far and wide.  Although they wear protective gear – usually not masks, they are close together so any infection is spread quickly, and the climate in the factories is wet, cold and dark, all things the virus likes.   PLUS the majority of workers in these factories have limited understanding of the local language, so they don’t understand the dangers (something we are finding in Australia).  NOTE: It is extremely unlikely that you could catch corona virus from meat products.  There is no evidence of this.


As you know, via the Kannabis Kitchen and Wild’nWeedy I have been the voice in the wilderness with regards to cannabinoids, however, it seems Cannabinoid medicines could be the key to combating the leading cause of death related to COVID-19 infections, (says Melbourne biotechnology company Impressions Healthcare).

The company has commenced animal studies to assess its IHL-675A drug against sepsis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (SAARDS). IHL-675A is made up of cannabidiol (CBD) and hydroxychloroquine – historically used to treat malaria.

In many cases COVID-19 causes only mild symptoms. But once patients become critical and need the use of ventilators, SAARDS is the most likely cause of death thereafter. It is also a leading cause of death associated with some lung, urinary tract, stomach and skin infections.

The initial trial involves the drug treating rodents with induced sepsis, also known as septic shock or septicaemia, which occurs when the immune system overreacts to an infection and produces excessive levels of cytokines.   “Elevated levels of those cells secrete more cytokines, and this ‘cytokine storm’ recruits even more immune cells, fuelling a cascading cycle that eventually damages the host tissues and organs,” according to Impressions Healthcare.  Childrens’ immune system being less developed does not react so aggressively which may be the reason they seem to have a natural immunity.

SAARDS is a result of the lungs being damaged by this hyperinflammatory response and is characterised by widespread inflammation of the lungs – known as pneumonia or wet lung – which hampers the body’s ability to oxygenate blood.  IHL-675A may limit the progression of infections to sepsis hyperinflammation caused by the cytokine storm feedback loop.


Apart from this report which associates cannabinoids with a possible “cure” for the sepsis associated with covid, no-one is really focussing on what we all can do to make ourselves resistant. I am using my own CBD boosted moisturisers and face cream.  It’s easy and I don’t have to think about it.    This virus is not going to magically disappear, however, we should respect it.  It needs a host, and if we become resistant it will no longer be able to invade us, or if it does,  it will result in a cold, not a full blown attack.   The responsibility is in our court.  I am not saying eating your greens will protect you entirely, but if you do take a more responsible attitude to eating a rounded and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner (and adequate supplementation of Vit.C, D3, and zinc especially) , you will be doing the absolute best thing you can for your family (and yourself).

I am keeping in mind and implementing for myself the Chinese recommendations.  They are doing the washing and sanitising, they are also doing the salt gargle when they come in after work or being with others.

Keep warm, keep well (and laugh often – it boosts the immune system.  Maybe that is why children are more immune to the virus, they laugh a lot).)