When I started teaching yoga teachers on line in the early 1970’s I was aware that I was breaking new ground in Australia.  Back then it was all pens, paper and post – a word processor was big deal.  I did not know that Ramacharaka taught a distance education yoga course in India in 1904.  Amazing.  Here we are in 2018, and we are still going.  We have our detractors (as always), we have our champions – hundreds and hundreds – and we plan to be around a long time, going our own way.

We were the first to teach anatomy and physiology to our trainee teachers, and when we structured our course on a module by module basis to ease our trainees into the “teacher mindset” we were (and still are ) criticised for not confirming to the government way of teaching.  But then, our trainees can go out and teach BEFORE they graduate, and the government graduates are barely able to teach at the end of their mostly “quickie” courses having a meagre grasp on the philosophy, the foundations of yoga which are at the core of our teaching.  Plus we can adjust your course around your lifestyle (AND INCOME).

Ours is not an easy “tick this box” style of course.  It will never be.  We focus on philosophy and always have.  Yoga from our point of view and classically taught,  is the joining of the mind, the body and the spirit.  It is not a fitness regime, and we do not teach it in this way.  If you want to teach a fitness regime you can from this course, but you will be missing the most satisfying aspect – changing a person literally from the ground up.  Changing the world, one person at a time.

We teach the foundations.  When you complete this course, you will be able to teach any style you want (and it will change as you age and change), anywhere in the world.  It is a career, a lifestyle – not just a job.  Embrace it – it has chosen you.

You NOW have two ways to learn.  If you live out of range of the Studio and can’t attend classes, then you can do the class totally on-line.  But, if you learn best in a classroom situation, than we are starting up our regular STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING CLASSES.  We will still have distance as a part of our Studio course so we can adjust to your busy lifestyle, and still finish “on time-on budget”!



If you would like to contribute to our work, but are not in the position to take a class, or join a group,  then please log on to www.foundation.moonfruit.com and assist in a concrete way by making a donation.  The GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION is the non-profit arm of The Australasian Yoga Institute.  Every donation over $75 will receive a miniature angel painting  by Jahne Hope-Williams.