Dear Yogis,

This morning my mind is on the TAROT.  The card I drew that has the message for everyone today is THE SUN – card number 19.  When we pull this card, we are filled with the life giving force of the sun.

No matter how things look, there is joy everywhere in your life.  Everything will be right no matter what is being played out around you.  This does not mean life is without care or responsibility, but it does mean that if we live our lives in a yogic way and look for the good,  for life in all things, we will find it.  The light of the sun will bring clarity to any situation.  Drawing this card means a renewal of energy. Click on “SUN”  to see the card from our REVELATION TAROT DECK (available on


For the artists, this card asks you to explore new avenues of creativity… maybe a project you have had on the back burner.  Always facing a new canvas or a new work takes confidence and a certain amount of recklessness and risk.  Do it!  You have the power.  Reach in and claim it.

This card asks us to reveal the inner child.  To have fun.  The sun asks you to accept you are a unique and beautiful being.

Show your gratitude through good works and prayer; remember your obligations to others.   Follow this and things will begin to go your way even though it may not look that way this minute.  Do not expect great wealth, this card is not about that.

Questions you may like to ask:

Who/what is blocking my power?

What/who is helping and healing me?

How do I express my uniqueness?

How can I develop my creativity?

Who am I in the world? (this is a good general meditation – drill down into the question until there is only one thing left… this may take some days of meditation practice but is a useful even though it is hard).

REFLECTIONS:  Sometimes the most wondrous things happen without an apparent reason.  They are a sign of Grace. Gifts from heaven, a blessing.  Don’t try and work out why or how these things have come into being… just be thankful.  It is hard for us to believe but you do not have to EARN everything.  Some things arrive unbidden, gifts, the bounty of heaven.

Have a lovely day.



Dear Yogis,

This covid experience experience is visiting us/me as a teacher,  and I am learning many things.   One of the things I have learned is that without you my life has less meaning.  I love teaching you, doing these newsletters, and next week, speaking to you via ZOOM. Something I never thought I would do. It is my challenge, and I have a few.

If I went to my monastery in this time I could fill my days with meditation, and spiritual routine dependent on no-one. I would have nothing to achieve, nothing except the routine to comply with. I could feel good because I would receive validation just for being there, just for making that choice. But I have not escaped to there, am not there;  like you – I am here.  I could even escape at home, and maybe you are doing it.

I know the planetary reasons I feel like I feel, I know about the retrograde (which will last a few months), and the tarot cards. I like finding reasons for how I feel…  My advice to self – turn around, look at the spiritual.  Because I am me, I am not giving up on what God has put in my heart. He is waiting for me to look again, and not settle for what appears to be.  I am waiting for our clouds to turn into rain, and new plants.  I am waiting for new ideas to grow into fruitful paths.

In the TOWER, the 16th card in my Tarot pack, I learn that there is an obstacle, a tiring one.  I could start to climb and give up, I could just curl into a ball and wait things out in which case nothing would change and things would get dark.  Or, I could climb down the ladder and run away, in which case I would learn nothing and once again, nothing would change, except I would have a feeling of failure. No matter what other choices I made I would know there was a Tower I did not climb, an opportunity I did not take.   The challenge, the Tower –  and no matter how far I ran, I would know I had given up.   Now is the time to climb the tower no matter the obstacles, no matter your imaginings…. plant good seeds, nurture them and watch them grow.

You have to have a made up mind and decide that abundance is on the way, look again and do what it takes.  Like me, you may be climbing today.  Have faith that you will have a sign of what God is doing in your life.  You will look at the world from the top of the tower.  Look again.  When you keep looking up,  keep climbing no matter the obstacles, you will be able to see what is your destiny.  Look up again.  There is a new beginning.  You wouldn’t be alive if there wasn’t something fantastic up ahead of you.

If you keep the faith, if you keep climbing your particular tower, doors will open, opportunity will track you down.  That stirring is new life.  Keep your faith stirred up, live with expectancy.  Your difficulties are set-ups, not set-backs.  No matter how things look in the physical,  rest in the Spirit.  You will still get what you have been promised.   You would not have the dream if there wasn’t a way for it to come to pass.  

Please let me into your world.  If you are interested in zoom yoga classes, weekly zoom teacher training sessions (most suitable for those who are struggling with the course), and zoom tarot and tarot training sessions…. please email me at and I will give you the password and the code required. If you are not confident in this new technology – well, neither am I.  Let us learn together.

 I can’t give you what you want if I don’t know what it is you want.  EMAIL me.


Have a lovely day, no matter the weather, no matter the height of the tower.



Dear Yogis,

NOTES FOR TODAY:I am never sure whether to put these in the front or at the end.

YOGA CLASSES: please read “classes” above, and bring all your props, and pre-pay. ZOOM – Four classes PER WEEK.  Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays.

TAROT: The last training class today (Saturday) at 2pm.  Bookings taken for the next class. I will be trying zoom consults and trainings starting the 1th July.

TEA AND TAROT  “Afternoon Tea – Meet-up”, At the studio, 2pm to 4pm Sunday 28th June.  Please email an RSVP Everyone welcome.  Readings, decks, paintings, posters, pendulums….

We have been walking around and around the hard things, the yoga basics, but starting today we are going to jump in.


“O descendent of Bharata, he who dwells on the the body can never be slain.  Therefore we need not grieve for any living thing”. (Bhagavad-Gita 2.30)

The first step is to understand that you are not your body.  In the verse above the “he who dwells in the body” is not talking about you.  It is not a matter of just repeating “I am not this body” but actually realising it.  Although we are not these bodies, these vehicles,  but are pure consciousness, somehow over time we have become identified within this physical identity.

Some scholars say that this identification with the body can be cured by abstaining from all action.  Buddha also maintained that if we somehow separate ourselves from the material,  the cause of suffering will be removed. In today’s terms – If you were being pursued by the ATO, would it remove your tax debt if you destroyed all your material possessions.  I don’t think so.  It would however make it more difficult for you to meet the remaining obligations, but now you would have destroyed the vehicle through which this could be achieved.

The Bhagavad-Gita indicates that the body is not everything.  There is more.  Beyond the complex material elements there is the spirit, and the symptom of that spirit is consciousness.  We know that a body without consciousness is a dead body.  What is this energy we call consciousness? Consciousness is the energy of the soul and proves that the soul is present.  When the body breaks down and this energy called consciousness leaves the body, there is no possibility of our replacing a broken part and thereby reviving the body, and achieving our destiny…  The soul energy has gone.  There is no possibility of re-animating the body after the soul has left.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Krishna points out that all our miseries are caused by false identification with the body.   It is the spirit spark of the soul which motivates us into great feats of creation. We try to attain eternity, knowledge and bliss by subjugating our imperfect physical vehicle, however to progress to our goals we must realise  that we are being blocked by the physical.  Perhaps we are floundering in a place of desire and attachment, allowing the  senses to drag us this way and that.  For success, for peace and contentment, we must learn to master the body, not deny it.  We must be masters and not servants.

Tantra USES the energy of desire.  Instead of seeing pleasure and desire as things to be avoided at all costs, TANTRA recognises the powerful energy aroused by our desires,  to be an indispensable resource for our spiritual path.  Tantra seeks to transform every experience no matter how un-religious it may appear – into the path of fulfilment.  Because our present life is so inseparably linked with desire, instead of denying this fact, instead of living in denial,  we must USE desire’s tremendous energy if we wish to transform our life into something transcendental.