Dear Yogis,

FRIDAY (TODAY) 11am YOGA CAFE.   5.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA    6.45 FREE Pendulum Training Session, we will be learning how to link with our guides.

SUNDAY: 10am TEACHER TRAINING.  The Bhagavadgita.


Several of you have asked me about Guides and Spirits, and how to communicate.  We have been touching on this in our Friday and Saturday /Pendulum tarot classes.  In case you missed… here is my receipe (you can adjust to suit your way of doing things – there is no “RIGHT WAY” just your way!)

There is Clairvoyance (seeing),  Clairtangence/psychometry (touching),   Clairgustance (tasting), Clairsentience (feeling),
Clairscent/Clairodoance (smelling) and Clairempathy etc etc .   These are all different senses used to to communicate with spirits. While some people have a natural affinity for one or several, they can all be strengthened by anyone with practice.

After 50 years of doing yoga and meditation, My intuition is quite refined.  I disregard it at my peril.  I advise you to go with your instincts/senses and don’t discount anything.

I do have favourite tools which I make, teach and use.

Spirit boards or ouija
Pendulums with a board (yes, no, maybe, or even using a pendulum over a spirit board)
Playing cards and  tarot cards.

Many of you will have spirit communication spreads, and that’s great, but an even simpler way and more beginner friendly way is asking yes/no questions and using cartomancy.

Playing Card Deck (take out the jokers)
♠️ spades- yes  ♦️diamonds- no   ♣️clubs- maybe/reframe the question  ♥️hearts- I don’t know

Tarot Cards
Major arcana: interpret as you see fit. They always seem very clear to me.  Archetypes, people, major life events etc


When I have time, and feel like a RITUAL.. this is how I progress.
🕯Grab a candle and pop your candle in a glass.  Makes it easy to move, catches drips, and stops it blowing out.
🕯Trace or draw a septagram (seven pointed star, known for helping control spirits/keep things from getting out of hand, also good for limiting the interaction/influence to just that area) on the space you’ll be working/putting your tools.  I usually use my Pendulum board which have many good references/dieties built into them.
🕯Sit, breathe,  center and ground yourself.  You are working from the good, so no need to shield. (and you have your pendulum board) You can say a mantra or a prayer if you like to do this – I do.
🕯Light the candle and either vocally or internally invite a specific spirit or guide, just reach out and see who’s there.  If you are new to this you can use your PENDULUM BOARD, and determine alphabetically who you are speaking to.
🕯If you are using the cards… ask a question, draw a card, and keep going. This takes practise, but my new board will help you.  It has many options already in a spread waiting for you.  Don’t discount anything you may feel, hear or see in your minds eye.   For pendulum, the easiest of all.  Use the alphabet to discover who is talking, and then just ask yes/no questions until you learn the “language of the pendulum”.
🕯Use whatever method until either the spirit leaves or you’re done with the interaction. Then blow out the candle.**
🕯GOODBYE.  If you feel the need (I don’t)  you can cleanse the space, and cleanse your tool as well (sprinkling a little salt is perfect and simple)

Ta-Da!!! you’re a spirit worker.

Some comments…
*Don’t be afraid.  The lights are on, music may be playing, the incense fills the air.   This is not a television horror story… it is your space, decide beforehand the rules, and boundaries…   If you are a newbie to this, I highly suggest a small plan,   Examples: “Only human spirits and friends may come into this space. No lies can be spoken in this time.” (but it’s only fair if you do the same)
*Treat your Spirit Guest like a guest in your home – if in the session you make a promise to do something, or return at a certain time – DO IT.  It is important.  No-one like to be “stood-up”, even spirit.
*You do not have to say thank you. However, beginning the session with “welcome” and ending with “farewell/goodbye” (this is on my Pendulum board because sometimes I am so excited I forget.   Be polite.   If it’s a family member, or ancestral spirit, I have no problem saying thank you.

If you are seeking specific information or Information about your future, you’re better off interacting with an ancestral spirit or family member who you have a connection to.  Some people on the other side may just be excited to speak with you – it doesn’t mean they are the right person to speak to in order to get the answers you are looking for.

What if nothing happens?  Sometimes all is quiet.  Make your space as welcoming as possible, you are inviting a friend to join you. Light incense, burn some marigolds and mugwort etc.  Don’t be worried or feel you have failed.  They are not in the mood.  Try again later.

What if everything happens?  Those on the other side sometimes get a bit excited.  That’s OK, they can.  If things get hectic, don’t freak out and don’t just leave the space. Say goodbye, Explain why you are leaving and blow out the candle.  If you are worried even after you leave the space – take a shower, turn on the lights and CLEANSE YOUR TOOLS (pendulum board, pendulum, crystals…). The tool is a conduit, and leaving it open is not saying goodbye completely.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  If you have more, please email me.


Dear Yogis,

TUESDAY: 7.30 to 9pm THE SUTRAS (The beginning of a journey).

CONSULTATIONS:  Be aware that I am available for health/personal/business consults on zoom or email.  Or private yoga philosophy or yoga sessions.  Please email me to chat or book  $85 for a session which is about an hour.

PENDULUM: NEW CHARTS, NEW COURSES ON THE WAY.  What if you approached PENDULUM WORK and used this and your tarot as a DIVINE VOICE that can direct you to a life of MIRACULOUS outcomes.  It is a very powerful question and inspired me and my students/diviners all over the world to contemplate the Divine whilst working with THE REVELATION TAROT and their pendulums and boards.  Their results have been astounding.  JOIN US.

SUNDAY TEACHER TRAINING: Sunday 10am We opened the session with words from The Gospel According to Mary Magdalen.  The students were amazed how close these words are to the Bhagavadgita, Vedic Teachings and yoga.  The Chakras, The Yamas, Illusion, Impermanence – all there. Why did you miss it?  Next week we will probably look at The Gita via the Upanishads.  But who knows?  Be there.

THE SUTRAS: Tuesdays 7.30 to 9pm.  Only one day left before we start our journey into the Sutras.  One of the students asked me am I going to do more than one per session.  Answer – there are 195 Sutras, we are not doing 195 Tuesdays.  I will try and cover all the concepts, and delve into the sutras that are more simple philosophically (none of them are simplistic – but some may be more simple than others), and appear to be more accessible and practical.

To book to either of these.  Email me to let me know you are coming (so I can send you the ZOOM ID), go to the HOME page of the web site look on the list and decide which classes you want to come to.  To pay, click on DONATE or PAY VIA PAYPAL 


I don’t often speak about movies, but I totally enjoy really good, deep movies – although when I feel like a romp,  I appreciate Cher and Bob Hoskins in MERMAID or Cher and Christina Aguillera in BURLESQUE…

What prompted this is two movies.  THE WHITE CROW (Foxtel 401 or +421 on demand,  or YOU TUBE) which is the story of Rudolph Nureyev (Google him if you don’t recall the name!)  and his defection to the West,  directed and starring Ralph Fiennes.  This is an amazing movie with quite a lot of ballet. Ralph plays an amazing part of Pushkin the Ballet master.  He is still, controlled but underneath you can sense the perfection of thought, and understanding of the body melded with spirit.  A man who does without doing – very Zen.  

This is a move that moves from artistic introspection to stunning ballet, and  then to the tense situation which actually occurred as Nureyev defected and the Russians tried to stop the process. This film helps us to understand how helpless one can feel when being threatened by a Government with great power, Russia at that time, and China today.. How when faced with this negative power (I was going to say evil) you have to cut family ties, and not even think of what may happen to them,  believing they would want what is best for you no matter the cost.  Having good friends in high places is always useful – and when it counted Rudi did.

The second movie is LARS AND THE REAL GIRL.  (I emailed those students I thought might be interested – Foxtel 409 on demand or YOUTUBE).  This movie is worth recording.  Lars is a young man (probably on the spectrum), who finds it impossible to make female friends but longs to.  He lives in a very small community in the Arctic (or that’s how it seems, lots of snow, very cold).  To solve this girl problem he purchases a full size sex type doll and pretends she is real, not just in private but as he lives and works in the town. He takes her to dinner parties, to the doctor when “she isn’t feeling well” and pushes her around to the supermarket in a wheel chair. The townspeople love Lars and respond to this dilemma by playing along, and allowing him to resolve his problem in a very loving way.  There is a beautiful resolution which I won’t retell because it will spoil the movie.

EVERYONE, go to the Home Page to discover what is happening this week.  I will put out a newsletter when I can.. it may not be every day.  Anyone who thinks I have more hours in the day than they do (as Dianna Vreeland said) “is insane”. HOWEVER,  I use what free time I do have, to be with you…..



Dear Yogis,

ZOOM: Email me to join a class
TUESDAY: 7.30pm YOGA LECTURES.  The Chakras..

THE STORE:  I have put all of my PENDULUM BOARDS on  They are all there, and all inclusive of postage.  I will be putting up some unusual bone pendants soon.

I hope you make room for our next classes on ZOOM.  Not just pop-in times, but regular, committed classes.  Just because you are not in the studio does not mean it is not important.  It is, and it can be just as “committed”, but not if you don’t take it seriously.

Our Saturday TAROT MAKING classes are inspirational.  Each of the students is doing their own thing within the scope of the class.  ZEN DOODLING to make Pendulum Boards, Tarot cards, Affirmation cards, paintings, miniatures and even a journal.

The classes can help you to produce anything that you want.  If you have got art materials in your cupboards you don’t know how to use properly – I can teach you.  Make your doodles into greeting cards, pendulum boards, and books.


I love painting because it requires solitude, and I know enough about myself to realise I function best when I alternate between periods of intense activity and periods of comparison solitude. When I understand this about myself I can order my life accordingly.  After too much time on the computer I begin to burn out.   I notice that I burn out inwardly before I burn out outwardly.  Painting helps me ground myself.  Creativity stops me from becoming a frantic bundle of hollow energy, busy, busy, busy but devoid of life.

It is a meditation.  We can have a holy silence and when we nature it, miracles occur. It is wonderful, this resting in “the God of Creation”, this stilling of activity, “seeking first His Kingdom”.  That is why doing art on the computer holds no attraction for me… it is an interface between me and God when actual painting is not.  Painting gets me closer to God, closer to the Holy Silence.

At all times, but especially in the beginning we need to find a specific time and place to nurture silence.  Painting, creativity gives me this.

Some people find the silences in the early morning, others quiet themselves best in the deep quiet of the night.  Whatever time we choose, we must have time to still the churning, to quiet the restlessness, to meditate on God.  Painting doesn’t replace meditation, it is another form of meditation, and I need both.  

We all worry about living beyond our means financially; why do it emotionally.  We must learn our emotional limits and respect them. We are too busy only because we want to be too busy.  We could cut out a great deal of our activity and not seriously effect our productivity.  Perhaps not just absorbing the information that flies towards us every minute, but thinking about its significance. Thinking is the hardest work we can do, and among the most important.

One of the most profound effect of inward simplicity is the rise of an amazing spirit of contentment.