Good morning Yogis,

Although I don’t send out newsletters over the weekend now Covid is easing off, I felt urged to send one today…  The Pendulum session always breaks new ground and we are working with the spirits of Ancient Egypt at present.

Years ago I was warned not to go to Egypt as I probably would not come back – I would recognise my home and stay.  I was especially warned not to enter the pyramids as Iwould find it too disturbing.

As I have been learning Arabic, eating and cooking Middle Eastern food, and reading about Initiation, it occurs to me that although I have not gone to Egypt at this time,  I am travelling through time in a different way. The result is the same –  I may not come back!

The main reason for this newsletter is that I wanted to let you know that these spirits and my guides have said that it is time that I started working with them doing OMM ENERGY WORK.  Channelling their energy to clear blocked souls.  So, if you are stuck, blocked, tired, anxious, suppressed, or feel that there is something missing,  this could be what you are looking for – I would love to see you. Let’s work with the Guides to move you into a new dimension of your being. 

As spirit works much faster  than a normal therapist I have been told to suggest a donation of $50 per session would be adequate.  The fabulous medium Edgar Cayce charged $20 and that was at the turn of the century, so $50 sits well with me…

I would love to see you.  Make an appointment by emailing your interest – Yes, weekends are just fine. I only have Thursdays off.  Email