The Australasian Yoga Institute is Australia’s premier Home Study Yoga Teacher Training Academy. The Institute was formed in 1976, and still offers  a graduated program of learning.

When you graduate from our premier course (RYTA200/YA350), you can move on to the 500 hour course, eventually reaching the MASTER OF YOGA certification. When you graduate (at any RYTA level)  you will be able to  teach anywhere in the world, and our graduates do.  They can be employed on luxury yachts, and in spas around the world in places like Monaco, in Europe and nationally of course.

There is no need to register anywhere else when you register with us. Our registration is recognised by insurance companies, and there is no health card rebates anymore which was a driver… HOWEVER,   If you have studied with us, then we are your lineage reaching right back through the Gita Tradition through the Late Margrit Segesman and further back through her Masters and teachers in India.  We didn’t just EMERGE.  We have a lineage and traditions.

We were one of the FIRST distance education schools IN AUSTRALIA and we registered our students because there was nowhere else to go.  Now there is hundreds of schools, but they don’t have a long history of teaching.

If you are looking for quality, if you are looking for a school with history…then, you are looking for us.

Even if you didn’t train with us, you may be able to Register.  We are the best. Apply today by email me personally at


The Australasian Yoga institute is home to THE GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION.  You contribute through your Community Service Hours.  Thought this as a school we have assisted people who would never have had the opportunity to learn yoga.  We also offer scholarships.  Read the newsletters to stay up to date.


Every week to prepare for ZOOM classes, newsletter, blog and courses the cat and I  read a number of books, plus many on-line pieces read per day, about 5 hours writing PER DAY, update the site, do the marketing and email answering, and I publish 7 times per week and more.

PLEASE TAKE ME OUT TO COFFEE AND CAKE:  We are still managing to do our daily newsletter, take on more classes, and still do our lectures at a very economical price – but they don’t do themselves.  I do them.  I don’t have a  “staff” and in these “interesting” times it is difficult.  If now and again you can shout me to the equivalent of a cup of coffee and a cake, pop the equivalent amount in our “DONATE” box on the front page of our web site below.. it would be hugely appreciated.


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START NOW with a small monthly amount or give a ONE-TIME DONATION:   You can also become a Spontaneous Supporter with a one-time donation in any amount



Learn yoga from a Master.   Jahne Hope-Williams the Director and the Founder of The Australasian Yoga Institute, has been teaching yoga and yoga teachers for more than 50 years.  She personally teaches Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Restorative Yoga Therapy (beginners welcome).  We have been teaching yoga teachers by DISTANCE EDUCATION in Australia and around the globe since 1976.


*Tuesdays 7.30 to 9pm.  THE ZOOM HYPERMOBILITY LECTURES. $35 for 3.  This coming Tuesday is the last in our series.  The next series will follow from 18th25th   August, and 1st September.

*Saturdays 2pm to 4pm ZOOM TAROT TRAINING.  Join the course (see the menu on the web site landing page “tarot”).   Also available $50 to join in for three 2 hour refresher sessions once you have completed the course and received your tarot cards which are included in the course cost.

*Sundays (every second Sunday 10am starting 16th August) ZOOM TEACHER TRAINING. $20 per session.  This used to be monthly at 2pm, but because of overseas students joining in, we had to change the time and everyone asked for more.

ZOOM RESTORATIVE YOGA SESSIONS These will start NEXT WEEK (from the 10th August)
If you have a class pass you can use this, otherwise it is by the month.  Based on the current pass holders $75 per month (or 4 mixed classes)

GENTLE RESTORATIVE (no weights) Wednesday 12.30, and Saturday 12.30

HATHA RESTORATIVE YOGA WITH WEIGHTS AND STRAPS (from the 10th August)  Mondays at 1pm, Wednesdays 5.30 and Friday at 5.30 (price as per Restorative Yoga Session above).

PROPS:  Bring a strap and weights or cans of dog food to Yoga with weights and straps.  Cushions, and blocks to Restorative and a blanket to either.

If you are interested in any of these.  Please email me at, and I will give you the Direct Debit number, log you into the class, and give you the zoom link.







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