The Australasian Yoga Institute is Australia’s premier Home Study Yoga Teacher Training Academy. The Institute was formed in 1976, and still offers  a graduated program of learning.

When you graduate from our premier course (RYTA200/YA350), you can move on to the 500 hour course, eventually reaching the MASTER OF YOGA certification. When you graduate (at any RYTA level)  you will be able to  teach anywhere in the world, and our graduates do.  They can be employed on luxury yachts, and in spas around the world in places like Monaco, in Europe and nationally of course.

There is no need to register anywhere else when you register with us. Our registration is recognised by insurance companies. If you have studied with us, then we are your lineage reaching right back through the Gita Tradition. We have a lineage and traditions.

Even if you didn’t train with us, you may be able to Register.  We are the best. Apply today by email me personally at

The Australasian Yoga institute is home to THE GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION.

You contribute through your Community Service Hours.  Thought this as a school we have assisted people who would never have had the opportunity to learn yoga.  We also offer scholarships.  Read the newsletters to stay up to date.

DONATING = LOVING: Every week to prepare for ZOOM classes, newsletter, blog and courses the cat and I  read a number of books, plus many on-line pieces read per day, about 5 hours writing PER DAY, update the site, do the marketing and email answering, and I publish 7 times per week and more.

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All are welcome.
 You can be a member of the school, you can be a casual yogi..all you need to be is interested.  Please email me at for your Zoom ID after PayPal has sent me the receipt for your payment.  Just click on Donate or “PAY VIA PAYPAL” below and follow the prompts.  You can use debit/credit or your PP account number.   Make sure you put your name and the reason for the payment.


TUESDAYS – 7.30 to 9pm. Yoga lectures. $35 for the series of three.
From the 20th October we will be studying THE SUTRAS.  This will take us up to the Christmas Break (maybe beyond).  We shall have to start to see the pace.  We will cover 51 key concepts.


SATURDAYS 2pm to 4pm $50 for three.  ZOOM – TAROT TRAINING – MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT DECK.  A wonderful class.  This is not just about cutting and pasting.  It is about philosophy, creating a theme and a message, getting ready to print and market the cards.  You don’t have to want to be commercial, but even if you are doing them as gifts for friends and family you will need to know the pitfalls and efficiencies. ALSO – we have been exploring ZEN DOODLES.

We would love to see you at any or all sessions.
Please come along, and please bring an open mind – it really is the only requirement.


I have been asked to organise a new PPT class, and now we can do it on ZOOM, plus home study, plus studio time and mentoring,  what a great idea!  If you want to add to your PPT training this us an update, if you want to massage professionally, if you are interested in energy medicine,   then this course will suit you.

Please email me and I will send you the details.




We have been teaching yoga teachers by DISTANCE EDUCATION in Australia and around the globe since 1976.  Teaching yoga via zoom is part of this training.  If you are training with us, then these are part of your contact hour requirement.

PRICE: to finish any confusion…Use the balance of your Studio class pass .. then EVERYONE at the same level.  $88 for 4 classes (which is what I was charging in 2006!)

*Mondays 1pm STUDIO RESTORATIVE YOGA (Class full)  

*Tuesdays 7.30 to 9pm.  THE ZOOM yoga philosophy SUTRA LECTURES. $35 for 3.

*Wednesdays 12.30 ZOOM Gentle Restorative, 5.30 STUDIO Gentle Restorative.(CLASS FULL)

*Saturdays:  12.30 ZOOM Restorative (with Weights and Straps optional).


PROPS:  Bring a strap and weights or cans of dog food to your zoom or STUDIO Yoga with weights and straps (until end of Covid Restrictions).  Cushions, and blocks to Restorative and a blanket to either/both.  You don’t have to use weights straps or professional props in any of these classes.  we make it up as we go along…we adapt to YOU.

SUNDAYS: TEACHER TRAINING 10am $20 per session (with a free repeat the following Sunday morning ONLY if you have paid for the previous Sunday).  You don’t have to be a teacher to join us, but you will need a little understanding of yoga, zen or the bible.

At the moment the topic is related to UNDERSTANDING THE BHAGAVADGITA.  The next topic in this series is about getting closer to the idea of “GOD” which puts a lot of people right off right away.  Who is Krishna, is He God, if He is God what does this mean to us…? What does the Bible say?


If you are interested in any of these.  Please email me at,  I will log you into the class, and give you the zoom link.

You can pay using the “DONATE” or “PAY VIA PAYPAL” button below, and pay the required amount using debit/credit or PayPal account.  PayPal will send me a receipt.  It is easy.

Or you can Direct Debit and scan and send the receipt to me to be accepted into the class of your choice.







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