The Australasian Yoga Institute is Australia’s premier Home Study Yoga Teacher Training Academy. The Institute was formed in 1976, and still offers  a graduated program of learning.

When you graduate from our premier course (RYTA200/YA350), you can move on to the 500 hour course, eventually reaching the MASTER OF YOGA certification. When you graduate (at any RYTA level)  you will be able to  teach anywhere in the world, and our graduates do.  They can be employed on luxury yachts, and in spas around the world in places like Monaco, in Europe and nationally of course.

Even if you didn’t train with us, you may be able to Register.  We are the best. Apply today.

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The Australasian Yoga institute is home to THE GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION.  Our students have contributed hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours and donations to their communities, and we have now opened it up to YOU.

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Learn yoga from a Master. Jahne Hope-Williams the Director and the Founder of The Australasian Yoga Institute, has been teaching yoga and yoga teachers for more than 50 years.  She personally teaches Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Restorative Yoga Therapy (beginners welcome) and Meditation – a “Course in Happiness”.  We have been teaching yoga teachers by DISTANCE EDUCATION in Australia and around the globe since 1976.

ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM.  We need to keep up with what is happening, and Zoom is the way to go.  We are going to be doing a ZOOM RESTORATIVE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING,  ZOOM RESTORATIVE CLASSES, and ZOOM TAROT READINGS AND TRAINING.  All this will happen in the next month.   Sing up for the newsletter so that you can be kept in the loop.


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