Dear Yogis,

Because covid cases are being discovered every day, and this I believe will continuously be the case for the next couple of years, I am wearing a face mask.  Maybe for the next 2 years I would think if one can believe “New Scientist”.   Unless like Southhampton in England we get a Government Minister is willing to test the whole Shire. Test EVERYONE in the Shire.  By the way, places which have instigated this have discovered the early return to work outweighs the initial cost of lockdowns…

Here is the facemask and I am making them for my clients and maybe for you.  I also have the size and design for guys and one for children.  In Australia they are $15 each and postage is included.  Doesn’t matter the size, the work required for each is the same. In fact the smaller they are the fiddlier they are.   I can also bead them for an extra $5 (like the one shown).  When I go out I get lots of lovely comments about the facemask. Who would bother with boring blue…? Not me!!! For Trumpites I am going to make a black one.  To order yours email me and I can organise DD and delivery.

These Beautiful little implements to the right…. have been long time residents in my cutlery drawer, and (unsuccessfully) lusted after by my daughter-in-law.  I didn’t part with mine, but I have found some to introduce to you.  *The big tea-infuser has an unusual “injector” mechanism to accept and release the used tea leaves. *The straw like implements are just that. Metal straws/spoons.  Once you have used them you will carry one with you.  *The White bags are re-usable, compostable tea bags.  Fill them with your favourite leaves from your garden or bench top.  Use the bags, wash them and then put them in the compost.

TEA INFUSER $15 + $2.50 post,  METAL STRAW $8.50 each + $2.50 post and TEA BAGS $7.50 for 15 tea bags postage free. THE FACE MASKS $15 or $20 beaded (let me know if it is for female, male, child so that I can choose a suitable fabric) .   As above, email me at to pay via DD and I will organise delivery. We will soon have a new shop on our web site and PayPal available.

THE URINE THERAPY:  I have had feed back, and I hope that you all don’t find the waste from your own body repulsive, unless of course it is.  My urine, I hasten to add, is sparkly clear.  It is no hardship to take homoeopathically although I would not like to drink gallons of it, but I could.  It does not take a special sort of person. Just a curious one.  I use it in every which way – only because I can feel a difference.  My motto with everything is this “if it doesn’t work don’t do it”.  But you have to give something like this a trial run before you know if it works or not, and before you can discard the idea.

CBD AND COVID. Last year I devoted quite a lot of time to discovering more about the endocannabinoid system… and will continue to do so.  And so should you.

Coronavirus Causes Cannabis Demand Surge.   COVID-19 hasn’t just forced researchers to look for novel ways to treat the virus, but also prompted consumers to increase their demand for cannabis, especially on the dark web. A UN  report suggests that a lack of access to black market dealers has led to an increase of online sales through the darknet.

According to researchers, some high-CBD strains “down-regulate serine protease TMPRSS2, another critical protein required for SARS-CoV2 entry into host cells.” Further research is required to determine a strain’s effects on a larger scale. Researchers believe extracts could be used to develop inhalants, mouthwash, and throat gargle products for clinical and at-home use.

Igor Kovalchuck said, “Imagine a cell is a large building. Cannabinoids reduce the number of doors in the building by approximately 70 percent, which means that access is severely limited. So you have a better likelihood of fighting with [COVID-19].”

The pair of researchers focused on marijuana strains with high CBD because they believe people will be able to handle higher doses without experiencing the psychoactive and impairing effects of THC. CBD elicits more calm and clear-headed effects.

Worldwide Cannabis Research.  Canada isn’t the only place cannabis research is being performed to determine cannabis’s effects against the novel coronavirus. Israeli researchers have started clinical trials of CBD as a treatment to repair cells damaged by COVID-19.

Researchers hope to deliver the CBD-loaded exosomes via inhalation, which in turn could produce anti-inflammatory effects in the infected lungs. Another Israeli study aims to use CBD along with corticosteroids to treat those with COVID-19. A preliminary study on 10 patients with coronavirus is underway.

In Philadelphia, FSD Pharma has been approved to begin a clinical trial to test the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on the treatment of COVID-19. FSD plans to use micro PEA, an anti-inflammatory nutraceutical used to treat influenza and the common cold, to treat coronavirus.   Additionally, a marijuana research company called Cannasoul Analytics is formulating a medication taken through direct inhalation intended to suppress damaging immune responses without impairing immune function.

Cannabis in all its forms (especially CBD) is becoming recognised as a very interesting and accessible solution to the long term effects of covid.  It is a route that is available worldwide.. but not readily available in Australia due to the continued criminalisation of CBD/cannabis.  We need to decriminalise cannabis at the very least so that we can study the endocannabinoid system in the body and  cannabis in all its forms.  This understanding is necessary in order to prescribe it effectively..

Here at the Studio we hold regular information sessions on the Endocannabinoid system  and  using and cooking with hemp oil, seeds and meal (we can all start there).  Our books, and etc can be found on  

Cooking? try “KANANBIS KITCHEN” and “The CerebroSpinalFluid” on etsy.   I think that understanding the endocannabinoid system  is VERY important.  We work with it every Restorative Yoga Session we do, and we do lots.  It is THAT important.

You can make a difference… speak to your local MP.  Impress on him/her the urgency of this situation (if they don’t realise it already).










Dear Yogis,

ZOOM:  I have had ONE response to zoom classes = not enough interest, but lots of interest in Teacher Training and Tarot.  So, we will begin our ZOOM experiment with Teacher Training.  I would like to start at 7pm on Monday 29th June unless something changes.  There is a charge just as if you were sitting in front of me, no difference.  I will contact each of you with regards to the charge and when that has been sorted will send you the zoom ID.

I have to report on covid today.  Some suburbs are hot spots and as a result, we are again in semi-lockdown and already the toilet paper in our local Coles is running low I am told.  It has caused the abbreviation of our Sunday Tarot Meet-Up.  I can only take 5 persons, and none from a hot-spot suburb, and all the other covid requirements re health apply. Please register if you meet requirements and would like to join me.  We need to be safe.  It is up to each of us to keep others in mind.

Covid News.

There have been LARGE outbreaks of corona virus in meat processing plants across the UK and Europe.  This is not because the virus likes a meat diet, but because of the way this particular group of workers do their jobs.  The production is loud so they have to shout thus spreading droplets far and wide.  Although they wear protective gear – usually not masks, they are close together so any infection is spread quickly, and the climate in the factories is wet, cold and dark, all things the virus likes.   PLUS the majority of workers in these factories have limited understanding of the local language, so they don’t understand the dangers (something we are finding in Australia).  NOTE: It is extremely unlikely that you could catch corona virus from meat products.  There is no evidence of this.


As you know, via the Kannabis Kitchen and Wild’nWeedy I have been the voice in the wilderness with regards to cannabinoids, however, it seems Cannabinoid medicines could be the key to combating the leading cause of death related to COVID-19 infections, (says Melbourne biotechnology company Impressions Healthcare).

The company has commenced animal studies to assess its IHL-675A drug against sepsis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (SAARDS). IHL-675A is made up of cannabidiol (CBD) and hydroxychloroquine – historically used to treat malaria.

In many cases COVID-19 causes only mild symptoms. But once patients become critical and need the use of ventilators, SAARDS is the most likely cause of death thereafter. It is also a leading cause of death associated with some lung, urinary tract, stomach and skin infections.

The initial trial involves the drug treating rodents with induced sepsis, also known as septic shock or septicaemia, which occurs when the immune system overreacts to an infection and produces excessive levels of cytokines.   “Elevated levels of those cells secrete more cytokines, and this ‘cytokine storm’ recruits even more immune cells, fuelling a cascading cycle that eventually damages the host tissues and organs,” according to Impressions Healthcare.  Childrens’ immune system being less developed does not react so aggressively which may be the reason they seem to have a natural immunity.

SAARDS is a result of the lungs being damaged by this hyperinflammatory response and is characterised by widespread inflammation of the lungs – known as pneumonia or wet lung – which hampers the body’s ability to oxygenate blood.  IHL-675A may limit the progression of infections to sepsis hyperinflammation caused by the cytokine storm feedback loop.


Apart from this report which associates cannabinoids with a possible “cure” for the sepsis associated with covid, no-one is really focussing on what we all can do to make ourselves resistant. I am using my own CBD boosted moisturisers and face cream.  It’s easy and I don’t have to think about it.    This virus is not going to magically disappear, however, we should respect it.  It needs a host, and if we become resistant it will no longer be able to invade us, or if it does,  it will result in a cold, not a full blown attack.   The responsibility is in our court.  I am not saying eating your greens will protect you entirely, but if you do take a more responsible attitude to eating a rounded and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner (and adequate supplementation of Vit.C, D3, and zinc especially) , you will be doing the absolute best thing you can for your family (and yourself).

I am keeping in mind and implementing for myself the Chinese recommendations.  They are doing the washing and sanitising, they are also doing the salt gargle when they come in after work or being with others.

Keep warm, keep well (and laugh often – it boosts the immune system.  Maybe that is why children are more immune to the virus, they laugh a lot).)