Good morning Yogis,

Happy New Year!    We have all been given a gift – a brand new year !  The first day of the rest of your life.    I’m choosing to make this year about love and joy.  My object for 2021 was “Cultivate Resilience” and I am not leaving that focus behind with the turning of the calendar page to 2022.  This year I am once again helping you to cultivate resilience.  I said that we are only half way through covid “awfuls” – and I still believe that.  We will need all our fortitude in the months ahead.

SCHEDULE FOR OUR NEW YOGA YEAR, starting the 10th January.
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training (The ‘Gita).  Tuesday 7.30 CCP. Friday 6.45 Tarot  Saturday 2pm THE HERBAL NETWORK
STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30


SEEN ON TWITTER:  Prof Jane Speight #StaySafeStayOpen.  What we need is a coordinated, international 4-week lockdown, planned in advance, eg for 1-31 July, so everyone has the supplies they need to survive. It may seem impossible bcs there is a lack of collective political will. But it may be our only option as COVID keeps mutating


1) Grow some or most of your own food or find the food you need from local producers and preserve it.

Our Shire had a devastating weather disaster at the end of last year that disrupted the supply chain and the food getting through, when we were already dealing with covid.  No electricity, empty shelves at Coles, and even now, higher prices.  Produce is still showing signs of broken supply chains.  But I was fine, and I hope you were too.  I can forage and it has been a fantastic growth year in gardens and in the bush.

Here’s a few ways you can be more self reliant in food in 2022:
*Grow sprouts and microgreens (get your seeds organised now)
*Grow consistent weeds like Herb Robert and chives in your garden or large pots to make sure you have green meals no matter what.
*Support local farmers and market days when available
*Cook from scratch – no instant meals.

2) Learn to use herbal remedies and natural medicine

When Covid first hit, it was thought to be “novel” and we were told natural remedies are not only ineffective but also dangerous.  But here we are 2 years later and what we’ve found is that natural remedies were safer and more effective even for this, if started immediately and continued throughout.  To do that you need to have supplies on hand and know how to use what you have.  Supplies like ginger, echinacea, elderberry, olive leaves, and a source of vitamin C.

When Delta came through our community like it did worldwide, I was preparing remedies and advising on how clients could do it for themselves. Natural remedies available for everyone, and I had at least some of them on hand – you probably did too but needed to know how to use them.

If you know now that one of your goals in 2022 is learning to use herbal remedies effectively, grow them yourself and make your own herbal medicines, join me in my new HERBAL NETWORK membership as soon as you can,  and you’ll be part of everything we’ve got planned this year to help you “leave the matrix”.

3) Expand your community resilience by working with your friends and neighbors to swap, grow and preserve more food and medicine. 
Pick the thing you love most and learn to do it really well so you have something to contribute to your wider community — a skill to barter, or a product to trade.  What do you have to trade?

Once you have a few basic skills you will be able to *Make candles * Bake bread * Make simple restorative soups * Grow sprouts and microgreens * Make sales, tinctures, Bach remedies, tonics and gins * Grow vegetables and fruit * and make your own art equipment – pens, inks, papers.

Think about what your community needs that you can offer.  And try a few things on for size to see what you love and what brings you joy.  I really am preparing the garden not just to be more productive, but getting it ready for you to join me for workshops (and garden coffee mornings before the weather turns to winter).  

SEE YOU ON THE MAT and in the garden.


PS.  I’m opening the doors to the HERBAL NETWORK for new members now for the first time.  If you’ve been wanting to join the Membership just email me and I will put you on the membership list personally whilst I get the web worked out.  Membership is at a discount rate ($25 per year) for a limited time only.  These small donations support me supporting you, during the bumpy times that seem to be on the horizon. Explore   or Just DONATE at the PayPal button on