A fun size 40cm x 40cm PENDULUM BOARD.  Printed on 300gsm silk finish stock.


Until you have  used the PENDULUM BOARD, you will not understand how interesting they can be, and how it will improve your “conversation” with your pendulum. If you are a professional REVELATION TAROT READER, you will be surprised how relaxed about your readings you will be by having this board close by, and how positively your clients will respond if you have it under glass on the table you use for your readings.

This is an original  art piece.  It can be framed, or mounted on wood with a sheet of glass on top and used as a coffee table top, or kept close by so that you can consult.

It will look perfectly at home in your studio whichever way you use it….  ENJOY

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 40 cm