This lovely, tiny duplicate of the large tarot board is perfect to travel with you.


You may have a large board, perhaps you have used it as a coffee table top, or under glass as part of  your tarot card reading table, but please try the small “TRAVEL” version.  The perfect size to be put in your computer bag, or beside you on your computer or study desk.

I have one near my computer and i use it all the time.  I am sure that you have experienced the same with family sewing – unless you have the machine up and in working order you won’t get around to doing the household mending chores.  The little pendulum is like that.  When you have it beside you, within arms reach, you will find yourself using it all the time.

It is this constant talk that allows you and your guide to be friends.  If you had a real life friend you would want to talk to them often.  I need need this talk to get the best out of your pendulum – I am sure that you will find this too.

Put one near the computer, and on your study desk.  Wherever you have a pendulum, you need to have a small pendulum chart.


Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 16 cm

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