Dear Yogis..
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Some inspiration….
Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle commented on the current situation a few days ago:
“This moment that humanity is experiencing can be seen as a door or a hole.The decision whether you fall into the hole or through the door is up to you. If you consume the news 24 hours a day, with negative energy, constantly nervous, with pessimism, you will fall into that hole.  But if you take the opportunity to look at yourself, to rethink life and death, to take care of yourself and others, you will go through the portal.  Take care of your home, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual home. When you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone else at the same time.
Do not underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Take the perspective of an eagle that sees everything from above with a broader view. There is a social issue in this crisis, but also a spiritual issue. The two go hand in hand.  Without the social dimension, we fall into fanaticism. Without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and futility.
You are ready to face this crisis. Get your toolbox and use all the tools at your disposal.  Learn resistance from the example of the Indian and African peoples: we have been and are being exterminated. But we never stopped singing, dancing, lighting a fire and rejoicing.
Don’t feel guilty for feeling happy in these difficult times. Being sad or angry doesn’t help at all. Resistance is resistance through joy! You have the right to be strong and positive. And there is no other way to do this than to keep a beautiful, happy and bright attitude.  It has nothing to do with alienation (ignorance about the world). It is a strategy of resistance.
When we cross the threshold, we have a new view of the world because we have faced our fears and difficulties. That’s all you can do now:
– Serenity in the storm – Keep calm, pray every day – Make it a habit to encounter the Holy every day – Show resilience through art, joy, trust and love.                Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle.  Date Added: 9 July 2021


I am crafting some rather amazing Malas.  I have always made my own, and I have amassed some fabulous beads which I use to make malas for other (not for everyone) . If you would like a mala,  let me know your favourite colour and stone.  I can’t guarantee to have exactly a match.  Christmas is not  that far away and you could purchase one as a gift.. for that very special person in your life.

Description:  A mala of beads , sporting a bone crucifix (or not, you choose). The making process is done by us in a perfect state of meditation, so as to imbue this beautiful mala with the spirit required for such a potent icon. Before dispatch, each Mala has had at least one hundred and eight “Hail Marys”thirteen “Aum Shantis”,  and nine “Om Mani Padme Hums” prayed over it.  If you wish your own chants to be intoned during its making,  you may specify your personalised sectarian or Buddhist chant in the notes section at checkout.
These mazing Malas (one of a kind – I will never be able to get this combination of crystals and beads again) AU$542.00
Including a booklet of the history and use of your mala.


This card is all about change..

1.What aspect of your life would benefit from a profound and irreversible restructuring – although it is scary to consider?
2.In this present time of covid, how can you support yourself to prepare for unexpected and significant changes?
3.Considering re-structuring, changing what aspect of your life needs to be shaken up right now?
4.What needs to be seen differently in order for change to occur?
5.Considering your life to date, what changes you have made have taught you about what YOU need in order to be fulfilled?

I will see you on the mat – I really will.