Dear Yogis,

Well, no matter how we personally feel about it, our home-stay is going to be extended I think.  I was hoping we would be together again in person sooner rather than later, but no, it is back to foraging.  Actually it is a bit too cool to spend much time in the woods and streams however “mother nature” it may make you feel.

The photo on the right is of a painting on a tea bag – one of mine – actually my rendition of a sculpture by Lorenzo showing Mother Nature whirling the earth around.  He sculpted it as a statement about Global Warming but it could just as easily be though of as being about our communities in this difficult time of Covid.

I am sure there will be many businesses, no matter how much money the Government dishes out – which will not be able to survive.  The customers have just gone away.  As yoga teachers we know the feeling.  Yoga has never been considered a necessity!  When the world gets a sniffle, we get pneumonia.  It is like that now for most.  Stay the course. To be a HERO there is only one qualification – JUST SHOW UP.  

Monday 1pm Hatha, Monday 6.30 Mary Magdalen
Tuesday 7.30 – CCP Repeat of Sundays Class for CCP and those interested in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. All welcome.
Wednesday 5.30 Restorative Yoga
Friday 5.30 Hatha Yoga, Friday 6.45 The FREE Tarot learning class.
Sunday 10am Tibetan Book of the Dead CCP study unit

AUGUST 22ND EVENT.  I hope we are out of Covid lockdown by the 22nd of the month as I am hoping to have an open house and art/garage sale, with champers and nibbles of course.

A PREDICTION:  This is just a dream (one of those “event” dreams that wake you up), a prediction, a notice from the Ravens and Rainbirds.  I believe a big RAIN weather event is on its way. Unfortunately I can’t yet tell you an accurate forecast, but “spring” will have to do.  Now is the time to get your roof checked, and any other precautions you may need to make.  I have notified my plumber.  This house and its site is very water sensitive and having him check the roof, the drainage, and the tank in the next couple of weeks is the best I can do, as well as make preparations inside the house just in case.  We have been here before..



We need the tarot at the moment, not as a way to remove our responsibility, but to know where effectively to place it.  How best to use our time.  The photo on the right is the first card in the tarot deck, THE FOOL.  It was the card I drew out today (Sunday is the time of writing), appropriate as I am having to learn new things, and face new situations as you are too.  It is all about FAITH AND TRUST.

The fool asks us these questions.

  • If you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, what would you step towards – what insecurity/fear would you challenge?
  • What does the phrase ‘the wisdom of fools’ mean to you, and how might it apply in this situation?
  • What’s the worst that could happen if you fall (not that you could), and how might that  ‘worst thing’ actually play out as a benefit or advantage in your life?
  • Check.  What resources do you carry with you wherever you go, and which of them could you use right now?

To know more about these Cards(or you could use your own), come to our Tarot Class onFriday nights – it’s FREE!!) and go “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube” and do out FREE Revelation Tarot Course.  You can purchase a set on

CCP GRADUATES:  I now have places for my student to work when they graduate.  I don’t have to go and and search, businesses come to me.  A great place to be.

I will see you on zoom – soon