Dear Yogis,

What an amazing week.  We are all working on the first intake of Compassionate Companions, I have still managed some paintings which I have put on instagram… and I have new students for the Yoga teacher Training by distance.  So, all good.

STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative,  and Friday 5.30 Gentle hatha.
ZOOM: Monday Yoga Teacher Training 6.30, Tuesday CCP Training 7.30, Friday Tarot 6.45 and Sunday CCP training 10am



I have got a lovely new (small) class of young ones interested in Yoga teacher Training, and am so looking forward to working with them.  Others who have yet to finish can join us on zoom on Mondays.  So, if you are hanging back, if you are not yet finished and you need some contact, please join us on Mondays.

I am so looking forward to getting some newbies in the class.  I have updated everything, so there will be areas where you need to rethink if you have already started and want to move forward.  I think you will enjoy the class and your course even more with a weekly zoom session.

Finish the course if you are slowing down and encourage your students to start – be inspired and empowered to live an influential life of leadership. Discover your unique gifts and use them wisely to contribute to building a better world.    This is no “quickie” course.  Learn to use your confident yoga voice to skillfully teach even the more challenging poses, while compassionately meeting your student’s varying emotional and physical needs.

Remember at the beginning of the week I drew THE FOOL out of the tarot deck.  The fool is all about new beginnings.  Let’s all take a deep breath, forget about covid, and press on.  Onwards and upwards!

I look forward to seeing you, if not on the mat, then on zoom