Dear Yogis,

“MARY SPEAKS”:  In working on the cards and the book I have been speaking to my guides and to Mary.
 We have been considering reality (of course) especially in light of Covid.   Have you ever considered that you channel your experiences.  What you are seeing and feeling is not real, but processed through the filters of your mind?  Yes we are going through big change, IT IS A BLESSING.  We are humans and we won’t change until we have to.  You can choose not to change in which case you will hang on to the Covid experience – or you can step through the evolutionary process quicker.  We are HALF WAY THROUGH, and we are the determining factor to the length of the experience.  If you couldn’t handle it you would not be here.  It will be over when we wake up.

We have to be isolated, we have to go inward, and what better way to go inward than a lock-down!

The information coming through you is bringing more of the higher self.  It is up to us.  When we wake up it will be over – IT WILL NOT LAST FOREVER – nothing does.  “This too will pass”.

You can be a victim “Why did this happen to ME”, however, know that at any point you can change.  If this experience is an unhappy, stressful one for you, then you have to ask yourself “What am I doing that is drawing this experience to me?    IF YOU CAN CREATE THAT, YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING.



ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Mary Magdalen, Tuesday 7.30 Mary Magdalen (if I don’t get an improved uptake I will make this into a CCP Class, or use it for a ZOOM actual tarot reading). Friday 6.45 Tarot Class.

STUDIO: No studio classes until Wednesday (if lock down ends midnite Tuesday).  Wednesday 1pm Hatha Yoga (substitute for Mondays class), Wednesday 5.30 Restorative Yoga, Friday 5.30 Hatha Yoga.


THE VACCINE – I thought you should know.

For all of you (like me) who have had the Australian AstraZeneca vaccine, you may not be allowed into England because it hasn’t been approved there.  I don’t mind because I don’t really plan to travel – but if you do, then read on….

Australians vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jab face potential problems visiting Europe, thanks to a quirk in the European Union’s vaccine approval process.    Despite the Aussie-made vaccine being identical to those made in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, it’s not technically authorised in Europe because AstraZeneca hasn’t registered CSL’s Melbourne facility with the European drugs regulator.
Facilities in the USA, Korea and even China have all been registered but the European Medicines Agency has confirmed the labs pumping out millions of doses in India and Australia haven’t been registered!

So lovelies, watch the news for the latest.  I bet the pollies are going nuts trying to deal with this latest news.   Imagine what this will do for the popularity polls.  Here we are doing everything we can do to be well, and it is getting us further away from travel, not closer.For travel around Europe therefore, you’re good to go if you’ve been vaccinated with Australia’s AstraZeneca, at least officially. One problem that might emerge is the lack of information on the COVID-19 Digital Health Certificate that Medicare gives you when you’ve had both shots of either Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

In the case of AstraZeneca, the certificate simply states you’ve had both shots. It does not say that means two shots of COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant]). You can’t expect a border official to know that’s the only vaccine dispensed in Australia, and that might complicate European travels.  (…….taken from channel9 news updates. Google if you need to know more – it is changing minute to minute)


COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS – **This afternoon I was out walking and a young woman rushed up to me and collapsed into tears in my arms.  Depressed anxious, didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t deal with the lock-down.  We sat on a ledge and she talked out what was needed and then she went back to her world, and I went back to mine.  It highlighted for me that there are thousands of people (men and women) who are feeling like this at the moment.  Join us, be a CCP person and open yourself up to the possibility of this work.  You were put here to serve your community.  You are a yogi – go the whole way. LISTEN WHEN MARY SPEAKS.


ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!  We have been doing yoga, our classes, tarot classes and my own tarot sessions on zoom.  I didn’t think I would like zoom, but I have settled into this way of doing things…., especially for tarot readings – we can have a very personal session in the safety and comfort of our own home – no travel required – and from anywhere in Australia.  I would love to hear from you –  please email me for a short,  one card session for only $15 (this price only until the end of July).  We can do a lot with just one card – you will be surprised.  I can even use a card from my new deck.

I will soon be working from my new ORACLE OF MARY – “MARY SPEAKS”... The lock down has held everything up, especially the printing of these new cards.


I will see you ON ZOOM.  In the meantime LISTEN WHEN “MARY SPEAKS”.