Dear Yogis,

ZOOM YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30.

(If the lockdown finishes next Tuesday then we will have Mondays class on Wednesday in the Studio at 1pm instead of zoom, and the usual 5.30 class in the studio).  I think everyone prefers studio to zoom at this stage.

ZOOM OTHER: Friday 6.45 Tarot Cards, Sunday 10am (CCP) The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Monday 6.30 Mary Magdalen, Tuesday 7.30 Mary Magdalen (If there are no improvements in numbers here, I will use this time to repeat Sundays CCP class.  I will make a decision when I get feedback – if no feedback then I will make an “executive” decision)


HONOURING OUR TEACHERS….    In all spiritual traditions this Saturday the 24th July is considered to be very holy. For on this day students become aware that life is not to be lived only in the external world—that there is something higher, deeper, than what they have been doing. We become aware of our internal states. But to find this something you need a guide – then it becomes easy. Your guide shares his experiences, which have been imparted by his guide. There is a long chain of sages and traditions, and they impart knowledge to their students lovingly and selflessly.   This Saturday, July 24th is GURU PURNIMA, the day we honour the teachers of our lineage.



Thank you so much for your attendance at the MARY MAGDALEN FEAST AND CCP LAUNCH yesterday.  It was fantastic.  We all brought along what we thought MM would have had for lunch, goats cheese, honey, flatbread, mushrooms and of course (as she was in France at the end-of-life) a glass of wine.  I cheated slightly and brought champers.   Katie drank Chai Tea, not exactly what MM would have had, but I can understand the good/healthy choice in the middle of the day!  If you want to know what all this attention is about, join us on our Mary Magdalen Study – Mondays at 6.30.  It is free.  Email me and I will send you a zoom ID.



The CCP Launch was everything it could have been on zoom rather than in the studio –  the discussion was lively and we are moving forward.  If you want to join us you only need $75 to register and then pay the balance off (only $300). Email me and I will send you the application form:   Once you graduate you get three certificates, and can become a Funeral Celebrant (optional) which will allow you to organise memorials for pets as well as people.  I have done both and I love conducting them – even years after a person or child (or a pet) has passed.  It provides time and peace for those left behind.  The Tibetans understand the need for both.

“Just as the strong current of a waterfall cannot be reversed.
 So the movement of human life is also irreversible.” (Buddha)

I think there is a great need for these services, not just for the dying but for the living so that we can more easily  accept our place in the order of things.  It will not just happen, we need to make it happen, and I am working on that.

I hope that I see more of you joining our course.  Our services are really needed and wanted in these difficult times.

“May we extract the meaningful essence of this life support
Without being distracted by the senseless affairs of this life,
Since this good foundation, hard to gain and easy to disintegrate,
Presents an opportunity of choice between profit and loss, comfort and misery”.
(-by the First Panchen Lama, Losang Chokyi Gyeltsen)

FIRST AID NEEDED OR WANTED?  I could have a class on-site here as soon as covid is relaxed, or zoom.  Any takers?  Don’t know the date or the cost until I get numbers, and I can’t get a time until closer to August.  We have to be flexible because of covid.  Things are not as easy to organise as they once were – however, we can do a small zoom class with St.John Ambulance.  Who knew!  I want to organise one especially for CCP graduates.  It will not be a long training.. just to help you make decisions about what could be needed or wanted as you are sitting with those at end-of-life.


I will see you on ZOOM soon.