Dear Yogis,

Another perfect day in paradise if you can discount the snails… they are taking over the garden – even the birds are sick of them.  I wouldn’t mind a temporary invasion of ducks who never tire of snails and slugs.


I just couldn’t resist, another piece for my hat – an exquisite hand made mouse, perfect right down to the little press-studs on his jacket.  I bought it at an op-shop and because it was small it hardly cost anything at all.  No-one really looked at the beautiful stitching, and the attention to detail.  Where to put it? Where else than on my hat.  There is room at the moment, and my students in Windarring just love it, although I am waiting for a name to come to him (it is a him perhaps).  The sewing of the mouse is an inspiration.  

One of my co-workers at Windarring knits vintage style items out of vintage wool.  I would never have learned of her skill if she hadn’t seen the mouse and started to talk about her “art-knitting”.  Maybe she can show some of her work here at the studio on one of our open days.  The mouse begins to work its magic. 



Look at this portrait of the gypsy “Lilo Smith” painted in 1937,  by the Late Dame Laura Knight.    What a wonderful face – what a splendid hat!  And, look at her hair – henna in the front, black plaits behind. Gorgeous, outrageous.  My great, great grandfather wore a fantastic hat, but nothing, nothing as wonderful as this one worn by Lilo.

Laura was the second female artist accepted by the Royal Academy in London.  If you google her you will see what an amazing body of work she had.  The portrait of the gypsy caught my attention (especially the hat), and if I weather like her I will be happy.  A woman after my own heart.

Laura was prolific and broke the boundaries for women artists with a number of “firsts”.  She even did a series of designs for the popular and highly sought after ceramicist Clarice Cliff.

I will have to chat to this lovely gypsy – I am sure she will be a help. Anyone for Tarot? She has awakened me again, and goodness knows what will happen when I chat with her.  


Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term. (The Term – 3rd October until the week starting the 12th December).

Monday –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE BACH FLOWERS 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday 9.30 and 1.30 Jahne Teaching at Windarring  
Wednesday 1pm Restorative (no teacher training today)
THURSDAY – Windarring at 1.30 – Goodbye free day!!

MONTHLY ON THURSDAY – 12 noon our YOGA LUNCH at the Victoria Hotel in Woodend, all welcome –  the next our last for the year 24th November.  Diarise NOW.  

WEEKEND ART CLASS (CHANGE TO SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY…).  2.30 TO 4.30 ($85 for the four or $25 each).  You are welcome as always. We are going to put our skills to work this Saturday.

HERBAL DISCOVERY CLASS I will be holding these because the herbs are flourishing and fabulous and I want you all to know them, and know how to use them.  You can add to food, make your own pharmacy, and save money – who doesn’t want this?  Please respond.   6.30 to 8pm FRIDAY EVENINGS,  IN THE STUDIO (STARTING DATE NOT DETERMINED), although a walk around my garden would be worthwhile in itself.  I need you to respond if you are interested – if not, I will spend the time in the garden myself, just me and the garden spirits.

See you at the Studio.