Hi there,

I have had problems forwarding my last newsletter – and as I got no feedback, presume it did not go through.  I have repeated with alterations to take account of the day.


With the herbs bursting out of the “mud” juicy and luscious,  I am starting my herbal discovery classes soon (before we miss the opportunity).  Even so, finding the time (and parking places) to get many of the out of the way herbs is a challenge – I am not keen on getting bogged .  In the meanwhile, I am going to replace my Monday classes with BACH FLOWER REMEDY CLASSES, at 6.30 every Monday starting tonite.

TO BENEFIT FROM THE HERBS AND FLOWERS AROUND YOU,   to feel a whole lot better,  you just need a very basic, beginners knowledge of herbs.  In fact Dr.Edward Bach put together his herbal remedies so you could look after your own well being.

I think that if we all went out in the garden first thing in the morning and before breakfast had a SMALL herbal drink made up of a leaf or two of dock, dandelion,  parsley, celery and mint (just a handful in total) and threw in a clove of garlic and a slice or two of lemon, a shot of water then whizzed it up in our nutri-bullet or processor…..OUR OWN GREEN PILL –  we would all be the better for it.  We don’t need anyone to intercede for us.  It is plain common sense.

I am lucky, every morning I have a shot of ginkgo, gotu-cola, valerian, comfrey and so on (whatever i feel like) which are a powerhouse for my body and brain.  I have lots of herbs to choose from, and I am sure if you locked your whipper snipper away and investigated the herbs in your lawn and garden instead of cutting them down,  you would have lots too.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES : Monday Class 6.30 starting TONITE.

STUDIO YOGA CLASS TIMES (yogabeautiful.com.au)
Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term. (The Term – 3rd October until the week starting the 12th December).

Monday –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE BACH FLOWERS 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday 9.30 and 1.30 Jahne Teaching at Windarring  
Wednesday 1pm Hatha and 2.15 teacher training IN THE STUDIO as usual
THURSDAY – Windarring at 1.30 – Goodbye free day!! 12 noon our YOGA LUNCH at the Victoria Hotel in Woodend, all welcome –  the next our last for the year 24th November.  Diarise NOW.  

WEEKEND ART CLASS (CHANGE TO SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY…).  2.30 TO 4.30 ($85 for the four or $25 each).  You are welcome as always. Yesterday we explored the joys of sanding surfaces, using other than brushes, and when doing watercolours, learning to use the brushes (plus inks and technical pens) properly.  I learned the Chinese way to use brush and ink,  and rest in that knowledge – they REALLY know how to use their brushes and ink, both of which are venerated and are handed down generation to generation.  My own black ink stick is about 40 years old.  Amazing..

HERBAL DISCOVERY CLASS I will be holding these because the herbs are flourishing and fabulous and I want you all to know them, and know how to use them.  You can add to food, make your own pharmacy, and save money – who doesn’t want this?  Please respond.   6.30 to 8pm FRIDAY EVENINGS,  IN THE STUDIO (STARTING DATE NOT DETERMINED), although a walk around my garden would be worthwhile in itself.

See you at the Studio.