Dear Yogis,

What can I say – more rain, and still more rain, some lightening, some thunder…  The garden is going gangbusters and the snails are on the march, however, it is good weather to be indoors sewing, and there is plenty to do.  If the sun was shining and i was sat indoors at my sewing table I would be wishing to be outdoors – as it is I am happy to be marooned among fabric and thread.

I have been making a plan of MY garden and am much inspired by The Late Derek Jarman (and not at all by Bangay).  Derek was a polymath and was creative in many mediums – filming, sculpture, writing, art of all kinds.  Tragically he died too soon of AIDS when it was raging through the gay community.

For me, in the studio I have a teddy bear and a pair of dolls to renovate, and the Stole to finish on time…I am getting there.  Hopefully, by the time the sun comes out I will be ready to get into the garden.. This slow time (The Rains) has really shown me where I want the garden and house to go.  I am inspired.

Jarman said that “if a garden was not shaggy, forget it”.  I like shaggy, in fact I like everything about his house, inside and outside.  The fact it is situated not too far from power poles and a nuclear plant isn’t inspiring, but given its disadvantages, Derek made it into an artwork in itself.  It is now owned by a foundation (Creative Folkestone) which uses it for creative residencies, and raising money through very controlled visits from the public.  I love everything about it.  Before it was taken over by “Creative Folkstone” to preserve it, the public got in and stole the metal sculptures, and garden installations.  I would wish that they would return them, but I know it won’t happen.


Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term. (The Term – 3rd October until the week starting the 12th December).

Monday –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE BACH FLOWERS STUDY 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday 9.30 and 1.30 Jahne Teaching at Windarring  
Wednesday 1pm Restorative (no teacher training today)
THURSDAY – Windarring at 1.30 – Goodbye free day!!

MONTHLY ON THURSDAY – 12 noon our YOGA LUNCH at the Victoria Hotel in Woodend, all welcome –  the next our LAST for the year 24th November.  Diarise NOW.  
  2.15 Hatha yoga as usual.

WEEKEND ART CLASS (CHANGE TO SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY…).  2.30 TO 4.30 ($85 for the four or $25 each).  You are welcome as always. We are going to put our skills to work this Saturday.

HERBAL DISCOVERY CLASS I will be holding these because the herbs are flourishing and fabulous and I want you all to know them, and know how to use them.  You can add to food, make your own pharmacy, and save money – who doesn’t want this?  Please respond.   I WILL DO THEM “AD HOC”  AND INVITE ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESPONDED AND DIRECTLY (even if there is only ONE student) – No group call out.  

I need you to respond if you are interested – if not, I will spend the time in the garden myself, just me and the garden spirits.

See you at the Studio.