This herb when used by Western herbalists is prescribed to promote sleep, just smelling the flower makes one drowsy.   Those in need of the Valerian Essence are deeply unsure of their safety, and seem to have not yet occupied their physical body, mostlydue to past difficult experiences which, although  they could be long forgotten, continue to exert an unconscious influence on their personality. They are people who believe there is “light at the end of the tunnel” but they are always in the tunnel.  Valerian helps to uncover and transform the deep-seated beliefs that underpin these states at an emotional level.



Valerian (Valerianacea) – Mental function. If you have visited my garden I know I would have invited you to experience  my Valerian patch. It is amazing, and the perfume is intoxicating.   Over time Valerian flower essence changes the mental body, it allows its border (where it is connected to emotional, astral, causal bodies), to shift.  This herb often used by Western herbalists for inducing sleep, energetically allows the opportunity to blend energies with the mental body.  $25 including postage