Major Arcana. These cards help you to read professionally sooner. You don’t need the book you can do it.


This set has been marketed internationally for more than ten years, and is still going strong..

I authored the cards which was made easier because I have always read the cards. My family originally came from Spain – Basque gypsies. All my aunts and my mother read the cards. I myself have read the cards and tea leaves for as long as I can remember. No deck quite fitted and I often ended up with about four decks on the table at one time. I wanted a simpler, deeper deck. No minors, only the major, lots of symbols and cross references. I asked and asked my spirit guides, and suddenly, they were channelled. I produced them in the master set using scratch board, so they are in the negative, white on black and like Mozart, direct from spirit, no mistakes.. Lots of cross references to tarot, kabbalah, numbers, astrology and visual hints to history and myth. I draw them, package them, and send them to you. They are personal.

They are black and white, and contain many signs and symbols. Astrological symbols, numbers… you can read them your way, not my way. Make them your own. They help you to associate ideas, and become very proficient at reading without years of study necessary. Having a limited number of cards also helps. Years ago people had the time to spend a day at their tarot reader, working through 78 card ideas. Today, people have a few important questions which can be answered relatively quickly. If you are reading cards for a living, this is very important. I believe you should be able to give a good reading with just three cards, then gradually adding a card at a time and building the story….

We post them by registered post to ensure their arrival, however, this will mean a delayed time frame. If you are in Europe or the USA please understand that we are a long way away.