Rhubarb (Rheum Rhabarbarum) – Heart Energy.    Indications – mental resistance and inflexibility; mind influenced by the ego; communication between the heart and mind blocked or undeveloped.

Healing Qualities – promotes mental flexibility; brings the mind into alignment with Divine Will through the heart; encourages a relaxation of inappropriate mental control; balances the rational  and the intuitive on a multi-dimensional level.   $25 including postage

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Rhubarb (Rheum Rhabarbarum) – Heart Energy.  An interesting flower don’t you think.  The energy of the flowers bring  a greater coordination between the left and right brain hemispheres (for those like me who have R.L challenges).  The flowers even look like a brain don’t you think?   The harmony of “signatures”.

The energy creates a greater harmony of thought by balancing the analytical and the intuitive aspects. Not just for the psychic self, Rhubarb can help clear one’s relationship to self, and in this way opens up the possibilities of more loving relationships with others.  The heart chakra is opened on a deep level, so one can understand love on more than just a physical level, perhaps even on a multi-dimensional level.   $25 including postage