Dear Yogis,

I am so sorry.  A few of you have contacted me asking if they could come to class.  There isn’t a class, there are no groups allowed, and it would not be honest (yamas again) even if we think we are perfectly safe.  Yesterday it was a beautiful day, and I imagine we could have had a class that came within the guidelines on the driveway, but imagine how the people walking past and looking out of their windows would have reacted.  The Covid police would have turned up.  In Gisborne the suburb next to mine they are doing long shifts, and making quite a few bookings of people not following the rules. AND ANOTHER MONTH TO GO I believe.  Keep checking in on yoga beautiful.  If there is a change, you will find it there – and here.  I will do regular newsletters. (PS>  No tarot classes either until the “ban” is lifted).

To help (I think) I am doing small course compiled from my Sunday Teacher Training notes and I have called it HOW (and why) YOGA WORKS.  Today so many people want to explore yoga but only know the asanas, and think that perfect poses will get them to Nirvana.  Well, it may, but a different one – an Ego based Nirvana. The one where you look in the mirror and you think your body and pose are so perfect and your lycra is so beautiful that you can hardly breathe for joy.  Or the Nirvana you THINK your way into by taking apart every feeling, every emotion and examining it to death, and feeling good about the pain and confusion.  I haven’t felt these, but I have seen people having that orgasm, and felt sorry for the journey ahead of them.  They forget that they have the perfect tool, YOGA, but it obviously is not the yoga they know about.

The one I know is the “everything yoga” not just the “start with yoga” discipline.  The yoga I know is the one where you trust the journey whatever it is – the one where you know your karma is at work, and relax into that, doing your best minute to minute – that’s the one I do.  Sometimes I “win” sometimes not, whatever comes I trust the journey.  I trust the Universe (God?).  I am not as good as I am going to be, but I am a whole lot better than I used to be.

I will put the course on Etsy (,  probably in three parts so you (and I) won’t be overwhelmed, and I will make some videos you can watch.  I think it will be helpful now and in the future.  It certainly will enlarge and enhance your teaching, and maybe your understanding.  Every time I read my notes, and I read them often,  I find the ideas challenging and I learn something new.

This time we find ourselves in isn’t about surviving.  It is about growing, and thriving, and coming out stronger and better.  ALL IS WELL.

Namaste – Jahne.