Good morning yogis and friends..

The whole point of Christianity, and why Jesus was different from all the prophets and magicians that were alive and promoting themselves at the time he was alive, is shown most clearly over Easter – in particular the RESURRECTION.  Without this, there would be no Christianity.  Just believing that Jesus was a Man, is not enough.  There were many at that time doing magical things, calling themselves God. It was the life and most importantly the death and resurrection that no-one else did (few would be willing to do knowing the end) that singled this Man out from the others.  Yes, the life could be seen as politically arranged, the death wasn’t any different to thousands of others that took place at that time – it WAS THE RESURRECTION that caused people through the ages to sit up and take notice.  Who was this man who could see the end and go there anyway whatever it took,  for the greater good?  You may never want to go there.  You may never want to ask yourself this question.. you may have filtered it through your logical mind, but sooner or later it will pop up, and maybe one day you will answer it.

In the meantime…..

What did it cost you to come to the mat today? Yesterday? All the days?

What did to cost you to sing to your children today?

Today you can buy music 99cents per download, or free. How much is your song worth?

The praise is worth more than the product.  Music can be internal, or external.  Michael Jackson was so good at singing that he made you think your song was as good as his song.  That  if you wanted to sing like him, all you needed was one glove instead of two.  That is all it would take.  The right singer with the right song makes you think you can sing anything.  The right song gives you strength (Some songs of course drive you inwards towards your brokenness).  Your life is a song.

Singing when things are good is easy, but how can you sing in the middle of death?

Did you ever think about the fact that there are 12 notes in the piano scale.  12 black keys, 12 white ones.  In every song you have ever heard these 12 notes featured to a greater or lesser extent.  It is a scale of infinite possibilities, as you are a song of infinite possibilities.  There are 12 notes in the scale,  and there were 12 disciples.  Jesus prayed/sang those 12 disparate people into a symphony.  Out of the 12 only one chose his own death, only one died of “natural” causes. Judas.  The other eleven became martyrs for what they believed in and gave their lives up willingly (perhaps Judas did too).  They believed in their song.

What is your song? One note is a song others can hear.  When a three note cord happens, we know that we are meant to be here.

Do what you want, but I am going to keep singing.  You may like it, you may not like it.  I am going to keep on singing.