Good morning Yogis,

A short one…but we could make it a” long one”.  The yoga teachers who come through our school are not just personal trainers, they are “yoga therapists/health coaches”.  We take broken people and we get to the heart of the matter (something I would say impossible over a video, but at the heart of my classes and my teachings).  For instance two friends may come to your class.  They are both over-weight and depressed.  After speaking with them, and maybe spending some time in class with them we discover the one is depressed because they are over-weight and the other is overweight because they are depressed.  Do we think the same yoga regime will work for both?  Yes, yoga will help both, but for each there has  to be a different emphasis which is directed by their different needs.

And this is where yoga differs from other health approaches.  We do not draw a line between the physical body and the other four dimensions of the human system.  If one dimension is affected, all are affected.

Keep in mind – YOGA HEALS…  Remember, there is a difference between fixing (that doctors try to do), curing  (that the medical system and  specialist you are referred to tries to do), and HEALING that yoga DOES.  This aspect is what I am teaching in my next course on etsy “HOW AND WHY YOGA WORKS”.

We also need to balance the system with good diet, exercise, relaxation, and supplementation, and I have found during the Covid time that Flower and herbal essences from my garden are making the biggest difference to me, and to my students who are getting me to post out remedies especially for them. I do make a powerful Olive Leaf Extract that works wonderfully on the bronchi, see the video “jahnehopewilliams, you tube” then we have the usual TYOH oil, and Reishi, plus as I said, especially made essences from the garden and hedgerows.  I am loving this time of deep learning, foraging and preparing these essences.  Home-stay is such a gift.    I am not only eating the greens I find on my daily wanderings (plants that  are young, fresh and luscious), I am making essences from them too.  I am stunned that I never see anyone else when I am out picking my salads… I have the forest to myself.  Lovely of course, but where are my yogis?

If you are interested, if I can help.  Please contact me on

In this time of Covid, my pendulum and I can help you.


Stay well and stay safe.  Namaste  Jahne