Dear Yogis,

What a fabulous yoga philosophy class we had  this morning.  I was worried that I would not able able to see, or speak to the students because of the number – but it was fine.   If you were not able to be here, and would like to catch up with it,  I am repeating today’s talk on the Purushatras again next Sunday at 10am.  So every week we will have a class at the same time, but repeated twice.  That will mean if you can’t come to one, you can come to the other.  The class is $20 same as in the studio.  Go to the front page of the website, click onto DONATE and make a one-off payment for the amount of your class.  EASY.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account.  You can pay by debit or credit card, or if you have a PayPal account you can use that..

I am also introducing two YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION CLASSES.  One at 5.30 on a Tuesday and the other 3pm on Friday. They will run for 45 minutes and cost $57.50 for 10 classes – one or two per week. If anxiety or depression are an issue for you, then this might be just the classes you are looking for. Everyone welcome.

The RESTORATIVE YOGA CLASSES are progressing well.  They are so satisfying and I get so caught up in the teaching that the other day I found myself sanitising my hands after class!!!

If you would like to join us at the ZOOM YOGA CAFE on Friday at 11 (no charge) please bring your (strong) tea and maybe your knitting.  I knit on toothpick needles and have promised to bring my work to class.  “Show and Tell” all over again. Please let me know to expect you – email me on

My potentialBUILD A HERB BUSINESS”  classes I have left a space for on Mondays at 6pm.  If you would like to do this class, but the time is wrong –  let me know and maybe we can adjust.  You really can create a beautiful business, or tart up your pantry, with a small amount of herb knowledge in a short time.  You just have to want to!  In this time of shortages and plain “not there’s”, you can even assist the family and fill the pantry with little or no cost.


A very “easy” thing is to get the handyman in your life (or you if you are handy) to make a STREET LIBRARY/PANTRY to put near your front fence in an accessible spot so that the passing neighbours can access or leave  your “donations”.   A box with a lid, a window in the front and a roof with eaves to keep the rain off.  People can give or take food from your “pantry”, (and books after covid).

I have always considered community gardens and pantries  to be valuable – never more than at this time. It could be a fabulous mum and kids project.


You are made of the stuff called GOD.  Of course you are rarely aware of it, but that makes no difference at all.  Whether you are aware, or unaware, asleep or a wake – you are still DIVINE.  Those who are asleep one moment can be awake the next.  Better not to judge.  

If we understand even one drop of water, we can understand the entire body of water on the planet.  We can understand any water existing anywhere. We are a raindrop of God.  If you understand you are a raindrop and made of the same reality of the whole of existence then there can be no death, no fear, no greed, no lust. Then (as I have teaching my Sunday students), one lives in absolute freedom, and bliss.