Dear Yogis,


FRIDAY:  11am ZOOM CAFE (all welcome-free).  5.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA
SUNDAY: 10am STUDY TIME. The Bhagavadgita – “The ‘Gita and Yoga” (Repeat of last week.  If you were at last weeks class, this week is free.  If you were NOT at last weeks class, then the class is $20 for 2 hours).

THE YOGA BEAUTIFUL STORE:  I have loaded the Pendulum Board in two sizes…All items on the store include postage.  I use mine every day.

I have been speaking to you about my painting journey at this time.  I have been moving between the TAO OF WATERCOLOUR, and making a new pendulum board based on ancient power rituals.  In the process I have been reminded of my teacher ANDRE SOLLIER a Sumi Painter of note, and a ZEN ARCHER . This archery was his meditation.

Aiming the arrow at the target is the essence of aiming it at yourself.  So, learning the skill of archery is also learning the skill of self discovery.  We seek our centre of calm, listening to the inner voice and learning a keenness of vision.  We master the undisciplined flow of our hands, arms, shoulders and eyes.  We work with them, understanding the energy, mastering it.  It is this mastery, this stillness which can bring us closer to our selves.  Watching someone who understands this, paint or shoot an arrow is beautiful.  We are watching spirit in action.

This is the purpose of all spiritual disciplines.  When we pray, when we meditate even when we fast, we create a feeling of spaciousness, openness which brings us to “the One”..  This is a special kind of broad attention.  This change of attention brings us closer to the sacred.

This also happens when we paint in The Way of the Tao.  Grinding the ink takes time and allows us to calm the mind.  When the ink is ready we bring to mind the image we are going to paint,  and imagine it on the paper.  We sit and breathe until everything is right,  then bring the breath, the ink and brush and the paper together.

When you do this,  the stroke is beautiful, no hesitancy, the spirit is there.

In Sumi that is what is revered.  Not the perfection of the image, but the presence of spirit.