Merry Christmas beautiful yogis,

Even if you don’t get past the first sentence, I am so pleased to be a yogi and know you.  Yoga and you are really the only things that actually makes sense.

I went to church on Sunday.  There was a meagre crowd… the usual hymns, a sermon read from an iPad, and a vicar who tried to interpret Leunig…. important both as an artist and a philosopher.  His interpretation of this wonderful cartoon has upset me.  I am sure you know the drawing… Night-time in a back street,  a lamp post illuminating a scene – a young man supporting a woman giving birth, dogs and cats watching and some street people sharing their meagre possessions with the couple.    A fabulous and relevant  interpretation of Christmas.  Somehow the Vicar squeezed in a woman suckling a child and so on.  At the end I was sure we were looking at a different cartoon altogether.  He was so inspired he didn’t come out from behind the protection of the bible stand and his electronics…. Give me fire and brimstone every day.  AND on the day when there could have been tea and coffee and Christmas cake there was none.

Thank goodness we know the value of the breath.  Something I try to teach you – maybe not forcefully enough.

The Breath is the bridge between the mind and the body the gateway between the consciousness and the unconscious.  Breathing has direct and intimate connections to emotional states and moods.  To explain simply, as you breathe IN your blood pressure drops, the baroreceptors detect this and cause your heart rate to speed up.  As you breathe OUT your blood pressure increases and your heart rate slows down accordingly.  Calm balanced breathing brings the heart into resonance and this communicates and spreads to the gut and head brains, all coming together with a calm balanced resonance with the heart.


OPTION 1.  The Official School Term  starts on the 3oth January and finishes on the 6th April – which we also call a TERM. If you want to start again on 30th January (a Monday) and finish on the 6th April,  then the cost for the term is $220.

OPTION 2. However, If you want to pay for the entire time from the 9th January to the 8th April, (a lengthier term) the cost is $270.

OPTION 3. There is still the option to pay 4 CONSECUTIVE classes at a time $88 – with this option if you don’t come to class you lose your payment, although you can make up a class in the same week.

SEE YOU ON THE MAT (I am already missing you all).