Hi there Yogis,

It’s Christmas.  I have started my break (sort of), and this morning  I drew a tarot card, just to check I am going in the right direction.

I drew THE QUEEN OF PENTACLES,  who is the intuitive guide and helping hand that I have been looking for. Maybe her assistance would be comforting to you too?

She is drawn when you require not only practical assistance, but emotional support as well. This is especially connected to maternal energy so it’s time to think about the special women in your life, in particular mother’s who may be a source of strength for you. Indeed, if you are a parent yourself, this card indicates a time to provide wisdom and support to your family. The Queen of Pentacles is an excellent businesswoman, so whatever ideas you have to create more financial independence, today is a great day to begin to lay the groundwork.


Yesterday, My last class for the year at Windarring, I was given a wonderful presentation by my class.

I received for Christmas – a poster with a drawing which included my plait, and a bear on my shoulder.  Obviously they see a younger (skinny) me, which isn’t bad.  A very flattering portrait which I framed as soon as I got home. I was also presented with a fabulous chocolate (invention) cake, and a tin of biscuits for under my Christmas tree.  How good is that.    I am so looking forward to the new year.  I don’t know how i can really exist without this fantastic class..


Have a great Christmas all of you – thank you for the help, support, and good times during the year.  It has been fabulous.