Dear Yogis,

We are all on HOME-STAY orders.  Going out has become problematic, and we have got the garden in order, and maybe like my mum you are waiting for the dust to fall so you can use your spinner thing to get it up – and you have found (not surprisingly) that all this is not enough!  There is only so many times you can tidy the bookshelves….

How about something new and different? How about getting out paper and pen and actually writing to someone. It could be a relative, a friend you haven’t heard from in an age – but it also could be a prisoner on death row!  I write to prisoners on death row in the USA.  It is a lengthy process in the beginning as you can imagine (and I advise choosing the USA).  The administration need  to make sure that you are safe…  once you have jumped the hurdles of red tape (and this is a good time to take that on), you could start up a conversation that makes a difference in someone’s life (Google for details and how to proceed).  By the way, in this computer age, real, paper letters to anyone make a difference.

If you are even more creative, you could make the writing implement.  Making the paper is harder, but making a pen is simple.  Newsagents are still open so you can still get ink.  Now there is something you can make out of beetroot juice or soot.  But a bought ink lasts longer on the page.  I think I did a blog about the pens I made from hollow twigs.  Bamboo and elderberry are two woods I use.

I was out walking yesterday (collecting chunky greens for my stew) and I took photos of two wonderful stands of fungi.  Look at all those pine needles – great mulch for blueberries.

The first is a stand of Amanita Muscaria (poisonous), and the second is huge, about 2ft across and there are lots of stands of these around at the moment.  I think it is an Omphalotus Olearius (poisonous), it looks wonderful, but not to eat, although people who know more about these things than me might disagree.  That’s OK.  I am not that hungry.

Almost forgot to say – last night I was relaxing in my sitting room, the cat curled in my lap, I looked up and there was a mature large fox sitting on the other side of a window looking at me.  About 6ft away.   We just sat, and then the fox said goodbye and melted into the night as they say.  It was a magical few moments.  I am told they will come through a cat door if they feel safe?

Ancient Chieftains in Ireland were called Sinnachs or Foxes.  Druids believe that the fox is knowing and in possession of clear vision.  In common with the otter, the fox is said to carry a magical pearl which brings good fortune to whomever finds it.

Have a lovely day – take time out to get your writing gear organised and a space to do it – it is almost an art form.

Namaste – stay well and safe – JAHNE