Another day in Camelot.  Good one day, perfect the next.   I hope it is like this for you.  

Before we start two “shout-outs”.  One to Susie McConville who is today going to hospital for an eye operation.  Personally, I would rather have a leg off than someone fiddle with my eyes no matter how many diplomas they had!  Please put Susie in your prayers and meditations.  Even if you don’t know her, the Universe does.

Another Shout-out to Vicky who is a member of our tarot group.  She came on board early in Covid, and has stayed the course.  Every week there she is – never misses a class.  “Happy Birthday Vicky – 21 Again!”


TYOH OIL and other terpenes.  With spring sort of on our doorstep…. my students are looking at their stock of oils and mushroom powders.  Please order as soon as you can, and perhaps get two instead of one. This is be your little stock just in case there is a problem getting glass bottles (at the moment this is the case), problems getting supplies, and problems getting through the post.  Always plan to pay express post unless you don’t mind delays.  Any questions? Email me.yogafirst2@bigpond.com


CCP:  If you ever have considered being a “DeathDoula” a Funeral Celebrant, a Companion to those in need, then you will appreciate this SHORT course.  It is not just about being a Death-Doula, we are “Life and Death-Doulas”.  A new course will be starting shortly and we would like to see you join us.

Email yogafirst2@bigpond.com and I will send you an application/information pack.


TAROT:  I haven’t yet written the book to go with the ORACLE OF MARY.  I am pleased with the cards, I have finished them although I think there could be a card I need to do in order to complete the deck – this is holding up the process which will scream along once I have resolved the issue.

I am also working on a FUNGI ORACLE.  This will be black and white.  The first drawing is of a release of spores.  This makes me consider so many things including the seeding of life on earth.  Every spore released from a fungi is a potential life in the same way a sperm is… except there are millions in every release from a mushroom or fungi.  The next card I am planning is of mycelium which is a vast underground communication system.  This allows plants and trees to communicate via their root systems using the mycelium as a conduit.

Once you grasp this,  you will understand how magical and how complex this is.  Doing the drawings is most exciting, and doing the book will be even more so.  We are talking about THE FLIGHT OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT – Inter-dimensional travel, the seeding of the earth and extra-terrestrials.  Even Crick who discovered the design of DNA said that it could not have been accidental, or something that came out of chaos, it must have been designed by an extraordinary mind.  I am sure when we unpack it in its entirety we will be able to see that mind more clearly.  It will speak to us.

I will see you on the mat.