Dear Yogis, 

On Tuesday I went in to my local news agency, on the way in I noticed a “retired” yoga student picking up her papers.  In the midst of a pandemic, she had no mask, and looked triumphant standing in the line to be served – one of many. Maybe she believes she has beaten the system, or the rules don’t apply to her and we are all sheep (damaged sheep), and maybe believes (like the lady I saw holding up a sign “Jesus will save me” or words to that effect in the front line of the recent demonstrations), that by just eating according to The Medical Medium, all will be well.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just look at history….

Up until now, SMALLPOX is the only infectious disease we have ever eliminated. But the infrastructure around the world  that the polio eradication effort has put in place is helping to fight other infectious diseases also, such as Ebola, malaria and now coronavirus. On Feb. 5, 2020, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced it would donate $100million to improve detection, isolation and treatment efforts and accelerate the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.

These are frightening times as the coronavirus spreads in ways reminiscent of poliomyelitis. It’s instructive to remember what it took to nearly eradicate polio and a reminder of what we can do when faced with a common enemy. On Oct. 24, 2019, WHO announced there were only 94 cases of wild polio in the world. The success of the polio vaccine launched  any number of vaccines that negated many of the effects of infectious disease for the second half of the 20th century.

Salk’s youngest son, Dr. Jonathan Salk, recounted how his father wondered every day why we couldn’t apply the spirit of what happened with the development of the polio vaccine to other problems, such as disease or poverty. In fighting coronavirus, perhaps the citizens and governments of the world will rise to the occasion and demonstrate what is possible when we work together.

Only now are we beginning to understand that the virus, unlike measles or polio virus, can hang in the air, and is most effectively transmitted quite long distances by close contact and poor ventilation.

But this  realisation that Sars-Cov-2 and almost certainly most influenza viruses are to some extent properly airborne,  will bring with it major costs.   Dr Julian Tang, associate professor of respiratory sciences at the University of Leicester Hospital, and author of one of the most recent paper’s on the subject, said that major changes and investment would be needed to update the ventilation systems in Britain’s hospitals.

“I’ve worked in hospitals in Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. And NHS hospitals are falling apart,” he says.  He describes a hospital in Singapore whose infectious disease wards were updated after the 2003 SARS outbreak.

“This hospital is really something to behold,” he says. “Isolation rooms have glass walls and sliding doors so nurses can see inside – without needing to physically go inside. They have reversible airflow ventilation systems that can provide negative or positive pressure.”

The portable air purifiers and UV lights now being used in some NHS hospitals to try and stop the spread of Covid through their wards was “Heath Robinson” by comparison, he said.

Most of our modern houses and hospitals (and high rises) are perfect homes for the virus.  There is no ventilation, you can’t open a window, and sometimes there is no outside reprieve, no garden, no balcony.  You are trapped inside with the virus.  I recall the story recently of a person in hotel isolation who stepped into the hall from their room for a few minutes and caught the virus.  The contact team eliminated any other possibility.

I live a pretty solitary life.  I didn’t want to be vaccinated, but I didn’t rush to get any of the many vaccinations I have had in my life either.  But we all had them.  I know that everyone who comes into my home or studio is double vaccinated and I wear a mask….. HOWEVER, I have recently purchased (and await the arrival) of an AIR PURIFIER WITH HEP FILTERS AND A UV LIGHT FILTER.  The UV light has been proven in scientific trials overseas in homes, hospitals and universities, to kill the airborne virus, thereby minimising the possibility of infection by this means.  I did my research – my purifier is portable, so I can take it into the kitchen or wherever if I have a friend over.  It is quiet and small.  It should arrive in a week or so, and I will let you know the operational details.  It is a precaution.

If you have children I think that such a purchase would be very important.  I think that one a little bigger than mine should be in every classroom and every gathering place (Churches?).  Make sure that every room in your house has good ventilation.  The air purifier is not a substitute for this.

Of course I have kept up my good eating and supplementation.  Ultimately OPTIMUM NUTRITION is a deciding factor in protecting you.  I have also had my second blood test (one before my first and one after my second vaccination just to see if there is a difference), but my doc wants to take it a bit further and do a bit more, so I will have to wait for the results a week or so – but I will bring them to you when they are in.  After my first one he was particularly impressed at my good result – I am hoping the next one is equally impressive.

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I will see you on the mat (In a well ventilated room)