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….a bit slower here than most places I hope, fire danger is always a concern in my part of the world when we reach the super dry, high temperatures.  It is interesting on zoom to see students coming in from interstate – whilst we are freezing (happily) they are sweltering.   These changes should be reflected in our diets. After Covid “Pauses” in our life and the comfort food (and the Covid Bulge), now we can start into the lighter, energy diets of summer.  RAW ENERGY.  I have taken to eating more raw food during the winter, and experimenting in covid to avoid weight gain, the lack of energy and heightened anxiety and/or depression.  Food can help.

Before we start, I have to say that TURKEY TAIL Mushroom powder has become a staple in my regime.  I just feel totally on top of things without having to take multiple supplements (my pendulum has been advising fewer and fewer since I have been taking
Turkey Tail). I also notice (and clients have backed this up), that dreams get more lovely and more vivid – my sleep is deep and refreshing.  If you want to try this, it is $35 for 25g.  The one that I use is organic and as fresh as I can get.  You only need quarter of a teaspoon once or twice a day.  Let me know if you want to join me in this.

Healthy eating has been called a TIMELESS SCIENCE.  In this house I use my food to work towards  what the Taoists considered the goal of life – achieving harmony.  You can’t have harmony in your life if you are spending time doing yoga, meditating, striving in all areas and then eating inappropriately for you and the time of the year.  The Doshas at the very least will give you a clue.  Ayurveda even more.

Food can help every individual to achieve the balance between the acid and the alkaline.  Balance.  A diet producing less acid more alkalinity in the blood, calming the mind to lessen the impact of stress, or the wrong food, it can also be that the natural energy present in food is destroyed by cooking or preserving (or packing).  We cannot live by bread alone,  even if it is vitamin enriched.

I quote one of my students (sadly no longer with us) who told be she was a “fruitologist”.  In spite of the fact that over the immediate past  years had suffered with multiple cancers, she refused to see how imbalanced her diet was, how much sugar she was eating, how little protein etc etc.  I guess it was easier to continually eat a banana…

We are moving into summer, and can eat healthily, happily with a balance of fruit, vegetable, nuts, grains… even potatoes. Not everything has to be eaten in its natural state.  We can make butters, cakes, milks, soups, salads, breads etc etc all from raw fruit and vegetables, which are a pleasure to eat as the temperature rises, and can be eased into our winter diets as the temperature changes and the seasons change.  It is all about BALANCE.


This can be a meal in itself, it is quick, easy to prepare.  Great for those who like to pick between meals.  When you have all the lovely picky things in a bowl, you will know how much you are eating, and will feel satisfied…  Small fresh meals eaten 6 times a day instead of 3 huge serves (plus dessert and cake)  could work for you.

INGREDIENTS:  4 carrots, 1 or two cups finely (very finely) shredded cabbage, 6 oranges, 2 handfuls of raisins or 6 fresh dates, or 2 cups of small seedless grapes, 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, 2 tablespoons hemp seeds.

METHOD: Grate (or chop) the carrots.  Juice four of the oranges and blend the juice with the carrots until you have a smooth mix.  Finely shred or grate the cabbage and put it into a bowl with the other fruit (raisins, dates, or grapes).  Pour the carrot mix over and mix with a fork or your hands as Jamie does.  Sprinkle with the seeds and garnish with the two remaining oranges peeled and sliced.  You can serve this in a bowl, or spoon into baby gem lettuce leaves, which is mostly how I like to serve it.  I sprinkle fresh sprouted greens or parsley over the top to add extra nutrition.   It looks really special.

I am going to reboot my cooking blog “WWW.WILDNWEEDY.BLOGSPOT.COM”.  You loved it but I have put all my energy into this YOGABEAUTIFUL newsletter during Covid.. I will do three days of newsletter, and mix it up with the blog.  The garden is fabulous, and I will show what I am doing with the produce I harvest (and what I buy – not everything I eat is grown in the garden, but it can make an ordinary bowl of food look wonderful)..