Dear Yogis,


TUESDAY: 7.30pmThe Sutra Course.  
This week we started considering THE DIAMOND SUTRA.  The sutra of “abundance” .  The “Thunderbolt”.

WEDNESDAY:  12.30 Restorative Yoga

It is almost Christmas… and things are already hotting up. Remember that I said to you early on on Covid when everyone was whinging, that after the Spanish flu came THE ROARING TWENTIES.   Right now, shop after shop, hotel after cafe after web site is telling me the same thing.  In this State in this country we are experiencing the ROARING TWENTIES.  Of course, even way back there were people who made their money making moonshine – this is still the world, and there are still moonshiners.    However, not only are we “the lucky country” we are a model the world is taking note of and following.  Who knew?

What about you? Are you booming ahead?  On Radio National this morning they said that at this time in the worlds history we can’t guarantee a “job for life”, to get where we want to go, we have to be continually up-skilling.  To be at the top, we should always be in study mode.  I am, are you?  Don’t live in the past.  Look around, talk to your people and find out what they are looking for (even before they know they want it), and work on getting it to them.

Yoga is no different.  We need to be continually discovering more and deeper disciplines to pass on to our students.  Always networking, always aware of what we can do to help our communities.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR A SPECIAL SOMEONE:  I find that in my collection I have a FIRST EDITION of “SPIRITUALISM ITS HISTORY, PHENOMENA AND DOCTRINE”  by Arthur J. Jill.  with an introduction by Arthur Conan Doyle. (printed in 1918).   It is a linen  bound hardback, 270 pages, in firm condition.  A certain amount of gentle foxing on some pages, but all pages in excellent condition.   I would like to sell it.  Cost including postage $105.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a book like this.  Please email me if you are interested.

Over Christmas we are launching our new updated PPT SACROCRANIAL MASSAGE THERAPY – because I was asked.  I have continued to read about the connections between PPT, Sacro-Cranial Therapy, and the latest information coming from scientists about the response of cerebrospinal fluid and the energy field it generates.  How we can work with that, become sensitive to it, and in this way assist healing to take place.  If you do yoga with me you will realise that we start EVERY CLASS by waking up these energies – it makes a difference. (The photo to the right is not Christmas, although in The Ranges we have had big snow on Christmas Day).

I look forward to you joining me for the zoom course…