Dear Yogis,

What a busy weekend and what a strange time – the vibrations are all over the place don’t you feel this too?


The planet is going through a shift –  there are multiple energy changes and Covid is merely a symptom of this.  You cannot take human nature and have it shift without things moving, changing. Perhaps you have fear because you want things to stay the same – they can’t. The energies have been moving for some time, even my Past Life teacher Dolores Cannon alerted me to this when she was on this plane, and is even more insistent now.  As the processes start to change, and change they must, many of us feel anxiety, worry. You can’t treat worry,  by worrying.

This planetary/spiritual change is what the great teachers have spoken of.  And though dark things are emerging,  this clearing allows the light to shine through.  Worry and anxiety won’t help you grow.

There is a secret – Spiritually we all have free choice.  The lightworkers way is yours if you choose it.  When you get into the energy of compassion… all that is spiritual looks at you and works with you.  Spirit can help if you have made the choice to look.  You are bigger than you realise, you are a multi-dimensional being, and when you understand and live this,  know that multi dimensional processes are working to align themselves with you.

Light a match in the corner of your world.  By sharing a little light, everyone benefits.  When you do this your destiny will help you.  You are on A GOLDEN PATH.


Close to Christmas, and things are hotting up.  I haven’t received any replies requesting our zoom philosophy classes to keep going over the break… therefore I guess either you are busy, or its not an issue.  So, unless I get a hands-up,  zoom and the studio will go into recess from the 23rd December unto the 11th January – and I will work on my art project.

ZOOM:  Sutra Studies: Tuesdays 7.30, Yoga: Wednesday 12.30, Tarot/Pendulum: Friday 6.45 and Gita Studies: 10m Sunday
STUDIO:  Monday: Yoga 1pm (full), Wednesday 5.30 (full),  Saturday 12.30 – vacancies for this class available

MASSAGES: Bookings available 6 days and after hours when possible – every massage tailored to you.  By appointment only.

CHRISTMAS DAY: As usual I have nominated a DROP IN TIME at the Studio – between 2 and 4 on Christmas Day.  I would be pleased to see you as you were on the way to, or from engagements, or if you are on your own.  Just pop by to have a mince pie and a champers to bring in the season (or you could sit by the pond and tell your troubles to the fish – or the cat).  I will be here….

I am still committed to do massages during the holiday period.  Just make a booking by emailing me –  I am enjoying them even more  now I have learned to work with my Guide.  We work well together (I am still in training).  I have to write my report pretty quickly however, as I don’t always remember what he has said during the course of the session.  I have heard him,  I understand the words, they just seem from “far away” when the time comes to write it all down.  As I said, I am in training.


UNITED NATIONS Reclassifies Cannabis as a Less Dangerous Drug.

In a historic victory for cannabis, the UN removes cannabis from list of most dangerous drugs in the world. On Wednesday, December 2nd, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) voted to remove cannabis for medicinal purposed from its list of controlled substances.

Based in Vienna, Austria, the CND includes 53 member states. At their latest session, they considered a number of recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). One of them was the reclassification of cannabis and its derivatives.  Ultimately, the UN’s decision to remove cannabis from its list of the most dangerous drugs is a symbolic victory. The reclassification DOES NOT require countries to loosen their restrictions on the drug. However, many countries seek guidance from these global conventions and mirror their laws.

What’s Next?   The UN’s historic vote could change the face of cannabis research and medical use. The reclassification could boost medical cannabis legalization efforts around the world. However, it’s still a minor victory in the effort to fully legalize cannabis.   The reclassification removes cannabis from Schedule IV to Schedule I of the 1961 Convention. Critics argue the WHO didn’t go far enough. Schedule I includes drugs with a higher risk profile like fentanyl. Is it really fair to compare a synthetic opiate that’s 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine to regulated cannabis? However, the fact that the UN removed cannabis from list of most dangerous drugs is a step in the right direction nonetheless.


SEE YOU ALL SOON. (Somewhere)